GPOW: Mirror Image

Continuing the good work in GPOW, here is another one from Ajay. Location is Ambazari Lake (in Nagpur) and the time must be around 6pm. Brilliantly captured sunset.

The Meetings!

Office meetings are always so funny. Every time we have a meeting, I remember Scott Adams. If there is one guy who has understood the corporate world well, it is him. And boy, how well he captures it.  🙂

This incident is from one of our review meetings in the office last week. The bosses were discussing the usual and the obvious, as usual. I listened to it for some time. But then I found out that I was invited only to make sure that each of these bosses have at least one listener (me) who will look at them and pay attention. That was injustice man, and without any perks too. Of course, there are those bourbon biscuits and wafers. But the idiot office boys keep those plates in front of the bosses. So even that ‘perk’ is gone.    😦

I decided I had had enough. I opened my laptop and started the old favourite gtalk. Then started the series of pings. Hello to him, Hi to her… boy I was all over the gmail. Just when I was discussing one’s prospective groom on one window, telling a friend how boring it is on the other and discussing a break away proposal on the third I realised that the conference room had gone silent. Every one was looking at me, some of them in anticipation and one of them (my boss of course) in anger. All I could do was smile, why is it not funny? 🙂

Boy, the meetings are just like the classrooms. You cant even do your own stuff when the teacher is not watching you.

What the @#$% Again!!!

Two incidents. Two frustrations. One post. What the @#$%!!!

— — — —

I wonder why people dont shift to public transport or do car pooling. I have been very vocal about it numerous times. But I have not been able to convince even my good friends, forget others. Duh!

This incident is from last Thursday. There was a huge traffic snarl at the Dindoshi junction on Western Express highway. I was in a bus, watching the idiotic car drivers honk furiously. One of them even rolled his window down and yelled at the auto rickshaw driver who apparently was blocking his way. At some distance ahead on the fly over I could see an ambulance stranded in the middle of the road with no where to go. Couple of guys were hopelessly trying to negotiate traffic so that the ambulance could be moved ahead.

What if your mother had just had a heart attack and was on board that ambulance? Or if it was your pregnant wife in her labour pains? Would you still drive your 8 feet long cars of the road? Or would you share it with three others who do not have their egos as inflated as yours?

When are you guys going to act, you idiots!

— — — —

I was travelling today morning from Thane to Borivali in an AC bus. On one of the stops, an elderly gentleman boarded the bus. The bus was already full and he was barely able to stand even with support. There are a couple of seats reserved for the elderly people. And a maggot with glares was occupying the seat without a hint of guilt. Looking at the plight of the old man, I vacated my seat and went to this guy. I said, “Are you really blind or are you only showing off?” Obviously he didn’t understand. I told him that he was occupying the seat meant for elderly people and that I had to vacate my seat because he didn’t even see that the old man was struggling to find feet in the moving bus.

Why are we oblivious to the basic facts and some manners? We have such mountainous egos and zero achievement to back them. No wonder why many westerners hate Indians. Most of us deserve to be hated.


What a Day!!!

Today was a classic example of Murphy’s law for me. “If any thing has to go wrong… it will”

and boy! Did go wrong by a margin, at least the first half did.


What a Boss Hole!

Boss hole is an analogue to you know what. 🙂

Some times I wonder for once, at least once if I get to show my current and former bosses what a bunch of idiots they were. I swear I would do that… and not be polite at all. There have been times, in fact many times when I just wanted to utter ‘You muffin head, do you understand what you are doing or talking?’ But I couldn’t. Not because I feared losing a job. Because I didn’t find it appropriate. And I have spanked myself many times for ‘not finding it appropriate’. Continue reading

GPOW: Postcard from Pink City

Another guest picture again. This one is from another fellow blogger and now a good friend Pallavi. A really nice capture. Venue: Jal Mahal. Time: Around 2:30. Date: 25th February 2010

Baba re Baba…

… Ramdeo Baba!   😀

That chant is so familiar to me. I remember my days when I was studying in Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College in Nagpur. Anyway, this post is not about my college or the chant. This post is about Baba Ramdev and his foray in the active politics. Yes, you heard it right. Baba Ramdev is floating a political party named ‘Bharat Swabhiman’. Dont believe? Check this.

Now this is a great news indeed. Baba Ramdev has already won millions of hearts in India and abroad with his ‘Yog Shiksha’ and medicines. He is a preacher of ayurved and yog. But I wonder how it is going to help him ‘cleanse’ the political set up in India. I’m sure he also knows that running a democracy is NOT JUST about cleansing the corrupt politicians, though I welcome the move.

I also wonder why he didn’t opt to join the RSS and eventually the BJP. RSS has been openly supporting Baba Ramdev. They also stood by him during the controversies he was involved in. They also have the common mission, to cleanse the system and bring back the black money to India. Then why not join hands? I’m sure Baba thought about it. But he knows best about his decision and I’m sure that is an informed decision. (Though I myself dont know what ‘informed decisions’ mean).

So here is my suggestion to Baba Ramdev. “Baba, if you look at the corruption, in my opinion only 10% is amongst the ministers. Rest of the corruption is on the lower level… the traffic cops, the clerks in the government offices, the managers in telcos and all of us. It is we who make them corrupt. Improve the lower strata and you will have a cleaner system.”

Jai ho! Baba re Baba… Ramdeobaba!

POW: Spring Bloom

After a long break and a couple of gpows’, I’m finally putting up one from my own collection.

Location: A garden in Bhopal. Time: Around noon.

PS: I have submitted this picture at JPG magazine’s photo challenge. You may visit here and vote my photo.