Movie Review: Gulaal

Gulaal is raw. Gulaal is eccentric. Gulaal is charismatic and Gulaal is very effective.

With his genre of film making, Anurag Kashyap has garnered quite a few fans amongst all kinds of masses. I’m a guy who drives to a multiplex, eats at the malls and spends 500 bucks on movies over a weekend. On the other side of the road, there is a guy who travels in buses, survives on vada pav and watches movies in small theatres spending not more than 50 bucks. Gulaal is sure to strike both me and him.

Gulaal is a story of a young innocent Rajput Dilip Singh (portrayed by Raj Singh Choudhary) who enrolls for a course in law and gets embroiled into the dirty world of student politics. The movie is set in the backdrop of a fight for separate Rajputana region and how the student elections are used as a stage to launch the fight against perceived injustice by government of India. Dilip falls victim to a brutal ragging by some of his college mates. He finds a friend in Rannanjay Singh, an estranged heir of the royal family of Rajpur. But hings turn out to be sour when the ragging leader Jadwal (brilliant portrayal by Deepak Dobriyal) decides to turn the heat up on them. They are helped by the ‘Banaa’ or the unofficial senapati of the Rajputanas, Duki (Kay Kay Menon). Rannanjay decides to contest elections for the General Secy of university, but is murdered because of an old family feud and Dilip is draggged in. What unfolds is a story of love, lost families, betrayl, friendship and old rivalries for the coveted post of Banaa. The movie climax looks to be a derivative of  ‘The Departed’.

All in all, Gulaal impresses mainly because of its raw portrayal of the Rajputana movement and the life in a college campus, especially regarding elections. Kay Kay Menon is argualbly the best in the lot. But without doubt, debutans Ayesha Menon and Raj Singh Choudhary, Deepak Dobriyal and Piyush Mishra have crafted splendid unforgetful performances. Gulaal may not be a movie for masses, especially the Shah Rukh Khan fans. But it surely scripts brilliantly for the ones who enjoy hard core cinema in the raw format. Hail Anurag Kashyap! After Black Friday, No Smoking and Dev.D here comes another stunner from the acclaimed director. Go for it!


IPL Convener Lalit Modi says he shifted the much hyped tournament out of India because the game should not suffer at any cost. Where as the real reason is the millions riding over the tournament and all BCCI wanted to do was earn money for itself. BAKWAAS!

Sharad Pawar says he should be made the prime minister of India because it is high time that a ‘Marathi Manoos’ was made a PM. We have had a Sikh PM, South Indian PMs, North Indian PMS and all. By that equation Mr. Pawar, will you also support Lalu Yadav if he thinks a Bihari was never made the head of the country? BAKWAAS!

Sanjay Dutt decided to contest the elections from Lucknow of a Samajwadi party ticket because he thinks he is very close to the city (having spent 3 of his 52 years there) and Samajwadi Party is truly ‘Samaj Wadi’. Mr. Dutt, by this equation you are more closer to Mumbai North-Central… and if Samajwadi party indeed connects well with the masses then what is the big problem in fielding a local Lucknow candidate? BAKWAAS!

US wants India to help Pakistan combat terror. Well, I need to correct you here Mr. Obama. How can you expect us to tell a man eater lion to give up meat? Why dont you try taming him instead? BAKWAAS!

Weird Question

A friend had asked me a question some time back (actually long time back). “If you were given a chance to break your virginity on your choice, who would you like to mate with?”

Would you like to answer?

PS: I believe we break our virginity by chance and not by choice.

20000 and counting…

I know the post count still is a good 1000 short of the magic figure. But looking at the number of hits registered in last few weeks, I think it might turn out to be a record feat. My blog is averaging about 65-70 hits every day.Though I some times wonder why the number of comments so low.

Thank you readers!

Get Shorty

Often it happens that I am pondering over a small thought and wish to key in a post. However the string is too small to be morphed into a full post… and it gets subsided. So I have decided to start a new category for ‘Shorty’ posts.

Keep a watch here 🙂

The vernacular MBAs

I have been trying to interview few candidates both for my own company and for my clients for last few days. In all I must have profiled around 100 desperados who are ready to negotiate their salaries in a bid to land a job. What I found very strage is all these so called Management Grads from not-so-premier business schools are absolutely weak in communicating in good English. I mean is this not a minimum thing expected from a person who is rearing to go for a management career?

