The Love Hate relationship with stories

There was a time when I used to write stories. They made me realize myself. I must admit that I was a part of almost all stories I wrote, love stories that is. Some were based on a leaf out of my own life or some were inspired from people I knew. There were people who loved it. And there were people who criticized it. But there were always people who read it.

I got carried away. I started writing because people read it. I wrote for the audience. I tried to sensationalise, materialize stories. I also thought of commercializing the stories by publishing a book. But then came a point when the whole world collapsed with a thud. My romance with love stories ended and sank without a trace. When I read some of the stories I wrote, I hated myself for trying to do what I shouldn’t have thought. It is that day and today, I’m still devoid of inspiration.

I hope it reverses some day. I hope it does very soon. I want to write stories again.


75: Acedia

This is story number 5 of the 7even series.

“Dinkar… look at that boy Sachin. He is only a couple of years older to you. But he has already made a début in the Indian national cricket team. You too are a good batsman Dina… I think you should work towards it.”

“I am Baba… even I’m a good batsman. I need not prove it time again.”

“I know Dina… I just want you to work hard towards it. Yesterday I met your coach Achrekar. He said you are always late to practice in the morning? Some times you skip it too. What is this?”

“Ah … he calls us at 5am. I cant wake up that early. Besides, dont worry… I’m still the number one batsman at my club.” Continue reading

74: Gourmet Issues

This is story no. 4 from the Se7en series.

Warning: Long Story

“Ladies and Gentlemen! After successfully launching the WLL services, Timenet presents to you the future of computing. Please put your hands together to the next generation of grid computing, THE TIME WRAP!” Said Kedar Marathe, the Chief Architect of Time Net, and Indian company in the business of making software products for the network connectivity solutions and data centres. They had launched a new self developed cloud computing platform, first of its kind in the world.

As the Emperor Arena in Abu Dhabi burst into a loud applause, Micheal Casey banged his coffee mug on his table. The small watch in his wrists was reading 5am. He and his team mates had come early to their Palo Alto office especially to watch the webinar of Timenet’s 1.0 launch of their new grid computing platform, ‘Timewrap’. Continue reading

Z2: Sara

Please read the first part “Red & White” before reading further.

It had been raining since the night. Sarika had heard a lot about water logged roads and slippery tracks on the Valkyrie mountains. She insisted they take their own vehicle to the palin top where her classmates were planning to hike. But none agreed. They found it fun to go by the public transport and then climb up on the top, despite the rains. Sarika hated rains and all the filth it brought with it. Afterall, being born in a super rich family, she had all the luxuries at her door step. She was born with a golden spoon with diamonds studded all over. She could have studied in any school and university in the world. And yet her father had chosen to send her to the vedic high school just on the outskirts of the Jaisingpur. “You’ll learn life.” He had told her. And now she was about to learn travelling in a public transport, walk 3 miles and learn hiking in a heavy down pour. It was already making her sick. Continue reading

Z1: Red & White

This is the first story in the ‘Z’ category. It will have seven parts. I request for patience and hope it is liked

The trumpet band was blowing in full force. On both sides of the street he could see people cheering up every ‘jhaki’ moving ahead. They had turned out in large numbers. Some of them were waving the Indian flag. It was a memorable day for Aravinda. He had never watched a republic day parade ever in his life. He remembered how much his father wanted him to and how he gave it a miss every year on 26th January. It was a national holiday and he always believed in using it to play cricket the whole day with his friends. He never thought one day he will be walking down this road himself, taking the guard of honour and a medal from the president. It was a day ‘vinda’ was never to forget. Continue reading

New Brand of Stories

20 love stories and I feel I have done enough justice to the ‘romantic’ me. It is not time to explore the ‘story teller’ me. So I’m starting a new brand of stories under category, err… well it goes uncharacterised. Because there are so many varied ideas inside my brain. It is difficult to exactly name the genre. Plus the stories will be complex and not necessarily short.

Anyway, so as a result I’m going to prefix the stories with ‘Z’ and they will be classified under ‘story time’. First story coming up shortly. I hope you like it.    🙂

Max and the art of Story Telling

Love stories have been getting good response on my blog lately. The statistics say that at least 3-4 stories are being read by different people every day. Some of them have also asked if I wrote their stories. Some of them have actually asked me to write their stories as well. The story coming up will be one such.

Frankly speaking, when I started telling stories, I never expected such a response. I told stories and discussed other topics the way I wanted. Readers liked it and made them popular. Lot of people ask me how to write an interesting blog. Well, there are two way. You can either attract controversy or you can attract an audience. As far as story telling goes, there are following five golden rules. If you follow them, you too can write good stories.

  1. It is the narration. Lot of others might tell you that a good theme is a back bone of the story. Well it is, but then a good narration is then the nervous system. It is important for you to build your story properly. Every sentence should lead to another. The reader should crave for more… want to jump to the last para, yet be interested in every word of it. If you fail to do that, even a good theme might go waste.
  2. A good theme, as I said, is the back bone of the story. Normally you can not say which theme is a good theme. It is really a subjective matter. I’d advise you to select some thing that is closer to your heart. Then make sure you make the reader connect with it. Taking a cue from your own personal experiences is usually a good idea.
  3. Introduction is another important aspect. Introduce your characters  well. Give good importance in describing how they are, how they look and a little bit about their past. After all a good movie with unpopular actors seldom works at the box office. The reader needs to identify himself with the character. So give the important ones a good weightage.
  4. The build up to the main theme of the story is another very important aspect. Spend some time imagining the whole story inside your mind. Repeat the sequences and rearrange them if required. Some times you might want to start from a point and then go back to the past. Good idea, but make sure you keep all the strings attached. Spend time on details building up to the plot. Add dialogues wherever you can.
  5. All well that ends well. Believe me, I find this as the most difficult part to handle. Almost all the stories I start do not end well. By that I dont mean they dont end happily. It is not a compulsion to end your story on a good note. But it has to end on a conclusive note. Either it has to end the argument you started or it has to lead to another so that a part two can come up. Disjointed ends normally make a bad story.

So thats about it. With these 5 tips, it is me Mayur signing off. Look out for a brand new true story. 🙂