Aim as a Moving Target

How many of you have a clear and defined aims, or goals you may call it? Mostly every one of us have at least 1 present aims and we often rehearse that I want to achieve ‘this’ before ‘this’ date. I’m calling it as a present aim because in my opinion aim is a moving target.

In my early professional days, I used to hate the question, ‘Where do you see yourself 2/5 years from now?’ But I understood the meaning and importance of the question very late. After you matured, you may have maintained a wish list that I want to become ‘some one’ by ‘this’ time. But when the defined ‘this’ time gets over, most of us do not achieve the ‘some one’ tag. Mostly it happens because we change the definition of ‘some one’ midway through the completion of ‘this’ time. For instance, as a 5-6 year old, I was fascinated by buses and wanted to become a bus driver. By 12 I wanted to become an athlete, then a doctor, then architect. But finally ended up becoming an Engineer, then a Manager and started working in the ‘nth’ IT company in India. So does this hypothesis lead me to a conclusion that if we have a concrete long term aim, we often lose interest in pursuing it?  Probably yes.

Then why not break the one aim into a million small ones? If we have short well defined aims, there is a chance that we will achieve them and possibly succeed. Plus you can make the aims more realistic and achievable. Examples are good. So I’m going to give you another one. Suppose your wife caught you talking to some one she thinks is your ex girlfriend, you have a problem in your hand. So your immediate aim is to prove your innocence and convince her that you are not a philandering person. Even if you aren’t, you can at least try to become a decent guy.

Well, I know the example is unrelated. But the point is well taken. Breaking your strategic and very important life’s objectives into small achievable and less dangerous targets sure does help. Try it once. Even if you fail, there is always another life to live, right?

PS: I told you, I’m out of touch!


Sorry Folks! I’m on an unscheduled break as of now. The recent trouble in my life concerning my health is keeping me away. Although I had said that I will be regular in reading as well as writing, I couldn’t do so.

I’m most likely to be away till Diwali. So the remaining 5 stories from the series of ‘Se7en’ will have to wait. Along with that some other interesting posts will also have to wait. I hope I can get back sooner than that. Till then, a short good bye from me. Have a happy festive season.

PS: There are some GPOWs in the pending. I hope to get them out this week. Cheers!

End of Season I. Now awaiting Season II

Well I’m talking about the interviews. 🙂

We had a great first round with the interviews. Biggie was very candid in his version, Pallavi lived to her true blue Delhizen image, Prateek had always been the perfect truth n dare kinda guy, Sachin was at his honest best, Harshad was as usual funny and interesting, it was nice knowing Saandeep and finally Nilesh set the tone of end of the perfect season that featured 7 different people. Or should I say personalities? Future stars? Oh yes, definitely!

Fine, the season two starts just after or on the very day of Diwali. We will follow the same pattern of one interview per week and it will go on for 6 weeks. Season three will start in the new year.

I have already sent invitations and questions to some of you. If you have received the invitation and not the questions, do remind me and I’ll send it as soon as possible. If you haven’t received an invitation, possibly you will receive it very soon. 🙂

Cheers to season II

Of Democracies and Kings

I was just wondering what if I was born in the era of the great kings. May be I’d have made a history of some sorts. I could have been a great warrior who single handedly won many battles. Or I could have been a great scholar and might have written the greatest of all literatures. Or I could have been one of the greatest painters. Or… well the list is endless. I could have been any one par any one’s imagination. May be a King myself? Who knows?

Frankly speaking I’m a person too unimportant to imagine myself as anyone. Let us imagine some one like Dhirubhai Ambani or Bill Gates. What if either Dhiru Bhai or Bill Bhai were born in, let us say, Maurya dynasty? They were both visionaries and innovators. They earned their wealth by making good products and doing exceptional marketing. It wouldn’t stupid to believe that Dhiru Bhai or Bill Bhai earned more wealth than the GDPs of many countries. But traditionally, in the eras of the great Kings, it was the royal families who owned all the wealth. They had all the access to the best of luxuries in their kingdom and had the right to declare wars on the neighbouring or far off kingdoms. They were the ultimate power.

Now consider a hypothetical situation that they both (Dhiru and Bill) were born during the Maurya Dynasty and earned wealth of similar nature. Doesn’t it make them able enough to own and enjoy the luxuries presently available only to the kingdoms? And what about giving them the ability to rule the kingdoms? Practically it should have happened that way. But I always thought it did not happen that way until I gave a closer look to the democracy today. Who’s the most powerful nation today? Arguably United States. Some might say UK or Japan or whatever. Had it not been the burgeoning industrial and commercial growth in these countries, they wouldn’t have reached the paramount of economic and military power. No wonder why an entire nation of China gets threatened by one man’s search engine, his company. No wonder why the governments of countries such as Saudi Arabia, India and few others are fighting it out with just one research in motion.

I get my answer why there were no Dhiru Bhais or Bill Bhais in the age of great dynasties. Because there was no democracy. There was just one man who ruled them all, just one man who decided the fate of many. And there was only one man who decide who grew and who did not. One man was the King… sigh! I wish I was a King!

Few minutes with the Purist!

For all those who know him, Nilesh Jagdale needs no introduction. For those who dont know him yet, this interview should give you an idea of how interesting he is. A friendship of 4 years is what we share. But when we talk to each other, I feel as if we both are 40, were born on the same day in the same hospital and the first conversation started when we let out our first cry. This may give you an idea of what and who I’m talking about. Enjoy the interview. I’m sure you will like it.

Talking to you gives all of us (our common friends) a feeling that you probably were born and grew up in the British era, suddenly went underground post independence and resurfaced now in your late twenties. Tell us where does this love of English language, diplomatic politeness and literary jingoism come from?

I had read a collection of short stories titled ‘Life’s Little Ironies’ and this statement of yours remind me that life is indeed full of ironies. At no given instance have I advocated the Victorian language of communication but have always felt we Indians have volunteered to carry ‘The white man’s burden’ to unimaginable lengths. Although English has mobilized India socially and economically  but I don’t think it will ever be the language that bonds us together (role performed predominantly by Hindi and other regional languages). Continue reading

Bed and Batter

I have been on traction for the last two days. Reason? Well some disc in my vertebra or spinal cord or some where there slipped. In simple words, I had a slip disc. A fall on the stair way became a reason. But the doctor says it must be a lingering problem caused due to bad posture at work, unhealthy life style, too much stress, too much travelling etc. So the vertebral column was already weak. The fall contributed to the slip of the disc.

Anyway, now that I’m bed ridden for the next few days, it gives me a good chance to be active on the blogging circles. So you might expect some posts from me and lot of comments of your blog. And I’ll be away from work as well. So that is a double benefit. Yay! 🙂

Though I may be on bed, I’m certainly not battered. Chak de Phatte!!!