Holiday: Review with a pinch of difference

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Fan of action movies? Super agents representing covert intelligence agencies? Intelligent, fast and pacy plots?

Fan of Bollywood action, thriller, spy movies?

You can;t say yes to both, mind you. Because there is a difference. Intelligent movies have to be intelligently made and is generally understood by intelligent people. ‘Holiday’ has 2 of the 3 ‘intelligent’ stuffs (may be one and half). But which ones is a question worth answering. Now for the review, Holiday is a story of an Army captain, on a holiday to his home town, who also happens to be a covert agent of the defense intelligent agency. His job is any body’s guess… tracking and foiling terrorist attacks. The movie is about how he prevents serial blasts happening in Mumbai, hunt down and finally kill the terrorists. Thats it! There are some good things about this A. R. Murugadoss creation. And there are some glaring mistakes. Here is my take on the movie, the pros and cons, unlike a traditional review.

The Pros:

  1. Akshay. He has worked hard to be the smartass covert agent who outwits his opposite protagonist. He is likable as a funny bridegroom, believable as a patriotic agent. Lucky that he got a role that suits him and full marks on doing justice
  2. Story. It is an interesting plot. And Murugadoss has been able to unravel it bit by bit much like a hollywood movie except… okay I will tell you the cons later
  3. Farhad. The villan. He is a guy audience will love to hate. Traditionally, in Hindi movies, we haven’t had young villans… or very rarely. And most of them have been adequately styled. But Farhad as the boss of the sleeper cells+terrorist group is very much a common man types. He excels with his frowns and growls
  4. Songs too are nice. Some foot tapping numbers are good.

The Cons:

  1. The main plot has too many breaks. The moment you start finding it interesting, Sonakshi Sinha appears from no where and (literally) covers the screen space. Then you have a lighter moment or a song, which is quite unnecessary.
  2. The terrorist group seems to have no motive behind causing the blasts. They just seem to be too happy to pull triggers. But why and what do they want to avenge, who are they working for, why are they doing it… nothing is explained
  3. Generally when a member of terrorist group is arrested, the plan is immediately put off and all the other team members go underground. But here, not only the team member escapes (rather allowed to escape), he also carries out the whole planned bombing exercise without talking to his handler or the bosses. Where does he get the RDX from? How on earth can he blow up the whole mumbai?
  4. Akshay is shown to do the whole work all by himself. He neither talks to a boss nor bothers to take help from any of the defense agencies/police. Who authorizes him? How can he take his own decisions? And all his friends seem to readily follow him in an arbitrary ‘game’ and end up killing terrorists. But none of them either verify or questions why should they kill those guys. Akshay is not their boss. Can defense men act arbitrarily?
  5. How come none of the 12 friends of Akshay are caught by Police?
  6. If it was so easy to blow up R City mall, why would the terrorist group wait for a specific date and time to blow up Mumbai?
  7. Why would the head of a terrorist group risk the whole mission to settle a personal score with the hero, just because he provoked him? Man! This beat me to core 🙂

All n all, its a nice family movie. But if you are looking forward to it as a thriller, save me! It is probably at the lowest end of my favorite list. I will give it nothing more than a 3 star.

Keh ke le li!


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Anurag Kashyap is a good man. And till I saw Gangs of Wasseypur I thought he was a brilliant director too. But after watching GoW, I’m compelled to believe that he too has fallen in the trap of sleaze. I’m sorry, strong words but I cant help it.

I simply loved the way Black Friday was made. I am a fan of narrative style of film making. And that, I must say, is the best part of Gangs of Wasseypur. But that apart, AK has gone over board in portraying, what now the whole of India believes dirty side of Jharkhand (erstwhile Bihar). I’m not sure if this is what he wanted to show.

