The jetpack is here

I posted this on CrazyEngineers. But I thought it might be a good read for my blog readers too.

After a long wait and few trial runs last year, the Jetpack has finally arrived on the scene. It was tested for the US army yesterday and successful it was!

Check the video here YouTube – Jet-Pack man!!!

The jetpack is actually a machine that can allow you (yes you as an individual) to fly in the air. It takes off vertically and is said to let you fly horizontally at approximately 50miles per hour (good 80kmph! whoa) The first glimpse of Jetpack was shown in the movie Spiderman II.

With the initial excitement dying down, I don’t know if this is really safe. It is designed to carry about 3 gallons of fuel and will run for approximately an hour in that. If they are planning to use it as the army infantry, I’m not sure thats a good idea. The question is, do we really need such gadgets? I mean of course I would love to fly, but not until its absolutely safe.

Your take!

Worried about bombs and my car

The recent bombings in Ahmedabad and attempts to bomb the city of Surat have left me a bit worried. Two of the live bombs found in Surat were car bombs, planted in two Wagon R cars stolen from Mumbai. Since I live in Mumbai and I own a Wagon R too, I thought why was my car being targeted?  I gave a long thought, about 10 sec and made up my mind. I’m not in Danger.

Why? Actually both the cars stolen were a Wagon R duo model. Meaning both cars had an LPG gas kit installed inside them. If the bombs would have exploded, it would amplify the effect. Since I own a petrol version, I’m safe :mrgreen:

In either cases, it is utterly shameful act, on terrorists to do such things and on Police for allowing them to do so.

They listed me on Crunchbase

Hey, I just got listed on Crunchbase. Here is where you can see my profile. Click Me :mrgreen:

Now I’m not sure what it means and why is it so important. But my friend Kaustubh introduced me to it and I happened to register. I know he makes sense some times. So I listen to him. I hope its going to be good for all my aspirations (check this post). I was actually impressed by the kind of people registered already and I’m sure the people will help me too.


I don’t need a loan, please don’t get personal!

“Hello Mr. Mayur Pathak Sir, good morning I’m Neetu calling from ICICI Bank personal loan department. Is it a good time to talk to you sir?”

“No… I mean, whats it regarding?”

“Well sir I see you have an account with ICICI Bank and also hold a Citibank Platinum card along with a Manhattan platinum card… On the same sir our bank is offering you a personal loan of..”

“Heck, how do you know all that? And where did you get my mobile number from?”

“Well sir, we have a database. Anyway sir, we can provide you a personal loan upto 7 lacs INR. Do you…”

“Not interested, and please…”

“Very well sir, can you give me a reference?”

“So that you can poach him?, no way. Thanks for calling, bye!”

So how many of you have received such calls and for how many times a week… or perhaps a day? Too many? I don’t know from where do these guys get our personal information. But one thing is for sure, all these ICICI, Barclay’s, Citi, GE Money and others have got an access to our personal information. Its very scary!

Can some body teach these banks how to market their personal loans? Getting personal with the client is surely not the way. I don’t need a loan, please don’t get personal!

I would like to…

Alright, I’m not a fan of this book, The Secret, but I must admit that I read it and I see no harm in trying things it says. After all it is for good of all ours. So one of the things it says when you want to achieve in life, big or small, you should always yearn for it and put it on the wish list and a wish board. Good… so here is my wish list.

I would like…

  • World’s big companies to allow me to be a part of their management, one at a time. I believe in process improvement and I’m confident I can help them run their business better than what they are doing right now… I know I’m inexperienced, but I just want them to give me a chance.
  • To own a BMW 3 series Sedan (formerly 325i). I know its not the top end models in the BMW stable, but I believe its the best engineers car till date I have seen, read or heard of.
  • To be a business leader and owner of the most reputed business consultancy in the world, if not the largest. I hate stupidity and people who hinder growth by being stupid. I want to show the world how to think for the better.
  • To write and direct 3 films. I have stories in my mind. If there are few producers interested in genuine work, I can lend my intelligence. Yeah, lot of thought needs to go behind the entertainment industry too, which is not being done right now.
  • India to respond better to the challenge the world throw at it. Be it the cricket team or the Nuke deal, we mostly fail in the final stages. I would like to take India to the old “golden sparrow” days. The most powerful nation in the world.
  • To work in and for the stock market once, I need to know how to control stocks. So that I can ensure the economy never goes into recession. There are always 3 ways of doing things, one is the public way, other is a wrong way and third is the optimistic aggressive way.
  • To meet the terrorist outfits, under world dons. I want to know what is the motive behind their angst. I believe killing the militants or beefing up the security will not help. Killing the cause is more important. May be I can make a film on it.

I guess that is all. Buying a house, earning big bucks, big salary jobs… I feel these are generic wishes. I will get them even if they don’t feature on the wish list.


My interview on Crazy Engineers

Folks… I was interviewed on Crazy Engineers few days back. Of course I’m extremely happy to have featured on the website that is very much close to my heart. So while I’m thankful to my friend The Big K, I’m also finding myself very lucky to be featured. Here is an excerpt.


He’s pulling the strings from behind the scenes. You’d typically find him spamming biggest personalities associated with the world of engineering, working on multi- million dollar deals, flaunting his new car, promoting CE, “strategising technology solutions for media industry” and getting clicked near lakes. That’s our editor-in-chief, Mr. Mayur Pathak for you. Mayur holds a degree in civil engineering & master’s degree in marketing communications.

CEan – Prateek interviewed Mayur through email. Take a look:-

Prateek: You have been the chief editor of CE for quite a while now. You have been with CE from the beginning. How has the experience been?

