Love Stories

L1: A Date to remember

“I know I know… dont get me wrong. Its just that, may be … you know.” He was struggling for words and he saw she was smiling. “Its just that I’ve started liking you. I was wondering if…”
There was a momentous pause and then he heard Sanju’s mother calling her. She had obviously seen her from the balcony. Sanju started to rush towards the house, but stopped.

She turned and said, “I do!”

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L2: Beyond Memories

Dev’s first chance of interaction with her came during the annual social gathering while they were in the first year. Some senior girl from the Third year had planned to direct a small play only for the freshers. Sonali was the obvious choice for the female lead and they were holding auditions for the male lead and other characters. One by one, guys were called and given a line or two to speak. Depending on their performance, they were either thrown out or short listed for another round of screening. Dev managed to steal a copy of the script and mugged up the dialogues meant for the lead actor. So when he was called, he wasn’t required to be given a dialogue. He knew them by heart… and he orated them with perfection. The rest was his charm and subtlety. The role was his, and as they say, rest became history.

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L3: Its never too late

‘Basant Agrawal, Senior Manager, Central Bank of India’ or Basu, as his friends used to call him was looking at his name plate on the compound wall. Basu was on his way to his routine morning walk. He was going to the joggers park nearby where he would be met with other few friends. Although at 55 Basu was not as old as the other members in his club, he looked 10 years more than actual. It was a routine walk to the park, except a small stall just outside the park that was about to change his life.

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L4: Fatal Attraction

Sameer knew Madhu since 4 years now. No, they had nothing in common. Sameer studied Bio Tech and Pharmacology where as Madhu was a law graduate. They didn’t belong to a same school, college or town either. Sameer met her at a common friend’s house. Madhu’s uncle lived in the house next to his friend’s house. She stayed in a hostel but would often come there to see her uncle. Their friendship started from a debate. They were never in love. Or that is what they thought. But Sameer found Madhu to be a very able and trustworthy friend. He often discussed his innumerable crushes with her. Madhu also argued on who’s the best girl for him. Friendship grew, and grew to an extent when then became inseparable. Still, they were not acknowledging love.

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L5: Arti’s Story, the other side of ‘It

Arti Sharma, Sales Coordinator for Telebrands. Perhaps this was the only other identity that was left with Arti apart from being a single parent to her daughter. She was the only daughter of Ghanshyam Sharma and Parminder Kaur. A half brahmin and half punjabi, she had had her own share of miseries in her childhood. As a child Arti spent most of her time alone. Her mother passed away when she was just 12. Being the only child, it meant she had to manage most of the daily activities at home. It had an effect on her studies too. Her father Ghanshyam was working in an automotive parts making company in Faridabad. However the company couldn’t survive heavy losses suffered due to a canceled major international order and was locked down. Arti was 14 and saw her 47 year old father crumple under the uncertainty and  misfortune. Finally, after two years of dragging and pulling and after Arti completed her secondary school examination, they moved to Pune. It was supposedly going to provide new career opportunity for Ghanshyam, so he thought.

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L6: Arti’s Story Continued

She ignored him but he was not perturbed. He grabbed her hand and pulled her aside. She could feel the power, it was hurting. But she instantly knew some thing was about to happen. She knew it. He took her to the temple in the neighborhood. Now they were standing on the flight of stairways. Akki was beaming with confidence and anger. He drew his hand inside his pocket and pulled a small box wrapped in pink. He opened it and handed it to Arti and said…

“I want to give you this ring. And with blessings of god I want to marry you… here! now! I love you Arti. Will you marry me?”

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Head over Heels, The story

Taking the story of my friend ahead, continue from here L8: Head over Heels, The Build Up

Cut to Early November 2008; a chronological narration of how it happened

One fine Sunday morning, dada (my father) found this guy, thanks to the matrimonial pullout in The Tribune. (Didn’t I tell you? This is an age old tried and tested formula). Since I don’t live with them, I cant prevent them from looking at the news paper. Anyway, he read the profile of Mr. A (name changed to protect his identity). I will still name him A, because it is my favorite letter and this guy’s name also began with ‘A’.

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L:10: When they met in Paris

Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris is considered to be one of the top five busiest airports in the world. It handles more than 6 million passengers in a year, which makes a whooping 17000 passenger movements every day. On one such busy afternoon, a beautiful Indian lady was making her way to the airport lounge. She had just landed on the Terminal 2 by the Air France flight and looked visibly tired. This was not her first visit to Paris. But this was surely the visit she so much wanted to avoid. She had been working with one of the top Indian IT companies in India. 5 years into the job now, she was their one of the trusted employees. She had successfully handled multiple projects at a very young experience and age. Now married, it was difficult to tell looking at her petite frame that she was a mother of a two year old kid… a reason why she wanted to avoid this trip.

