I guess he was a good guy. Wearing a short short and jeans, he looked to be neat. He must be young and charming.

May be he was going to meet his girlfriend. He must be getting late. It must have been her birthday. And he must have forgotten to get a gift for her.

Or was he married? Was it his wedding anniversary? May be they had arranged a party at home and he had to go to office for some urgency. May be just the party was on his mind.

May be it wasn’t his marriage anniversary and he was going to pick his daughter up from school. May be he had a fight with his wife because he was late to go and pick his daughter up.

Or was he a good son? He was trying to reach to a doctor because his mother was not well? I think he must be rushing to get the doctor. He looked in such a hurry.

Whoever he was, he was not wearing a helmet.

A guy banged his bike at a road divider, then a mini truck and fell down on the cement road near Naupada in Thane yesterday. He was driving very fast. I witnessed. I don’t know if he is still alive.

Wear a helmet. It keeps your family happy… and keeps your head safe most of the times.

I Miss My Teens!

I miss the mist, the chilly winters, the bike rides to the tuition classes, the jacket less boasting of strength, the attitude bent on impressing the girls against a daring winter. I miss my teens 🙂

I miss the empty roads, the greenery behind seminary hills, the drives in the officers club, the search for secluded spots, the hunt in the secluded spots, the long conversations sitting on the empty footpaths late in the night. I miss my teens. 🙂

I miss the care free behavior, the ‘park anywhere’ infrastructure of the city, the birthday parties at the friends, the last minute runs for cakes and gifts and the economically extravagant parties. I miss my teens 🙂

I miss the road side omelet parathas, the Do rupaye ki chhe paani puris, the paanch rupaye plate dahi samosas, the lavish thalis at choicest of restaurants, the trips to dhabas with family and friends and the eating of full dinners at home despite eating out to avoid mum’s daant. I miss my teens 🙂

I miss the tapori giri. The meri waali- teri waali conversations, the ideas given to friends, the unwanted helps, the tricks, the torments and the embarrassments. Oh… I miss my teens. 🙂

I miss the touch touch, the meaning of the touch, the anticipations, the exclamations, the longings and the frighteningly nervous retractions. I miss the anger, I miss the fights over whose is who, I miss not being patient. I miss my teens. 🙂

Any thing that I have achieved today or will achieve in years to come will never be able to replace the college life we lived. I’m sure you will agree.

Best Picture Contest. Winner gets a T Shirt

It has been long time since readers have been submitting pictures to be posted on maxmayur blog. So I thought it is time I awarded the best one. I have carefully selected the 5 best ones I received. So here is your chance, vote for the best picture below. They are in the random order and not in the order of preference. The winner gets a free T shirt from me 🙂

The Village by Harshad
Moon-Goose by Neelam
Mirror Image by Ajay
Postcard from Pink City by Pallavi
Butterflies by Ajay

All you have to do is vote for the picture you think is the best. Please also encourage your friends to vote too. The poll will be open till the end of the month. And winner gets a T shirt. Go on! 🙂

Mehengayi Daayan

The above song is only for representation and not the theme of the post.

But this might be a time for us to celebrate the increase in the prices, for there is no other way to keep one cheerful against the spiralling inflation. I know it looks a bit stupid and foolish of me, believe me I’m not keen on acting like a moron for no reason. Unless we get over the shock of quadrupling prices, how else will we find a solution? So let us begin now, please play the above song and shake a leg (own) or two… and sing while I wait. Sakhi Saiyyaann… waah waah! Continue reading

Renault Fluence

Image courtesy- Motoring.co.uk

This car is coming to India… and give a run for its money to many… watch out 🙂

For specifications and review, head here

Auctions Drama at IPL Now Over!

Sourav Ganguly was snubbed out of the IPL auctions, deemed to old for age and too big for reputation to fit in any team. That was a sad SAD SAD!!! end to some one who has proved himself in the game so much. It completely disheartened me and put me off the auctions, though I followed it on the last weekend.

