Unscheduled Break

Work, festive season and general lethargy has been keeping me away from writing on the blog. I didn’t intend to take a break, however I’m not complaining as well. There are few things I need to write but not finding enough time, motivation and thought. Anyway, here are few things coming up… watch this space.

  1. Movie review: Fashion.
  2. My first Diwali post wedding.
  3. India Australia series.

ANd many more….

They want me as their CEO

I received this mail today morning from an HR executive. I don’t think I need to say more… the mail is self explainatory    :mrgeen:


We have an urgent opening with  <snip>. Its a company into <Snip> which functions in the network of the Brokers, an organized company where all the brokers are registered. It maintains all the franchisees of the brokers. Its an company listed in the stock exchange.

Job Description

Position:- CEO

As a CEO, this person has to look after all the operations of the company, operations refers to the maintenance of the network of the franchisees, brokers, look after the brand building, image development, footfall, media contacts. Admin & support to the franchisees, also to keep check on the advertisement agencies with regards to the advertisements on the hoardings, newspapers, etc.

Location : Andheri.

Experience : 3-6 yrs
Skills required:
Good knowledge or experience in Brand building, image building, franchisee development.

If interested kindly, send me your updated cv with following details filled in………


Wow! Will I get this job?

Happiness is relative

I read a post on my friend prasad‘s blog. It was regarding happiness. It has inspired me eek some thing here (in fact Prasad was inspired by some one else… ethical copying of ideas he he!)

Anyway, it was about happiness… finding happiness in small things. About10-15 people commented on it and agreed. Hmmm… actually they all were right. But I have a question, “Why do you have to search happiness?” Its always there. I used to say this to a friend whenever they would be in trouble, “Happiness is relative.” It is you who decides whether you are happy or not. It is you who can relate yourself to things around you in whatever way you want.

For instance, I’m earning thrice as much as the time when I started my career. Being a psychologically sound guy, I must say I was happy then and I’m happy now. But my practical brain says ‘it means nothing has changed in my life’. If I was happy then or I’m happy now, why am I trying so hard to earn more? Why does it pinch me when I see a startup company? Why do I resent every time I pass 5 star dining launges? Since last few days I’m looking at a pearl white BMW 520d parked inside our office area. Every morning I see that vehicle and tell myself that one day I’m going to drive a silver BMW 525i inside such a parking lot, and be proud of it. One day I want myself to be profiled with the who’s who of world business. I want the world to remember me as the greatest entrepreneur of all times. I want to be interviewed on CE as an expert and a innovator. And that is the reason I’m striving hard. One reason I’m not happy with the things around me, one reason why I feel I’m deficient.

May be some times I become oblivious to the ‘small things of happiness’ around me. But that is a small sacrifice I make. Moreover I’m myself yet to master the ‘happiness is relative’ theory. Yet… since I said this post is inspired from prasad’s post, here is a small list of things that make me happy.

  • Playing with my dog
  • Friendly quarrels with my wife
  • Early morning tea and reading sports page on Times
  • Interesting football matches (Champions league)
  • Savoring Paani Poori at a jaunt in Vile Parle
  • Talking about good old college days with my friends
  • Eating poha at Shankar Nagar Square at 4am in the morning (Nagpur guys will know)
  • Going on a day long trek
  • A customer saying “you rock!” and agreeing to a deal
  • Riding a KB125 or RX100 on a hilly road
  • Late night hang out with friends

Not all of the things above are possible today. But then I had to make those sacrifices for a greater happiness. And I have found new ones here in the sweats and crowds of Mumbai.


Lut gaya is Karzzzz mein: Movie Review

“OOOoooooooooooooooo Suroooooooooooooooooorrrrrrr!”

Thats an attempt to remind Himesh Bhai of his capabilities and what he does best 😛  Tame su thayu Himesh Bhai?

Karz is a good movie, Karzzzz is not. The extra Zs have added more sting than bling to the producers. Verdict? you must be joking. The movie has not even received an opening, so forget the rating. ( I saw this movie in an evening show in a near empty PVR cinema hall in Mumbai. Make your own guesses)

I’m sorry folks, watching the movie has made me sick and thats why such an outrageous post. Now for the review, well you all know the story isn’t it? Rishi Kapoor’s and Subhash Ghai’s Karz has been shown multiple times on television channels. There is no remarkable change to the story here, except all places where it has been down graded. Its the same about a love story, betrayl and revenge. Thats all.

Watching the movie, I thought this was one of the most laziest creation by Satish Kaushik, the director. It seems he had a grudge on Himesh and decided to make a bad movie to teach him a lesson. Performance wise, Dino Morea has got a blink and you miss role as Ravi Verma, Rohini Hattangadi as his other and Smita Bansal as his sister too have not been shown any gratitude. Danny entertains and tries to hold things together as a foster father to Monty’s love interest Tina, but not too much of screen space for him either. Shweta Kumar, making a debut as Tina is awefully ridiculous. She looks cute from some angles, but thats that. I think she should try modelling, because the moment she opens her mouth… I’m gonna yawn.