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L11: When they met in Paris part II

Even before Avni could connect with the familiar yet not so known voice, Yuvraj had already paced his way through the lounge pathway. Avni felt pangs in her throat. She couldn’t believe who she was staring at. At an instant she almost felt as if her feet had started moving, wanting to run… run fast and make her fall in the arms of the tall man approaching her. All that she didn’t speak to any one over the last 3 years was about to explode like a balloon filled with hot air.

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L12: When they met in Paris part III

Charles De Gaulle indeed is a beautiful airport. It served perfect rendezvous for the two lost lovers in disguise. Their talks meandered from the college days to projects to economies and then to Yuvraj’s marital status. He avoided it with his guile and chivalry. But threw it back at her asking her about her marriage. Avni was stunned. A ten minutes silence walking past the series of branded stores and some comforting words from Yuvi brought her back to the composure. Avni wanted to talk. And she did. She just exploded.

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L13: When they met in Paris part IV

Yuvraj watched Avni drift apart and walk in the alley ahead of them. She was not looking at him, but he could see her from her reflection on the large glass panels lining the alley. He could make out the tears that rolled on her cheeks. He was startled when Avni dragged her hand back. But he knew the meaning of it. It was a faint reminder that Avni was now married to Sujit. Although she thought she wasn’t happy, it was not her fault. He knew the reason for her unhappiness now. It was him. Only if he could have mustered some courage and composure to go and ask her for marriage. Only if she could have been a little less reluctant. Only if they bold were bold enough. Only if… there were too many variables.

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L14: Hello Doctor part I

Hello Doctor Pathak,

My name is Bhavesh Vora. You can call me BV, if you have a policy of nick-naming your patients. I stay in Ghatkopar-E (but please dont publish this). Waise to there are many things that I want to share with you. Magar abhi sirf ek. Actually I’m a married guy. I was married only 2 years ago. But I’m feeling like I’m not happy with the marriage. I dont love my wife. It is not like that she is bad. She is very good and very smart also. But I dont know her. I dont know why. Actually I know but cant tell any one. I liked a girl before my marriage. I wanted to marry her. But I could not do that because of her parents and my parents. Now I dont love her as she is married but I cant forget her. That is why I dont love my wife. I tried but now I have made my decision. I want to do suicide. I know that is bad. But then I dont have any kids so I can not worry. I wanted to do it last week. But I read your column in Mumbai Mirror and so I wanted to ask you if you can help me. If you can not give me good solution, I will die.

So please publish my problem’s solution in your next column. Aur please dont publish my name and my address as then my wife and my father will get angry. I wait for your reply now.

Yours sincerely, BV

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L15: Hello Doctor part II

Madhu’s anxiety and exasperation limits were being tested by BV. He was indeed a sweet and innocent guy. Moreover he looked pretty down to earth and probably convinced about almost every thing he shared. So he was pretty sure that Tina felt cheated when he did not run away with her. He was also sure that he couldn’t have done much and that now she also had a kid and was happy with her family. He was also sure that Geeta was a nice homely woman. In fact he also kept mentioning that Madhu was a good doctor too. But then he was also sure that he wanted to end his life as he too felt cheated… Madhu was sure she had a problem in her hand.

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L16: Economic Twistory

Ajay stood up to speak on the podium. It was the farewell function of final year G.S Commerce college. “Hello and good evening. My name is Ajay Mehta. You guys probably know me as Professor Mehta or Ajay Sir. If you are my friend, you probably know me as AJ. Some of you also know me as Ajay Mehta, the author of many books, journals and publications on Indian and world economies. I have never shared my private life with any one. If I have given interviews, all have been purely for professional purposes. I have spent over two decades in this industry and earned a respect all over, so much that people dare not ask me any thing apart from facts and numbers. But when two girls from this college came to my house and were surprised to see the photograph of me and my wife, I felt bad. Since my wife has never made any public appearances, they thought I was an unmarried geeky and nerdy professor of economics.” There was a hustle in the crowd.

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L17: Midnight Rain

The monsoon in Mumbai had just started and the transport as usual was caving in. It was as usual difficult to get a cab to the station at late hours. Amar checked his watch while throwing the cigarette. It was showing 11:35. He knew the last bus had already left. Amar stayed in Kandivali and had no option to take a cab straight to his home. It would have been very costly. So he chose to walk, hoping that a rare cabbie might offer him a drop to the station. The weather was cold and wet. So he didn’t mind it. On the Sidhdhivinayak Mandir turn he saw some cabbies zoom past him, but all were occupied. But “Taxieeeeeeee” he shouted any way. Suddenly he saw one of them slowing down. “By Ganesha’s grace…” he thought. But as he approached the cab, a young lady appeared from no where and started to talk to the driver.