We are Indians. Where our heart truly lies is in creativity shown in its vibrant best mood. The reality is we don’t go to movies to watch what is happening in the neighborhood. Some times we like movies that touch the real picture in the country (Black Friday, Bandit Queen, Paan Singh Tomar) and we get impressed with the heroics of some of us. We are a country where Ram kills Ravan, Krishna kills Kansa and Arjun lords over the Kauravas. Though I agree that there are more demons fighting with each other than gods in this Kaliyug, I dont want to see them in the crudest possible manner.

This is indeed my personal opinion about a movie I felt was a bit too much to digest. I now hate Anurag for making me watch it, because I loved him till GoW. But I have had enough of it now. I want to believe that AK didnt direct any movie after Gulaal and didnt produce any movie after Shaitaan.

We love you AK, but we hate Gangs of Wasseypur!

Ghost of Tom Cruise

Another post, another review. And as eccentric as the new MI series movie Ghost Protocol.


Tom Cruise is old. So is Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar. But none of them are calling it quits… still waiting for that next elusive big innings. Which was the last ‘hit’ movie by Tom? How long ago? Anyway…

So that movie, Ghost Protocol is bollywoodish. I’m wondering who, if it was indeed made in India, would have been the lead actor. Possibly Salman Khan? Yes. Then he wouldn’t bother keeping his goggles in his breast pocket or care to use a pair super suction gloves to climb from 127th floor to 138th floor of Burj Dubai. It indeed has an element of Bollywood in it, a guy named Anil Kapoor with ‘I’m a stupid bollywood actor’ written all over his face in the brief sleazy role he grabbed. Okay sorry. I promise to talk about the movie now.

GP, as I said, is indeed a typical bollywood style flick. Ethan Hunt is thrust upon yet another impossible mission by his agency. Except that he now can not use his agency to make it successful. So he, along with his dare devil but zany team has to protect the world (err… America) from some guy with nuclear terrorism in his eyes. What unfolds are a series of events (mostly funny and foolish) starting from Kremlin (Russia) to Burj Al Arab (Dubai) to Mumbai (actually Bangalore) finally leading to Ethan Hunt saving the world (America again).

I will not say Ghost Protocol is the worst of all MI movies because I enjoyed watching it. But I must say that it certainly did not deserve the ‘MI’ title.

Audience v/s Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl

What better way to (re) start blogging than writing a movie review? My blogging career started with a movie review. It (re)starts with a movie review again.


Hmmm, now lets focus on LRB. What can you expect from a movie full of ‘Sharmas’? (4 Sharmas- Anushka Sharma, Dipannita Sharma, Aditi Sharma and director Maneesh Sharma and one to-be Sharma… yeah I expect Ranveer to change his name).

Frankly I loved Parineeti Chopra’s character Dimple Chadhha. And this new girl has done full justice to her role. She ads some flavor to otherwise drab movie that revolves around one conman Ranveer (Ricky B) who has duped 15 females and is still at large. Invariably none of them ever complained to Police (god knows why). But some thing happens (apparently directed by Sharma No. 1 Maneesh) and 3 of the 15 con women come together to script an indelible con against the invincible eternal conman.

Enter Sharma No. 2, (Dipannita) a full of attitude corporate secy and the mastermind of the whole con, Sharma No. 3, (Aditi) a certain coy Saira Rashid from Lucknow and the effervescent Dimple Chadhha (Parineeti Chopra). The script the con, trace their target with some intelligent analysis and then decide to attack. But how? So enter Sharma No. 4, Anushka as Ishika Desai. They decide to use her as a pawn to kill the king con. Rest, as they say, will be history in no time.

Movie is interesting in the first half. But sadly it just skids through in the second as against other movies which tend to drag. The three ladies come out as a winner, not only in the movie but also as performers. They, I guess, have the meatiest role despite the movie focusing solely on Ranveer.

The impressionist Raveer Singh is pleasing to the eye. But if I may compare, his con acts are no match to Dhoom 2‘s Hritik. Other wise, he is growing pretty well. I can already see a ‘Shah Rukh Khan‘ in the making. 🙂

Anushka, on the other hand, is pathetic. Not her fault though, the role is such. I wonder what made her accept it. Ranveer love os Maneesh’s surname? All in all, the movie is a one time watch if you like light movies and love Ranveer or Anushka. Otherwise Ghost Protocol releases tomorrow and there is Don 2 coming up as well. And they are worth the wait!

