Harshad’s “if-then” Tag!

Harshad Italiya tagged me on his blog. I found it interesting. I have been asking lot of questions to people. Here is my chance to answer some thing 🙂

If I were a month … It will be April for sure. Reason? School holidays. Spring. Start of new financial year. My wedding anniversary. My son’s birthday. 🙂 Continue reading

Volkswagen, You are BAD!

I had a complaint Volkswagen’s showroom in Thane. I had a bad experience and I ably wrote to the company to voice my concern. But it seems my voice has fallen on deaf ears. It has been 20 days since the event and I’m still waiting for a reply from Volkswagen India.

It happened a day before Diwali. We have been thinking about changing our car and were on a look out for some time. I was interested in exploring more about the new Vento launched by VW. Despite my wife’s complaints about the name, we still walked in to the Volkswagen Thane showroom. Continue reading

26/11, Kasab, Congress, Terrorism…

All of the words in the title of this post are separate titles. Any one can write very long posts on each of them, Yours truly included. But I’m not going to do that. For once I’m hoping for peace on the eve of second anniversary of 26/11

Frankly speaking I have read and heard a lot about it. And there is nothing left to talk about it. 26/11 is still not forgotten, we all are still not fully secure, Kasab is still not hanged and on the contrary, enjoying royal treatment, Terrorism is still rampant and Congress is still in power in both state and center.

What do I say? God save mankind!


Kidakaka, or Prasad Ajinkya is known to me through CE. The title of this post is how he describes himself. He has kept his introduction on his blog relatively short. So even I’d not say too many things about him. Enjoy the interview… and do read his blog. It is interesting!

Q. Prasad, frankly I’m a bit scared of the IIT/IIM brand of people. I’m a little apprehensive of them and some how find them difficult to handle. However you have been a nice guy all through out. Tell me, how it feels like being an IIMite.

A. When I was a student, it used to be an exhilarating feeling … to be counted as the creme-de-la-creme of the nation’s talent. However, as time went by and with some years of experience – working with other IIM grads and even managing some of them, I realized that this identity of being an IIM grad can often manifest itself in the form of arrogance. That path can lead to some pretty unpleasant bends. I try not to tread this path. Continue reading

Pin Up Posts!

Pin up posts will become a regular feature on Maxmayur blog from now on. The below mentioned picture shows you where you can find them. Unfortunately I can not provide a click able url. So you will have to select the text link, right click and use ‘Go to’ if in chrome or just copy and paste it in the address tab if using any other browser.

I’m sure you’d love to relive your memories as much as I do. So you too can send me some of your old posts which I can add here as featured post. I’ll be happy to showcase your writing skills. All you need to do is drop me an email with the link to your post and a short description.

74: Gourmet Issues

This is story no. 4 from the Se7en series.

Warning: Long Story

“Ladies and Gentlemen! After successfully launching the WLL services, Timenet presents to you the future of computing. Please put your hands together to the next generation of grid computing, THE TIME WRAP!” Said Kedar Marathe, the Chief Architect of Time Net, and Indian company in the business of making software products for the network connectivity solutions and data centres. They had launched a new self developed cloud computing platform, first of its kind in the world.

As the Emperor Arena in Abu Dhabi burst into a loud applause, Micheal Casey banged his coffee mug on his table. The small watch in his wrists was reading 5am. He and his team mates had come early to their Palo Alto office especially to watch the webinar of Timenet’s 1.0 launch of their new grid computing platform, ‘Timewrap’. Continue reading


I understand that English language is an internationally accepted common language for communication. But some times I dont understand the extensive usage of the Gentleman’s language, especially at places where it is not required to be spoken. An incident happened with me today morning when I was waiting for the bus. I’m narrating a communication between me and a lady here.

Lady: (In English), Excuse me, has the bus no. 458 gone already?

Me: (In Marathi) Ajun tari geleli nahi. (Hasn’t gone yet)

Lady: For how long are you waiting here?

Me: Dahaa minitey zali. (About 10 minutes)

Lady: Do you know what time it goes every day?

Me: Mala mahiti nahi. Mi tya bus ne jat nahi. (I dont know. I dont go by that bus)

Lady: (Now in Marathi) Ho ka… mala Borivali la jayche ahe. Dusri kuthli bus jate ka? (Oh, I have to go to Borivali. Any other bus goes there?)

Me: Ho jate na! 700 ani 491 pan Borivali la jatat. Shivay MSRTC chya buses pan aahet. (Yeah, sure they go. Bus no. 700 and 491 also go to Borivali. Besides MSRTC buses are also there)

The conversation continued for couple of more lines on where she wanted to go in Borivali and where I was going. But that is not important. It took me just 3 lines to drive my point, and that too without saying it. From her look I could make out that she was a Marathi lady. So I started the conversation in Marathi. And I kept answering in Marathi till she gave up on English. I was smartly dressed (in formal attire) and had a laptop bag in my hand. May be that is why the conversation started in the international language. But we were standing on a bus stop in a remote location in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The default language of communication had to be Marathi or Hindi.

Why English?