Having said that, the IPL obviously has a charisma of its own. Despite sad stories about Lalit Modi infested scandal and god knows how many other controversies, the money spinning league has managed to glue viewers to the screens. I like it for the cricket and the ecstasy. And I deem both words similar. Cricket is nothing without the excitement and ecstasy, in any form. Some find it in the BIG sixes hit by the players while others found them in the SIX ‘objects of visual pleasantry’ (un)clad in mini skirts dancing to the tune of whatever. I never paid attention to the music. Continue reading

My Turn for a 55er :-)

Okay now. I have read a lot of 55ers from many of you. Some of you dared me to write one, and I refused. But no more. Here it is, the first one from me. 🙂

Amey was frightened, how could he ask her that? She was standing right in front, very pretty, spectacled, long hair, stunning figure wrapped in a silk saree. But he couldn’t resist that thing any more in his pants. He approached her, touched her thigh, raised a finger and asked. “M’am! Can I go to toilet?”


76: Piya Bawri!

Story number 6 of the Seven Deadly Sins series. I know I have dragged them too much. But then good stories do not come just like that, do they? 🙂

Plus I’m also delivering on a promise that I’ll start writing love stories again. This story could just be the beginning. Enjoy!

Kitte Jau re Piya kaise pau re… tohe pau re…

They could have been the last words of Sampada, she was found unconscious by the pool with her left palm (and wrist) dipped in the shallow side meant for kids to play. Lot of blood had oozed out of that wrist, probably slashed with a broken glass piece from the chandelier that fell off in her room some time ago. Her maid Jharna Bai had been shouting Laado Sa… Laado Sa from out side Sampada’s chamber, trying to prevent her from doing the unthinkable, but in vain. She had been following the princess close on her heals since Pratap left earlier that night. And now, she was looking for guards who could break into the room. Continue reading

New Year Resolution!

I’m not a fan of making new year resolutions. I don’t think we need to wait for a new year’s day to make a resolution anyway. If you want to decide some thing good, every day is a good day!

Okay I made up the last one. I used to make new year resolutions when I was very young. I made that one up too… I’m still young. What I meant was when I was in college. So we used to make this ‘I-will-do-XX-this-year’ kind of new year resolutions. But I always found that all my new year resolutions turned out to be unrealistic and I ended up not following any of them. With time, I gave up on them. It must be at least 7-8 years since I made a new year resolution.

Yesterday I was reading through lot of twitter updates from my celebrity friends about how their party was and how they will spend the new year. Now when I say celebrity friends, I’m talking about actors (and actresses) and other celebrities from media & cricketing world. Yes I do follow them, not out of curiosity but amazement. It is fun some times to know who likes which football team, whose new album/film is releasing, who interviewed whom and who has slept for only 3 hours since a few nights. (Sadly, they dont mention with whom… oops sorry for that). So there were people resolving to do ‘some thing’ that they did not have or hadn’t achieved. It reminded me that there is some thing I missed all these years, which many others had. And I resolved to be ‘that’. 🙂

I think I was far too ‘less intimidating’ all these years than I would have liked. It is my general and unwanted observation that intimidating personalities usually have it better off in the day to day and professional life than others who are less vocal about their stuff. Imagine 4000 people working behind the scene and one big guy with his picture and interviews sprayed all over the magazines. Of course it is one guy’s talent to get things done, it is abilities to intimidate others by his towering presence. I remember the college days when, despite being a better writer, I could not get my articles into the college magazine for the first two years. I had to then use my authority of being a senior to get things going. Even when I was trying to get the the short stories published, I had a similar experience. Of the 11 publishers I approached, I don’t thing any of them had read my stories. Either they frankly refused or frankly asked for money. While I was just riding on the handful of readers I had, never trying to popularise the stuff.

But thats that! I have decided, rather resolved, to be a bit more intimidating from 1-1-11 onwards. See, what an intimidating date to start following a new year resolution which, for once, does not seem as excruciating as ‘I-will-lose-10kg’ kinds. Remind me of this post after a few months and dare me, if I have fulfilled my resolutions. Geez! That was an intimidating sentence. I’m on my way baby!!!

Lost and Found!

Long ago, I wrote this one for my college magazine, albeit in Hindi. I was looking at the news channels after a long time today and they prompted me to translate it in Hindi. I hope it still strikes the chord 10 years after it was first published.

Written was a complaint in office, that he was lost…

Then started the hunt, for what was once pleasant and flourished. Continue reading