Cost cutting Measures

A friend sent me the following cartoon over an email yesterday. I just couldn’t avoid putting it here, as I couldn’t avoid laughing it as well. All you guys who are facing salary cuts, appraisal misses or lay offs, woould you not like to suggest this?


Jumbo King

Being  Mumbaikar for last 4 years, I have always savored on the best Vada Pavs available in the town. Despite trying out at various locations, Jumbo King still remains on the top of the list.

jumbokingI remember when I landed in Mumbai for my first job, how I used to rely on the Jumbo King stall outside the Andheri Station. I had to report to the office in BKC at 8:30 every morning. This meant I had to get up and run for the 8:06 churchgate local. With strict conditions in the office and no provision for eating some thing early morning at home ( a PG accomodation then), I was thankful that Jumbo King had helped with my breakfast me for almost 8-9 months.

Later I shifted my job and the route changed, so did the place. But my love for the Vada Pav remained. I used to specially locate centres where I could get the best Vada Pav. And thank fully Jambo King has always helped. It has a presence across the railway station in Mumbai. So I remained always accessible to good taste.

I have since bought both a two and a four wheeler and haven’t really traveled by train for last 2 years. So when I found and went to the MIDC Andheri outlet of Jumbo King few months back, I was taken by surprise. The store is quite big and also offers many other services such as Mini Meals, Sandwiches, Pav Bhaji amongst other things. They have also anointed a vendor to offer South Indian snacks and Rolls. Not only that, the Vada Pav is now available in variety of flavors such as Schezwan, Chhole, Paneer Makhni, Butter, Chees and all.

I must say Jumbo King has truly revolutionalised the traditional Vada Pav. Way to Go!

What Roadies?

During the lunch hour in the office, I was a part of a discussion on MTV Roadies. In fact, I was the only one who was a part of the discussion and still out of it as I knew nothing about it. I hadn’t expected grown up engineers and MBAs will be so damn interested in a show that requires less brains and more abusing languages, macho personalities, sexy bods and what not. I have watched the episode once and decided I had enough of non sense on day one itself.

I’m a practical guy. So probably it is difficult for me to digest the sense less reality shows. Anyway, there are mad followers (including a VP in my company) for that show and they all seem equally brainless to me. Whatever they are trying to show through Roadies (and another stupid show splitsvilla), MTV knows how to fool around with youngsters other people who believe they are young. Good luck MTV and good luck Roadies fans. But sorry, I’m outta here!

Fire at Will

Fire! Fire at will! kill every one!

… and thats what happening every where in the world today. Take it cricket field both on and off, football, Indian politics, Pakistan, Somalian pirates.

Virender Sehwag mercilessly butchered the New Zealand bowlers to chack the fastest ODI hundred by an Indian.The Kiwis were seen haplessly running for their lives around the stadium of Auckland.

Austrilian bowlers launched the ballistic missile attack on the South Africans. Though Jaques Kallis and AB DeVilliers put up a stern fight, they finally succumbed to the injuries thus ending defeated.

Liverpool banged 5 torpedos past Real Madrid where as Barcelona hammered 6 pass Lyon. Bayern Munich was even more ruthless, launching 12 rockets past Sporting Lisbon… and this all happened on the battle field of Champion League.

In Pakistan, a game of cat and mouse is on. People have decided to take part in a walkathon on 16th March. In all probabilities, they are likely to be greeted by ‘lathi’ bouquets and bullet sprinklers by the team Zardari. Its sad that a brilliant player like Asif Ali Zardari will eventually end up in a losing side being beaten by Taliban XI

In India, they are playing poker swaps. No its not a new game. It is an old fashioned player trading when the leaders are swapped as the transfer window opens just before the Lok Sabha Poll Position race. Now sadly the Lok Sabha race and the battle of Indian Premier League are going to clash. As the government is short of cheer leaders (the reserve and regular poloce force), we have been increasingly worried about the postponment of the IPL battle.

Thats all for the news update now. Keep firing at will. We will be back soon.