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L18: DRaped

‘Dali’ was a very unusual name for a fairly good looking young girl. But then that was her name and it suited her pretty much. She was indeed a ‘Dali’ or a branch extended out of a tree of cheerfulness. She looked surprisingly young and very sweet for a maid. In fact, when Mangesh saw her for the first time, he had dismissed her and sent her back, saying she was too young. It took some convincing from Brij Behari, the watchman and Kumavat, her husband to prove that she was 21 and very much married. Since then, for the last 2 years, she has been doing the household chores and taking care of Mangesh’s utterly lazy and timid life style just like a wife, sister or a daughter would do.

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L19: The tune of Love

The wedding rocked to the tune of the Maharaja Band. They were mind blowing. Especially the song ’Tumse hi…’ on flugelhorn and banjo was a super hit. While dining after the performance, a rugged looking guy came to them and asked who the boss was. Looking at the guy’s prudence, other three pointed fingers to Prady. He took Prady away saying some one wanted to meet him. While they joked around, Prady came back huffing and puffing as if they made him run a marathon race.

“What happened?” Vijay asked.

“Do… Do you know… who called?”


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L20: The way you love me

At 11,000 feet above the sea level, manning a bridge to prevent terrorist attacks is certainly not a good job to do. But Keshav was upto the task and doing it diligently. It had been more than a year that he was in Dras, a small section in Kargil district of Kashmir and probably the coldest place inhibited in India. Month of July was approaching its end. It was one of the warmer periods in Dras with temperatures going as high at 20 degrees on some days. So Keshav wasn’t complaining. There were other times when he had fought for snatching the Tiger hill back from the infiltrators in sub zero temperatures. But the war was over now… at least for some time and Keshav was happy about it. Finally he had a chance to go home. He was going to meet Laxmi.

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L21: The way you love me part II

A 21 year old Laxmi was drying her long hair in the second floor balcony of the Palatial bungalow of the Naik family in Nigdi, on the outskirts Pune. Her fair skin was glowing in the soothing sunrays coming from behind a rain cloud. It had just rained a few hours back and Laxmi pulverised the dullness in the clouds with her charm. So busy was the beautiful maiden in killing the approaches from the nature that she didn’t realise her cell phone was ringing continuously. When the sunrays were sufficiently charged with her radiance, she came back to her room.

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L22: Runaway Bride

PS: This is a true story. But I have concealed the identities of the right people.

“Listen, Mayur! Will you please put that pizza aside?” That was my wife.

“Oh yeah. Tell me… So when are we going to meet Ruhi’s father?”

“We aren’t… they are getting married on 10th.”


“You heard it right.”

“Excuse me… are you mad? I mean, how on earth? Are you sure? Where are they going to stay? I mean, Manish stays with roomies right? How can he arrange every thing so soon. Are you serious? I mean, Ruhi’s gonna run away or some thing? God…”

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L23: Ranaway Bride Episode II

What followed must have been a very interesting time for the newly wedded couple. They wouldn’t miss any opportunity to spend some time together. The saturday’s for Ruhi suddenly became working. The lunch times became longer, the trains were now deliberately missed and Manish’s bike started doing more kilometres per day. Occasionally we joined the couple during their excursions. Half our time would normally be spent on discussing the most important topic, “How to convince Ruhi’s father?” It always ended up with Rati and Manish having lengthy conversations, me giving my expert comments and Ruhi saying at the end of it that one day she will have no choice but to run away. Her father was as good as rock of Gibraltar.

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L24: Tejas and Namita

Namita’s room was very well made up. She had this pink charm to the whole of stuff, which complemented very well with the mood. Tejas saw old pictures of friends and family functions in different sizes adoring one of the walls. Some were from her child hood while many of them were from her graduation and post graduation days. ‘Too many boys’ Tejas thought. But he convinced himself thinking that a girl who spent 3 years in London had to be a modern and frank girl with open thoughts. None of them spoke for couple of minutes. Finally Namita opened the conversation, telling Tejas about the different pictures and their references. He just nodded with an occasional ‘hmmm’ or ‘how nice’ comment. She gradually ran through all of them… and then followed another silence

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L25: The Question

“Tejas, is there some thing wrong? Or are you always like this?” Namita was now a bit rude in her voice. Tejas chose to be silent. “What is the matter Tejas? Our parents have decided that we get married. I’m happy with it. We are supposed to sit here and know each other… and then go back and tell our views to them. But this is… I mean, am I so boring or are you always so nerdy?”

