Sachiiiiiin Sachin!

Image courtesy- BBC

Apna Tendlya has done it again. He conquered the mammoth figure. He did it, yes he did. I just dont believe it. So many times he came close to it. Few times other good players came close to it as well. But finally he did it. He scored the double hundred in a one day match!!! 200 not out.

Sachiiiiiin Sachin!

Such is the familiarity of that chant whenever he comes out to bat. Such is his stature that who’s who have bowed in front of him. Such is the magnanimity of the occasion whenever he is batting, whether winning a match or trying to save a match. Such is the aura behind the man who leads almost every possible record in international competitive cricket. Such is Sachin Tendulkar.

Jahapanah, tussi great ho! I salute you. A million congratulations!

Eight Below

‘Eight Below’ is a movie I saw yesterday on Zee Studio. I’m writing a small review of this beautiful and very touching movie, made in 2006 by Frank Marshall with Paul Walker and Bruce Greenwood playing the lead roles.

Paul, a sledge dog trainer and Bruce, scientist  go on an expedition in Antarctica. They are rescued by a team of Paul’s 8 dogs through the challenging conditions. However when a blizzard strikes, they are forced to temporarily abandon their post and leave the dogs behind. They decide to come back and rescue the dogs later. However the mission gets abandoned midway and the team can not come back. The rest of the movie switches back and forth between the agony and helplessness of Paul for not being able to go back and rescue his dogs and the survival battle of the canines for 172 days against the most challenging climatic conditions in the Antarctic winter.

The movie has a great emotional quotient. It shows Paul Walker on one end, battling loneliness and hopelessly trying to gather funds so that he can go back to Antarctica to rescue his dogs. And the dogs themselves, struggling to find food in the extreme weather conditions. Yet staying together to help each other survive. Some of the moments are very touching, especially when one of them is lost behind, one more dies due to an accident and the one when they all battle a large seal for food. The last few scenes are especially very touching. When one more dog gets injured, when they catch birds and feed the injured one, when they meet their master. They had me in tears.

All you animal lovers, you must watch this one. It is a very very touching movie. My hands are still trembling while I’m writing this post. It made me remember my own dog Mickey’s survival when he was hit by a motor cycle.

I love you Mickey… and I still miss you.

GPOW: Innocence

Here is the first contribution to the series of Guest picture of the week. This one is by Kaustubh a.k.a. The Big K.

Location: Vadner Gangai, a small village near Amravati. Time: Around 2pm

PS: The guest series will be coded as GPOW and will not be a regular feature. I’ll upload the pictures as and when I receive them from my readers.

Guest POW

Some of the readers who have liked and commented on my ‘Picture of the week’ had also sent me photographs they had taken and wanted me to post it on the blog. I welcome the move. Every one has a photographer inside them. I’m more than eager to post such beautifully taken pictures  on the blog. I’ll soon put the first one and will continue to do so as and when people send me their photos. Just be careful about the following rules though-

  • The photograph has to be taken by you.
  • Along with the photo, you will also have to tell me where you took the picture and at what time. If you have a story behind it, I’m all ears.    🙂
  • The picture should not contain any objectionable matter such as pornography, accidents, blood, nudity (not even aesthetic and artistic nudity), racist or violent images.
  • By sending me the picture for the POW category, you are allowing me to publish it and retain the publishing rights for the image. However the copy rights and the original ownership rights on the image will remain with you.
  • If the above rules are violated, I’ll have you remove the images.

So are you ready? Bring the images on.

Soon, We Will Rule The English Language

Oh well it looks like a very immature statement, is it not? But it is indeed a strong possibility. And this didn’t come to me just as a fluke.

I was in a client meeting with a ‘phorenar’ few days back. During the conversation, he made a point to be noted. He said the English speaking population in India exceeds many other countries whose first (primary) language is English. It was good for him because it gives all the more opportunities for companies to work with India. After coming back from the meeting, I did some internet search and found this out. Wiki says we had about 250 million English speaking population about few years back. 250 million! meaning more than 20% of our population could speak English. We were only second to the United States of America in terms on number of English speaking users. I’m sure the figure must be touching 300 million as on today.

What does this tell you?

With most number of English speaking population coming from our country, the world will now start speaking our language… the way we speak. Soon the Australians will not be able to complain about the way we speak. Soon a British will speak “Yaar… this is your mobile noe?” Or an American will say, “This prof is to ekdum pakaofying us. Somebody give him a missed call noe yaar…”

The Agony and Ecstasy of being No. 1

Whoever followed Indian cricket for even 5 minutes in his entire last 3 months would know what I’m talking about. We were crowned the numero uno of test cricket after we beat Sri Lanka a couple of months back. We finished as a top ranked team last year (2009). But were criticised by many for not being the true deserving candidates of the pinnacle of success in test cricket, primarily because of our own inconsistency and some what also due to the attitude of our own cricket board. Lot of die hard cricket fans believed in what the so called pundits said. Beating Bangladesh helped, but it hardly mattered to the critics.