The Social Network!

I dont know if this is how Mark Zuckerberg managed to earn billions of dollors for himself. I dont know know if this is how the facebook revolution started. I dont know if the Mark Zuckerberg Jesse Eisenberg played in the movie ‘The Social Netwok’ is how the real Mark is. But I know one thing for sure. ‘The Social Network’, the movie is absolutely spell bounding.

David Fincher has created a masterpiece. I like the way the movie goes back and forth the two hearings of the lawsuits on Mark and the way the revolutionary network was started. It is fast, pacy and very encouraging. Some of the scenes will leave you speechless, especially the ones between Shaun Parker and Mark Zuckerberg over a beer and also the one when Eduardo and Mark argue over monetizing the site. It took me back in the memory lane. One person reading this post will know why. 🙂

Rating this movie will be a crime. Watch it even if you have some thing better to do.

Ye Khichdi Thodi Kachhi Hai!

I’m sure all of us have seen the popular television serial ‘Khichdi’. Jamnadas Majithia, the maker of the television serial decided to take a step further and made a movie out of the same concept. I watched it yesterday. No, I’m not going to review it here, I’m only going to give you my feedback. And here it goes-

Frankly speaking, I thoroughly enjoyed the 20 minutes of non sense in Khichdi, the serial, when it used to be aired on star plus. But I was a bit sceptical going into the movie, as I didn’t know what will come out if the same 20 minutes of non sense was stretched to 3 hours. Thanks to my scepticism, I ended up enjoying the movie.

So even this Khichdi, the movie, has the same star cast of Anang Desai as Babuji, Nimisha Vakharia as Jayshree, Supriya Pathak as Hansa. Rajeev Mehta as Prafull and Jamnadas Majithia (JD) as Himanshu. Besides the two intelligent kids are also there as narrators along with tons of Parminders as their neighbours (interesting concept by the way). There is no strong story line as such. Or should I say, no one bothers if there is a story line. The life of the movie are the characters, the angry Babuji, the so called intelligent Jayshree, the maverick Himanshu, the ever dramatic Hansa and the idiot Prafull. The movie picks up when they throw their trademark punches. Sadly there are no knock out ones. So some times you end up seeing and hearing what you expect them to do and laugh invariably. For the rest part, this Khichdi looks a bit undercooked.

Watch it if you like Khichdi- the serial, the Gujarati families or if you like making fun of Gujaratis. I’m sure 90% of the population will fall under this category. For others, this is just like any other post of Maxmayur’s Blog 🙂

Hunn Hunn Dabangg

Warning: If you are not a Salman Khan fan, I request you to please navigate to some other page/post or shut down the internet. You should read no further than this sentence.

— — — —

Alright, now that you have agreed to like Salman, let us talk about the movie. Dabangg is all about one man, Salman Khan. The movie is unreal, out of the box, typical masala yet it does not fail to impress you with its rather brazen approach. In fact I should say the movie is just like Salman Khan, bold, larger than life and very much Dabangg. If we remove him, the movie seems like an utter non sense and can easily be dubbed as a Hindi version of a bhojpuri film.

Is there a story? Not really! Yes there is a plot though and a rustic village setting in Uttar Pradesh. At the start of the movie, Chulbul Pandey is shown arguing with his mother (Dimple Kapadia) for remarrying again. He hates his step father Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna) and step brother Makhanchand Pandey (a.k.a. Makkhi played by Arbaaz Khan). He grows up to become a cop but still holds grudges against the step father-son duo. Corrupt he is, yes, but his ways show traces of Vijay Kumar-Shehenshah and Robin Hood. A local politician cum goon, Chhedi Singh (Sonu Sood) decides to take advantage of the feud between brothers to avenge his earlier altercations with our Robin Hood Pandey. All is well in the end after the two brothers kill the goon. Now tell me, where is the story? But here I must give credits to Abhinav Kashyap (brother of Anurag Kashyap and the director of this movie) keeping the audience glued to the screen… thanks to the antics thrown by our beloved inspector Chulbul Pandeyji.