Mayur: Yeah! It’s been 2 years and 8 months to be precise. Believe me, all these days were over whelming good. My contribution hasn’t been all that much. There have been days when I was away from posting for long periods, some time due to professional commitments or due to studies. But I always made sure I contribute through long telephone calls with The Big K. CE is Biggie’s brain child.

Prateek: You have had 3 different jobs. How was the experience in each?

Mayur: 4 actually *laughs* It is difficult to tie me down. I wanted a career in strategy and International Business. I love my country and I want to stamp its authority on the world map. All these jobs have been some kind of a journey towards the goal.

Prateek: One of your parents is an Artist and the other an Interior Designer. Why did you choose Civil Engineering?

Mayur: Not one, both Dad and Mom are artists. Dad is also a Planner and Interior Designer. When I was to do graduation, we thought we might expand our family business if I become a Civil Engineer. I tried my hand at it too… however I found it very mundane. I couldn’t build on some body else’s design. I wanted creativity.

Prateek: Civil Engineering is a science field and Marketing Communications a commerce field. Did you find any difficulty while doing your masters in Marketing Communication?

Mayur: Not at all. I speak a lot, and speak well too….

Want to read more? click here.

Its not happening!

No I’m not writing a movie review. Because the movie is not worth a review. I have been waiting for this movie to release, however missed it in the theaters some how… thankfully so. I watched it on the home video yesterday and my reaction was… mehhhhhh! Thats boring!

Beyond Sixth Sense and The village, I was expecting some hair raising stuff from M. Knight Shyamalan. But “The Happening” is a dud! Although it opens up very nicely, it doesn’t carry on. It loses steam mid way and never gathers it back. Its awfully slow. Mark Wahlberg has done his best to behave like a timid professor, but nothing much to mention.

My advice to Shyamalan- watch some bollywood movies, they have better ideas these days.  🙂

Bollywood’s famous Half-logues

Hindi Films and bollywood has given as many dialogues, most of which have turned out as near-proverbs. Apart from these there are so many others, which are not dialogues as such, because they don’t make a complete sentence. But they all have become a part of our modern day lingo. My post is attempting to pay tribute to these, what I call half-louges and their writers.

  • Mere Karan Arjun aayenge… Rakhi in the movie Karan Arjun
  • Main aa gaya hu maa… any movie, popular dialogue
  • Zhakaas… Anil Kapoor in some movie, I forgot the name.
  • Bhai waah… from Hum aapke hai kaun, Ajit Wachchani
  • Kya huuan… in a typical nasal tone by Laxmikant Berde, again Hum Aapke Hai Kaun.
  • Kutte… any Dharmendra movie.
  • Thoda Khao Thoda Pheko… eternal dialogue fromJaane bhi do yaaro
  • Chal Chal, aage nikal… Salman Khan in Judwaa
  • Yahoo… from Junglee, every one knows its Shammi Kapoor
  • Aao! and furrrr!… from DDLJ
  • Jaani… the legendary dialogue from Raj Kumar in Tiranga.
  • Chal dhanno… Hema Malini from Shole, but I guess most guys use this for their bikes 🙂
  • Aye Saala… Mithun Da, I don’t know which movie.
  • Bole to… ye apun ka Munnbhai ka dialogue hai re.

Alright, I can remember only these as of now. Feel free to add some more in the comments section. I will incorporate it in the post.

What tree did I fall from?

My friend sent me this email today urging me to read what tree did I fall from. Well I have never really climbed trees, except when I was a kid. And I don’t remember if I ever fell from one… I’m a certified rover :mrgreen:

Anyway, this has actually got to do with some astrology, which one I don’t know. So when you don’t know, it is Chinese astrology 😀   So have a look at where did I fall from… only those who know me well would be able to verify if I am really like that.

Pine Tree (Peacemaker) — loves agreeable company, craves peace and harmony, loves to help others, active imagination, likes to write poetry, not fashion conscious, great compassion, friendly to all, falls strongly in love but will leave if betrayed or lied to, emotionally soft, low self esteem, needs affection and reassurance.

Duh! Meh! Bang…!   *Mayur has fainted*

Pappu cant Dance… Manmohan Can

Now that the song has become a house hold jingle, lets apply the “Pappu Cant Dance Sala…” song to some real life sequence.

So the location is the House of Parliament, New Delhi India. There was a mad fest hosted by our own very popular Disc Jockey, DJ Somnath Chatterjee. Why? well nothing much. They wanted to host a dancing competition a.k.a. Nach Baliye to decide who will rule India. There were many contestants, one of them was Pappu, a.k.a. Prakash Karat. Well our Pappu has been a furore in the pre contest exit polls. They said Pappu will win hands down. Ah! but he had Manmohan Singh in competition, with talented choreographer Sonia Gandhi in company.

So the chiti-chiti-bang-bang show started with a “Dhasu” opening by Manmohan, followed by some interesting classical number by our veteran dancer LalKrishna AdvaniJi. He is not only a dancer, but also makes a lot of people dance to his tunes. Hmmm… but like Bhupati and Paes, he has also parted ways with his long time partner Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Anyway! In the midway, we had a Samba by Amar Singh and cabaret by Laloo followed by 3 stalkers running in the middle of the stage with nothing but bundle of notes wrapped around. Gosh you should have seen how the audience and the fellow contestants ogled at their figures (?)

So in all this mess and loud music by composers NSG and IAEA, our poor pappu hardly got a chance to show his dancing skills. So they said “Pappu cant dance sala…” Hey thats unfair ok!

Democracy won. Manmohan Singh won. Sonia Gandhi won. Nuke deal won. Its time now India starts winning too!