How to become a politician

Hmmm… here comes the gyan guru again. Here are 5 simple ways to become a successful politician. No, they are not the only ones, but of course you are sure to succeed if you follow them.

  1. Do not study, or if you have an urge at least pretend that you are an illiterate simple man/woman.
  2. Make sure you speak in vernacular language, you have a loud voice and people listen to you. (Its easy, if you speak loud enough, people will be forced to keep quite. Practice in your school/office if you want.)
  3. Wear white. If you can’t afford an Ariel or Surf, wear orange.
  4. Buy either an old Ambassador car or a Toyota Land Cruiser. It is important to show you are either very rich or very poor.
  5. Never sit in your office. Always keep meeting people thereby facilitating easy flow of funds.

For any more help. Please contact the nearest corporator. Not me you idiot :mrgreen:


9 thoughts on “How to become a politician

  1. Although I find you post funny, I don’t think that is quite correct. There are definitely lousy politicians, but I would say that most of them are just getting a bad rap. There are thousands of local, state, and national elected officials that do a great job and really try to serve the people that elected them. For some more tips on how to become a politician check out

  2. check yourself: 1> fail again an again same class
    2> theft in home and neighbour
    3> you should be crimnal ,rapist,murdrer,bouncer,leir, if this quality is maching then try to become politician in india otherwise choose another profession.

  3. I don’t think you are correct 100% but 25% you are correct. Its about personal thinking what you think about a politician.

  4. you should try to enter the youth congress which is supported by rahuul gandhi and then do some good work from which u can make a fame and so get a post OR first become an IAS officer then a politician.
    instead of being criminals if u do all this u will be a good politician istead of a corrupt one. but in this harwork is required if u desperately wanna be a politician.

  5. Basically Every Indian is a politician But who have more money more influence can only come up as a politician and can become some more rich. Rest all can shout and support their party standing infront of the stage. India to become real democratic a real selfless man like Mahathma Gandhi is required, and he have to struggle at least 5 years and all Indians should follow him.

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