Have you read the novel ‘Yayati’? It is a Marathi novel written by V.S. Khandekar, also available in a translated version in other languages. If you haven’t, try reading it. It takes you on a brilliant journey of a ‘King’ who happened to exist before the Mahabharatas, encompassing the topics such as indulgence, addiction, betrayal, infidelity and selfishness very well. Why am I asking this? This is why-

I was searching some thing yesterday on the web. By mistake I entered a wrong url. It turned out to be a site for adult entertainment.  😛

Indulgence is difficult to control. So after some moments of visual satisfaction, I turned to the articles related to counselling and stuff like that. I bumped into an article with the same title, and to my surprise, I liked the article for content. I’m sure most of you must have visited such sites is your teens (or still do). So you know how difficult it is to keep your eyes fixed on the text and not look, rather ogle at what is on display. But this German guy managed to glue me to the ‘text’. He had actually analysed the addiction and what leads to us getting addicted. In his opinion, addiction is a triggered phenomenon. He was referring to a particular case of his patient who was addicted to sex. He said when many methods, including meditation couldn’t help him, he thought of trying to go to a root cause. He came to know that the addiction to sex was a result of the old time high school attitude of being a stud amongst girls. It was less of a desire, much less of a passion and more of a reason to prove the strength of your libido. It started there, and soon became a habit. Now whichever female the guy saw, he thought of sex and only sex. This is some thing similar to what Yayati went through.

Another point the doctor noticed was that he (and some of his other patients) also had a habit of smoking, drinking, drugs or even over eating, which they were finding difficult to control. He compared it with simple things such as drinking coffee. People did it because it gave them heightened pleasure. They enjoyed a coffee more than a glass of milk. Soon, the body became habitual. He called the over indulgence into one thing, leading to a bad decision and then addiction of the other. Same guy was also a coffee addict. He couldn’t control drinking coffee either, which considerably reduced his power to control other temptations. (Not the coffee, the ability to control).

You think indulgence can lead to addiction? Are you addicted already and struggling to get rid of it?

New Header

Maxmayur blog got a new header today. Looks sexy is it not? I’m sure you want to know how I made it  😛

Thanks to Harshad Bhai for the new look. “Kamal thayi gayo Harshad bhai. Nava header to bahu saras lage chhe. Maja aavi gayo!”

You need a header like that? Visit his blog 🙂

Is Language THAT important?

I dont understand a thing of this war over languages. Why shouldn’t I have a freedom to learn, write or talk in the language of my choice as long as the person I wish to speak to understands what I am saying?

Is it not common sense?

No Pak Players in IPL III? Big Deal!

For all the Pakistani players who are cribbing for missing out on the IPL band wagon, here is my advice and words of wisdom.

  • Lot of good quality players from other countries were also not selected. Example, Doug Bollinger, Brad Haddin, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Upul Tharanga etc. They didn’t crib. Whats wrong with you guys?
  • Players say they are the world champions and snubbing them this way is an insult for them. I say big deal! I think Australia has rubbed a bigger insult on you by beating you again for a third straight white wash victory in just concluded test series. 12 test matches lost in a row. Congratulations!
  • Players say that Indian Junta will miss you in the IPL. I say, ummm… well… may be. But it is not ONLY you who’ll be missed.
  • Players say this is all being politically motivated. I say why not? Every thing in Pakistan is idiotically motivated. Your own people fight amongst each other and kill each other for a reason even the god wouldn’t know. By not selecting you, we are protecting you from similar idiotic factions in India. They might hurt you, you know.
  • I dont understand why the players are literally dying to play in IPL. You were a part of the first edition and it was really fun watching you guys here. But things have changed, thanks to your political leadership and terrorist activities. Kindly understand and accept it.

I feel sad about these guys. But what to do? They are pointing fingers at my countrymen. I had to react 🙂

POW: Making of the Sea Link

I dont really remember when I captured this one and at what time. But this was taken from Dadar Chaupaty, when the Bandra-Worli sea link was still under construction. I have retouched the original photo. Kindly appreciate that I had taken this with my mobile camera 🙂

Whats Wrong in Car Pooling?

I dont understand why people in Mumbai dont use Car pools. I have observed that almost every car plying on the roads is carrying just person (the driver/owner) or two persons. Meaning for every 100 cars travelling on the road, maximum number of people in them might be just over 150.

However if people use car pool, the number of cars on the road carrying the same number of people would go down to 40. That is 60 cars (or at least 50 cars) less per hundred cars at the moment. This should help to reduce the congestion on the roads and the pollution in the air by half.

I know this makes sense. But still people dont use car pool. Why?

R A N D O M: V

When nothing else works, random does. 🙂

I’m sure Random will inspire me to write good articles and new stories in the future. I had been blanking the ‘Stories’ section for too long now. Speaking about stories, yesterday a friend compared me to Chetan Bhagat first, and then to Jug Surraiyya (when I told him I’m interested in writing columns. Comparison with Jug was a BIG one though). In fact, in the last few months I have received quite a few compliments (so it seems) that I can be a Chetan Bhagat (I mean a writer like CB). I dont know if it is a compliment. I’m personally not a big fan of his (or his writings). I think his style of writing is very easy one. And I dont want to match it at all. Without being critical of him (since I dont like to criticise people in the creative field), I’m in fact trying to evolve a more complex and intriguing style, myself. Some thing that will keep the reader glued and guessing (Some one said Robert Ludlum, eh?). And apply the same style to my love stories. Ha! That makes some sense. (it is supposed to make a sense).

(Too many bracketed disclaimers)  🙂

Have you bought a house? I have. By no means I want to look down upon you, in case if you haven’t. In fact I would look up to you. At least you are saved of the ‘EMI ka Phera’. When 60% of your hard earned salary goes into paying House, Car, Education load EMIs and another 30% on household expenses and bills, that is when you realise how dreadful is the Phera. It is an absolute, humongous, capacitive, redundant force that stops you from doing almost every thing you want to. You cant just plunge into a business unless you have a contract in hand. Even if you have, you compare the earning with the value of the EMIs. You cant think of an alternate profession. You cant fight with your boss. (what if he fires you? Who’ll then pay the EMIs?). You get nightmares that recovery agents are banging your door. You cant think of any thing but that… You cant this… You cant that… You cant blah… You cant bloop… !!!

Waiiiiiiiit a minute!

Now I know why I’m not able to write good stories for last few weeks. Good that I have found out. The sinking feeling is going to sink now. I’m going to be right on it. Tell me, do you also face such randomness? Just splash some water on it and you’ll feel fresh. 🙂

These are the days…

… when I just dont feel like writing any thing. I have a pending story, ‘Man in the Mirror’ in my head waiting to be written. I had thought about writing couple of generic posts. And I thought about… forget it!

I’m sure I’ll be back.