Now for the highlights, Urmila is more or less the life of the film. SHe was I think the only other person serious about her role apart from our Himesh Bhai. She is ravishing, sultry and mean. Even at her age, she beautifully portrays an aura of sensual demeanor wonderfully well. And not for Himesh Bhai, well what to say about him. He has really put his heart out in the role. If only he could put some more emotions and all things related to acting. He looks to have taken off from where he left in Aap ka Suroor. He has a long way to go before he can act, seriously.

I have a suggestion- Himesh Bhai, you rock as a musician. Some of your creations even in Karzzzz ar awesome. But please, do ot flood us. You are only losing your charm. And acting? well consider it my sincere heart felt request.

Dont ever try films!

Mumbai on a happy feet

On 17th October morning, I started for the office at the usual laid back time of 10:30am. To my surprise, I saw lot of people taking the streets to reach the nearest railway station or the bus stop. To my second surprise, I saw scores of taxis and rickshaws parked along the roads and not a single one operational. An intelligent person that I am 🙂 it took me only a moment to realize what happened.

The taxi drivers and rickshaw walas in Mumbai declared a day long strike, to protest whatever they felt was wrong. Or I don’t know if it was to demand some thing. Whatever it was, to whichever extent Mumbai was affected, at least I was happy. See, I’m completely sympathetic with the Mumbai junta who had to trudge on their happy feet. But look at it this way, The strike meant less vehicles on the road so less noise and air pollution. And moreover… It was so much fun to drive on the empty roads!

Thank you taxi drivers, I’m waiting for your next strike (read desperately waiting)


Roadside Romeo: Whats the verdict?

Romeo, a dog well bred and fed in a BIG house suddenly gets abandoned. Forced to liveon the streets, he struggles with other stray dogs, makes friends, finds love and a villian too. He rolfs, soothes, mushes, bickers and muscles his way past the difficulties and then we have a happy ending. No! this aint a movie review. And please don’t blame me for telling you the story in advance. Because its available on the Yash Raj Films website.

Looks like a dud story, isn’t it? Well actually all animation flicks don’t necessarily have interesting plots. Its all about how creative they can be with the animation and the graphics. Roadside Romeo is supposedly one of the first 3D animation movies completely made in India (I’m not propogating, I’m being told so). Our perennial child actor Jugal Hansraj takes up the role of child director (pardon the pun) and has teamed up with Tata Elxsi to make this YRF produced movie. Being a fan of animation myself, I’m looking forward to it. Will Tata Elxsi match Pixar or Dreamworks? We will have to wait and watch for the verdict when the movie opens at the box office in Diwali. Its scheduled to hit the theaters on 24th October.

Watch out for this space for a full review.

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Mumbai Meri Jaan came as a big surprise for me. I had given this movie a slip when it was shown in the theatres. However I got a chance to see it when it was aired on UTV yesterday. The movie struck me instantaneously.

Its actually 10 minutes since I wrote the title of this post. I have been thinking what to eek. I decided to write a movie review and I’m held up here with a rush of thoughts coming to my mind. Its been well over 3 years that I’m staying in Mumbai. I have witnessed all the major turmoils the city has faced in recent times. May it be the bomb blast on 11th July 2006 or the flooding of 26th July 2005, I have seen it all. Unfortunately enough is not enough and the city still continues to live on the edge. One end of the life boasts swanky malls, expensive apartments, clubs, multiplexes and the bollywood. Whereas the other side of life is the largest slum population in Asia. In between the two, you have a few million middle class people, like me, who are seemingly joyful and tolerably scathing towards the same life on the two ends. Every one of those hug each other in the local trains, buses, in the crowds or even in the cramped households, yet cherish the starry dream without complaints. We eat vada pav at the roadside stall and yet make compromises to watch the latest movie in plush a multiplex theater.

The movie Mumbai Meri Jaan is all about such few people in Mumbai. On any other day, they could be easily classified as ‘crowd’. However that one day they are all linked as they witness (directly or indirectly) the terror attack on the city. It is based on the 7/11 bomb blasts when first class coaches of 7 local trains were blown apart by terrorists. There is a television journalist whose job is to make stories out of people, living or dead. However she becomes the story for her own channel when she loses her fiance in the blasts. Then there is a frightful middle class guy who luckily survives the bomb blast but ends up recuperating his friend with a broken arm. A police constable who is about to retire, a god fearing guy with good will. Yet he thinks taking bribe to prevent more damage of the society is not bad. A roadside vendor who dreams to be a customer at a mall, but ends up being thrown out. Agitated, He makes a hoax bomb call that lands up an old guy in hospital with a heart failure. And last but not the least, we have a small time computer geek who hates Muslims but realises later that he is wrong.

The movie is made in good faith. The nuances of good film making do not apply here as it should not be counted on those. It reminds me of my own fate when I trudged 5 hours through chest deep waters to reach home 3 years back. It reminds me of the running people I saw on Borivali station when the bomb blew the train apart on platform no. 4. The people who tried to blow us do not know we have a bigger heart. We forgive and get along, but we can’t forget. Trains ran full capacity as soon as they were restored after the blasts. The relief that arrived when it flooded the city was from the people who lived the calamity. Not from the ones who saw it from the helicopters. This is Mumbai, try messing with it at your own risk.

I have seen, been and salute the spirit of Mumbai.