I only realised that there was no significant story to the movie only after the interval. In fact it was in the interval when my wife said, ‘movie is good, but where is the story?’ That is where Dabangg scores in the minds of the readers. May it be Chulbul Pandey’s Rajnikanth style fighting skills with the goons or his own style to woo the potter girl Rajjo (played well by Sonakshi Sinha), every scene is well shot, well scripted and very well acted. There are few other characters who are a part of the story such as Mahesh Manjrekar (as Rajjo’s drunkard father), Mahi Gill (as Nirmala, Makkhi’s girl friend), Tinu Anand (as Nirmala’s father) Anupam Kher (as Dayal Babu, the politician) and Om Puri (as some corrupt cop). You feel sad for them. I mean people like Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Mahesh Majrekar, Tinu Anand are exceptional actors. They feel a bit wasted in the movie due to lack of roles. Any other low profile actors should have been good, as the movie was not about them anyway.

Leaving them aside, the performance of all other pivotal actors is good. There should never be any doubts about Vinod Khanna and Dimple, Arbaaz is good as a village idiot and so is Sonu Sood as a goon. Sonu though, doesn’t look like a UP ka bhaiyya. He looks more of a Haryana ka Jatt. And Sonakshi, well, she doesn’t fail to impress at all. She exudes the charm and the rustic demeanour of the a typical UP-Bihar girl to perfection. She doesn’t get a chance to show her acting skills too much. But she looks great. If she can act too, we have a top actress in the making. And Salman Khan a.k.a. Chulbul Pandey? Kamaal karte ho yaar tum bhi… what do I say? Salman is the life and blood of this movie. People who liked the movie admire him so much than all the boys come out humming Hunn Hunn Dabangg and try to imitate his belt wala dance step. The rest sing Tere mast mast do nain… 🙂

Go and watch the movie if you admire the likes of Matrix, ET, iRobot, Avatar etc… Arre kamal karte ho yaar, mazak kar raha hu. Do not apply too much brains, just go and enjoy the movie. There are other things your brain can work on… and Dabangg is certainly not one of them!

Khatta Meetha…

… is pathetic! I have no other words. I cant imagine Priyadarshan making such pathetic movies.

Dont ask me why I went and watched it. It was because Nikhat Kazmi gave three stars in the review on Times of India. But now I have no doubts that the producers of Khatta Meetha paid Nikhat to write a good review.



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If you haven’t watched Inception yet, you might as well want to just shut this browser, pack your wallet and rush to the nearest theatre. For this movie is not to be missed… AT ALL!

What is most precious to you? Your money? Your house? Your family? Your girlfriend? I think you are being too naive if you said yes to any of those options. For some one like me who writes stories, it is my thoughts. 🙂

So what if some one stole your thoughts? Or worse, what if some one replaced them? Ha! That makes an interesting movie plot. Chris Nolan uses an interesting concept straight out of the subconscious mind theories to create a masterpiece. Inception is all about a job where Leonardo DiCaprio is asked to plant an idea in the mind of Robert Fischer Jr., heir of world’s largest oil company (played by Cillian Murphy). What unfolds is a sequence of dreams and inter related events, which I rather not describe here.

Go watch it for yourself. Indulge!

Badmaash Company

What a new hairstyle Shahid. Anushka, you have an amazing body and a great screen presence. Meiyang Chang and Vir Das, you guys have a great chemistry and complement the screen very well. Sadly there is nothing else to write about this movie. Pathetic songs, run of the mill, tried, tested and battered plot, far to predictable outcome and even more detectable end. There is nothing to review about it. So why am I writing about this movie at all? Is it because I have a policy of reviewing really bad or really good movies? Not really! Continue reading