“Look Namita I… there is some thing that is disturbing me.”

“So speak out buddy. Whats the matter?”

The time had come. Tejas had a fear and he had to overcome it. Although he knew at the bottom of his heart that it was not right, it didn’t matter to him now. He mustered all the courage and spoke.

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L26: Raqeeb

Some one’s watching, she thought. She frantically looked around. There was an elderly couple who had come for an afternoon walk. She glanced her watch, it was about 4:30 and beginning to get dark due to the rain threat. A couple of small droplets settled themselves on her delicate palm. Suddenly there was a sound, as if some one roared. Mahi got a feeling that some one was asking her to go home. But who? there was no one on the path way. The clouds roared again. It was probably the sign for Mahi to head home.

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L27: The Dialogue

This story is purely on public demand. Please read the first two parts –> Tejas & Namita andThe question before reading further.

After multiple smses and numerous attempts to reach Namita on her cell phone, the home and office land line number, Tejas finally picked up his father’s mobile and dialled Namita.


“Hey Namita… this is Tejas here. I…”

“Hey, listen I’m a bit busy. Can you call me after…”

“Namita… I know you are trying to avoid me. Look I’m sorry for what happened the other day at the restaurant.”

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L28: Man in the Mirror

Life’s realities are, more often than not, stark contrasts to the life we live or imagine to live. We dream. We dream a lot… in fact we just dream. Maxie used to say this. Maxie Rodriguez, an aspiring air force pilot. His dream was to fly. He dreamt it all his child hood and painted his walls and his memories with the pictures from sky. No he didn’t believe in looking down upon people. He just believed in flying above them… until he met Sneha.

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L29: The Minx

By the time Ravi reached home, Richa’s patience for a romantic candle lit dinner had already vanished. He could see her svelte figure as a silhouette in a thin night gown while he removed his shoes. “A good sex is immaterial of available physical strength.” He remembered a quote from him senior in his engineering college. Yeah, he was right. It had got to do with the mental peace. And that is what Ravi was short of. He wanted time to think. But wasn’t sure what he wanted to think about. He didn’t get much time anyway… Richa was all over him even before he could put his bag aside.

15 minutes later, a reluctant Ravi made a move to the bathroom.

“Darling” said Richa

“Yeah?” Ravi

“Who is this Meghna Shah?”

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L30: Making of the Minx

Couple of other participants presented before Ravi. They were torn apart from the jury. But as expected, Ravi’s presentation went well. He answered all the queries well and almost convinced the sponsors to lend him the required monitory support. He was never worried about the competition. He knew he was going to be richer by another 15,000. “So ladies and gentlemen, that was Mr. Rajadhyaksha from our own college. Next participant coming up is Miss Meghna Shah… please put your hands together for the pretty lady!”

And boy, she was pretty. Ravi saw her for the first time while descending from the dais. He was glued to those brown eyes, dark brown mane curled very prudishly on her shoulder, wearing a figure hugging white kameez with pine strip style decorated salwar and chunari aptly complimenting the fair skinned beauty. It was very difficult not to look at her and have the eyes glued to her for a long time. Meghna’s aura was unmatchable. As they crossed path, Meghna sheepishly touched the back of Ravi’s palm. She turned, gazed at Ravi, smiled and said “Sorry… Ravi”

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L31: Richa

“Doctor!!!… call the doctor. AMBULANCE!!! Some body… hurry up!”

Richa was shouting on top of her voice. She had just watched her best engineer fall down from the second floor of the under construction Mayfair Towers. ‘He must have broken his leg at least’, she thought. And being the labour relations officer at Mayfair Reality, she was responsible for the incident. She was witnessing her first accident. Looking at the sight of a 20 something guy writhing in pain was a gory sight in itself for her. Some one might have ably predicted medical help for her too, for she had all but fainted.

“Is he your husband?”

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8 thoughts on “Love Stories

  1. Hey Mayur, interestin stuff…well let me know if you wud b interersted in reading an ‘almost love story’.. almost means.. well both the girl n the guy fell for each other but kahani mein twist.. it actually is a true incidence…


    • Pallavi,

      Thanks for the appreciation. I’m really flattered. 🙂 I can give you two options here. Why dont you write the story yourself and I’ll post it here under your name as a guest post. Or you can narrate me the incidence and and I’ll write a story out of it with due credits to you.

      What say?

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