BCCI, in a face saving move, betted for tests and squeezed a short two test series with the visiting South Africans. This was supposed to be the real test. India went to the first match with long list of injuries. Laxman was out, Dravid was out, Yuvraj was out too. A freak injury to Rohit Sharma minutes before the start of the play didn’t help either. As a result, we ended up losing the test match by an innings and 7 runs. That is ‘some’ humiliation for the top team. Well… One thing I really hate and I’m sure all of those who have achieved even a small ‘any thing’ in their life will hate too, is to prove the critics wrong. No other captain has ever managed to take the team to the top slot. Yet all of them question the strategies of the one (MS Dhoni) who was able to do it. Now we had to beat South Africa to retain the No. 1 spot. A draw would have meant SA won the series and hence we would have been the no. 2 by just a point, handing the position to our opponents. Any other day, I would have said may the best team win. But thanks to these Bull@#$% critics, I was praying for our victory. India had to come back and boy… did they come back strongly.

South Africa lost the match by an innings and 57 runs, thanks to an inspired spell from Harbhajan Singh. He took and mantle in the absence of an injured Zaheer Khan, took the wickets and silenced the critics, both his and ours. Kudos to the team, a great victory on a great historic ground.

PS: I’m celebrating Indian victory. But my practical brain says a thing. This was dubbed as a world championship of test cricket. Because the two teams were battling to gain the number one spot. India lost by an innings in the first match at Nagpur and then SA obliged by accepting an innings defeat in the second match at Kolkata. Though it shows how closely fought the contest was, it also shows how inconsistent the teams are. Is it not?

Garfield Again

Just couldn’t hold myself back from putting up this one. Jim Davis, you rock.

PS: For some reason the picture is not getting uploaded. I request you to please click on it. It is worth    🙂

POW: Sunset from my Balcony

Location: The back side of my apartment in Thane. Time: Evening

Maxmayur’s Omelette Making Classes

How easy is to make an Omelette? Heat a flat pan, pour the egg yolk, spray a bit of salt, pepper and chilli powder to taste, remove when done and eat it with bread, sauce or the way you like it. Well, let me teach you how I make an omelette.  It is like a competition between you and you. Just for gags!

Round 1: Put the pan up for heating. Conveniently forget to soften the flame (this is important). Try making a hole in the egg shell. Is it too small for the yolk to come out? Ty harder. And the egg breaks on your palm. Sadly since the yolk didn’t make it to the pan, you lost round one.

Round 2: Your pan is already getting heated up on. So you just concentrate on breaking the egg, err… making a hole in the shell. Make sure you hold the egg really close to the pan so that the egg falls on the pan. But be careful, the pan must be hot. So try breaking the egg just enough. Still 30% of the yolk falls outside of the pan. Shit! You say. You concentrate on cleaning the fallen yolk for next 2 minutes, only to realise the ‘possible’ omelette is now burnt… thanks to the overheated pan. Round 2 too lost, badly.

Round 3: Now this is the last egg you have. So you apply your brain. you break the egg shell in a container and then pour it on the pan. You control the flame so that it doesn’t get over heated. You spray salt and pepper. You decorate the plate by some sauce, 2 pieces of tomatoes and soft sandwich bread. By now the omelette is ready. You put that on the plate too and take pride in your achievement. Round 3 is won.

Congratulations. You can now make an omelette.

My Name is Bomb

… and now I go off in Pune.  Bruwwaaahhhaaaahhhhaaa!

I think that is how the perpetrators are laughing at this moment. A bomb went off in the upmarket locality of Koregaon Park in Pune yesterday night. Intelligence, it is said and as always, had the sniff of the things to happen. But again, as always, it couldn’t stop the bomb from going off. History repeats itself, only the location changes.

… and our esteemed police force was busy protecting the movie theatres from the Shiv Sena vandals to ensure the safe release of ‘My Name is Khan.’

… and now the blame game begins. Shiv Sena and the opposition versus the Government of Maharashtra. Common man is the referee.

Come, terrorists! We are busy shoeing away Bhaiyyas and Biharis out of Mumbai, protecting movie releases, criticising Australians, banning valentines days, taking bribes… we are ready for another attack.