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Open Letter to Sourav Ganguly

Dear Dada,

Kemon Ache?

Let me introduce myself as your staunch supporter and an ardent cricket fan. This letter in in response to your interview, which was published in the leading newspapers and online media yesterday. You looked distraught and visibly sad by the recent IPL snub. So I’m making my little small attempt to instill some confidence in you by saying don’t worry, we are all there with you.

Image Courtesy- Wittysparks.com

It is really sad that the IPL owners decided not to pick you up for the tournament. Without meaning any disrespect to VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid, both on my favorites list, I thought if they could invite bids, so could you. Given your record in the IPL and first class cricket, any body would have been a fool to ignore you. This proves IPL teams are run by a bunch of fools. I’m sure the Mallya camp was drunk, Shilpa was having a cozy conversation with her husband, Priety Zinta was as clueless as a goat in the jungle and Nita Ambani was thinking about what new gold plated fitting to install in her bathroom when your name was announced. So why worry about fools?

Having said that, I guess it was good to see you retire from all forms of the game. You were wise to retire from international cricket at the right time. Probably this was the time to say good bye to IPL as well. We’d surely love to see you as a coach. Have you considered that? May be you should start with a small team and then go on to make big. I look forward to it.

With that, I’d like to conclude and say good bye! And thank you for providing us entertainment all these years. You were without doubt one of the greatest batsmen in the Indian Cricketing world. I will always remember you as a tactical captain, wonderful off side player and a menace for spinners. Good bye and best of luck!

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Throw and they are called just stones… arrange and they become forts! Mightier than the might of the most!

Can we say the same thing about alphabets that make words? They know no language bar. They know no meaning. They know no boundaries. They know no atrocities. No crime. Nothing.

When I was a child, I learnt A for apple, B for ball and C for cow. But today, children are learning some thing else. A is for Adarsh, B is for blast, R is for rape, M is for money and D is for… well you know who. I wonder if the alphabet ‘C’ ever realized that C is for Care as much as for Corruption, will C be willing to be a part of that word? The answer is no… No to this new language of the world order!

Alphabets when arranged properly make words that make good sense.  Words when arranged properly make good stories, poetry, great articles of historical magnificence. Words when gathered and spoken or written correctly create knowledge, create wisdom, create cultures. But when arranged wrongly? they create scathing speeches, lewd remarks, threatening demands, warnings, corruptions and inharmonious living conditions. The same words, the same 26 letters but different significances.

We all are alphabets and our cultures and customs the words forming out of them. Arrange every thing in proper order called a society and they create peace. Jumble them and they create a difference, a corruption, a bribe, a killing, a menace, an uprising, a war, an end. Same people, same society, different mentalities and different end results.

Rose when you spell wrongly becomes Sore. Just the order matters.

Say no to corruption. Don’t bribe or accept bribe. Support righteousness and stay with it. Be polite with the fellow world men. Don’t spread hatred. Difference between a Ram, a Mohammad, a Peter and a Nanak is just the name. After all, they all have two eyes, two hands, two legs and one heart. Jai Hind!

This post is in response to a tag by Pallavi, Prateek and the original tag from Cyber Nag.

Addendum: For all those who support drive against corruption, please visit and register yourself at the website of ‘India against corruption.’ I hope this initiative spells the change.

Mobile Number Portability

I wrote this post long ago on VoiCE blog. Re-posting here with some changes

India has been buzzing with the talks of mobile number portability. After much deliberation and a delay of almost a year, which is not unnatural here, the service has finally gone live. The new Telecom minister launched it as a pilot in Haryana in December before the pan India launch on January 20 2011. So what does it hold for us? Let us try and find out. Continue reading

Burst of (un)creativity

There are times like these when no creativity flows out of my brain. Some times I wonder why does it happen. There have been times when I felt like writing three posts in one day (and didn’t write for paucity of time). I have written intriguing stories, some times in parts stretching almost for a month. All that have been a fascinating experience, to keep thinking about a story and not let the imagination goawry. It keeps me very occupied and absolutely upbeat. And then there are these times… anyway! Continue reading

And the winner is…

Harshad Italiya!

Congratulations to Harshad for winning the first best picture contest. There were in all 70 votes, 45 of them voted for Harshad.

Harshad Bhai… your picture proves that the life in villages is still much better than the city life. You will receive your price shortly. 🙂