Sweets at my desk

I returned from illness and a trip to my In laws house (further illness) today. As usual, coming to the office on Monday morning, first thing you don’t feel like switching the system on. But how long can you delay? being an analyst, you have 100 other people wanting your help regarding some approach document or an advise on a quote or a proposal. Can’t help (what the hell…)

So there is a small, useless but very productive IPMsg that starts with your computer, in a way announcing all those dumb heads who have come on the Monday morning and have switched their computers on. God will bless them if they open their heads on too… anyway. The first thing you see as soon as the computer gathers steam is a pop up (I hate them) saying “SWEETS AT MY DESK. PLEASE COME AND COLLECT. HURRY OFFER UNTIL THE STOCK LASTS.” I find this message as an extremely annoying, whatever time of the day. Even more annoying is when they type all caps. First of all, you went to US because the company feels you are good enough to fix bugs sitting in NY. Next, you bring some Hersheys or Toblerons that are now a days available in almost every big grocery shop. Third, I never knew American Chocolates were so popular that almost entire office would ogle at every flavor on display. Who are we supposed to be? Some refugees in a drought ridden Sudanese village waiting for the relief packets?

I know people are extremely happy in distributing sweets and making other fellow ‘code copiers’ jealous. But please excuse me from the list. I’m neither a coding donkey nor a Sweet deficient.


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