Ek Number!

It is a Nagpuri word. I’m in Nagpur… finally!

For work and for using my 24 hours to good effect. On the first day I reached home in 10 minutes flat. In that much I never crossed my vicinity in Mumbai. Weather is good. Thinks are looking good.

Ek Number!Ā  šŸ˜€

Ahoy! I feel so fresh now. Though I was a bit upset looking at the visitor graph in the last few days. Funny is it not? I dont write for a week and there are no visitors on the blog. If I dont write for some more time, I might lose the entire readership.

But it wont happen that way. I’m back and will be bringing loads of stuff for the festive season. What to expect this Diwali? Well lot of things… two new stories from the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ series, new season of the interview series, some POWs and GPOWs and lot of interesting posts!

Join the fun guys! And happy diwali in advance! šŸ™‚

PS: I’m going to make ‘Guest Posts!’ a regular feature on the blog. So any of you guys wanting to contribute to my blog on a regular basis can get in touch with me. Let us plan some thing big šŸ™‚


Nothing like sitting on the window seat of an AC bus, playing with the drizzle on the glass, having a decent conversation with an old friend with Cliff Richards playing in the background.

BEST made it possible yesterday… Thank You!

I’m Guest Blogging on CE

People, I have got a new job. šŸ™‚

I have started writing guest posts for Crazyengineers.com. I think all of you know what it is. Those who dont, please visit the site.

You can find my first post here. Soon my articles will be a regular feature of CE too.

A Request to all Patrons

  1. Lot of readersĀ appreciateĀ my stories. Lot of them curse it or criticise it as well. But most of them dont comment here. They ping on gtalk or mail me or tell me personally. I request you all to throw your brick bats or offer flowers in the form of comments on the blog itself. It will help me. Kindly! Ā šŸ™‚
  2. Lot of people also give me ideas or tell me their stories. They predict the outcome of the stories at times (Geez! It gives me a feeling that I write suspense love stories). I welcome them all. If you have observed, there is a tab for ‘Love stories’ on the main menu of the blog (third tab). Please comment on it and put your ideas there. I’ll be more than happy to oblige with a story on it. If you want me to give me an idea about how the story will shape up, you are more than welcome to do so.
  3. I like guest posts. Send me an email or put a comment on ‘About Mayur’ tab. Bring them on.

Happy Woman’s Day

Wishing all the women in the world a very happy women’s day. You people are really lucky. One, you are born as women and two, you have a day for yourselves on your name too.

Way to go ladies!

PS: I’m a firm non-believer in ‘women are weaker sex’ idiom and all related theories on feminism.


… or Stunned? That is what the spectators and fans of Indian team are looking like. We, the recently crowned number one team in the world, playing against the number 2 South Africa on our own soil and on a flat track in Nagpur are staring haplessly atĀ inningsĀ defeat.

Defeat now looks only a formality. I haven’t seen a better application of perfect reverse swing and pace for a long time. We are stung by the Dale bee. Or should I say we are Steyned?

I’m talking about test cricket! Anyway, that makes me ask you a question. Do we deserve the No. 1 spot?

Whats Wrong in Car Pooling?

I dont understand why people in Mumbai dont use Car pools. I have observed that almost every car plying on the roads is carrying just person (the driver/owner) or two persons. Meaning for every 100 cars travelling on the road, maximum number of people in them might be just over 150.

However if people use car pool, the number of cars on the road carrying the same number of people would go down to 40. That is 60 cars (or at least 50 cars) less per hundred cars at the moment. This should help to reduce the congestion on the roads and the pollution in the air by half.

I know this makes sense. But still people dont use car pool. Why?