Quick facts about me.

I have observed that besides the most popular post on the blog, the next thing in demand (?) has been the ‘I am Max’ page. So people are inquisitive about me huh? No problem, I’m happy to tell you more. Here are some quick facts about Mayur Pathak

  • Age, 26 years 10 months and 1 day as on today. (Check today’s date)
  • Height, 165cm. Can be conveniently classified as short.
  • Qualification, well a civil engineer who knows nothing about buildings, except their shape and a Masters in marketing who knows nothing about Sales. This is no joke, I’m serious.
  • Passionate about Cricket, Football, BMW and business. Read in the reverse order.
  • Strongly believes in the quote, “Maut wo hai jiska jamana kare afsos. Yun to sabhi yaha aate hai… marne ke liye” Meaning: Death is when the world will mourn. Every one lives to die one day… anyway. So believes that it is imperative to make big in life.
  • Also believes in “who says you can’t pierce the sky? Try tossing a stone with all you have got!”
  • Full of ideas, most of them useless.
  • Talks too much, think too much but write very bad.
  • Ingenuous, was almost thrown out of the first job. But was ingenious as well, got my boss on toes instead.
  • Married… K No more comments.

Some more coming up.

Happy reading.

Should companies outsource their core work?

I work as a Presales Manager in a company called focusing of Publishing, broadcast and media industry. Since they provide technology, interactive content and animation services, understandably their existing and target customers are those from US and Europe. Meaning they are on a job to convince their prospective customers to outsource their work to an off shore location in India. Since I also undertake consulting assignments as a free lancer for helping companies get their sales process right and for companies to kick off their outsourcing practice, they hired me to conceive and promote their service offerings to the US and Europe.

Like many other companies in India, they too believe that because we provide our international customers a cost advantage, we are actually adding a great value to their business model. Well of course, I agree that they say this is not the only value addition, but one of them. It reminds me of the “Nirma Super” advertisement (Wahi quality, wahi safedi, wahi jhag kam damo mein mile to koi ye kyun le… wo na le) Lol, well what are we trying to tell the Americans and Europeans? Had you outsourced the development of ‘a windows’ or a ‘Firefox’ in India, you could have saved humongous sums of money? May be…

Maye be… is the best word when we have to escape an argument. If we were good enough to develop a Firefox, by now we would have done that. I’m not saying we can not. We can, after all aren’t we promoting the above Nirma Super ad? We have matching (well almost) infrastructure, excellent work conditions, advantage of time difference, huge pool of talented engineers and technicians- young and old, and most of all the ideas to make it big in the world. But what are Indian companies doing with it? Deploying most of them on technical support? or software testing? Well… things need to be set right. I know it is not easy to build a Microsoft Corporation or Mozilla overnight. But in this post, I’m going to urge companies of the likes of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others to make better use of Indian talent by outsourcing their core work to us. Let the world know that we can build Windows too.

Let us take an example. If you deploy a technical Architect (any domain) in US (Silicon Valley), You might probably end up paying in excess of $600 per day on him/her including overheads. However, if you hire a technical architect here in India for the same work, you will be charged maximum of $220 per day, a straight saving of $380 per day. Moreover there are other savings on maintenance of lesser infrastructure. Like all others, you can easily set up a VPN connectivity so that there is a seamless information flow. Moreover you have the option of using free telephony from Skype or others to save on your telephone bills… some more savings. Even if you add the cost of setting up of network infrastructure, you still manage to save enough. Although I agree that outsourcing a single person’s work will not be as beneficial as outsourcing the entire work. So when you get a team to develop an IE 9, why don’t you consider giving it to a team here in India? Worried about the deliverables?

There have also been enough questions raised on the quality of people here in India. I would like to highlight the fact that we have 6 Indian Institute of Technologies and 25 National Institute of Technologies which provide world class engineering education to thousands of engineers across India and also to some of the foreign students. Besides we have more than 1000 other university managed or affiliated colleges that churn out millions of engineers every year. Do you still feel we have a dearth of talent? Then what about umpteen Indians working at global corporations? And those who led multi billion organizations? What about Arun Sarin? What about Laxmi Mittal? What about Indra Nooyi?

Hello global corporations. Indians have arrived on the global scene. We are no longer the ‘some IT geek sitting in Bangalore or Pune’ fixing up your bugs. I urge the Oracle’s, SAP’s, Microsoft’s, Mozilla’s of the world to treat us with respect. We can also what you do sitting in Redwood or Seattle. May be the next Outlook is called In(dia)-Outlook and surely we will do much better.

All you Indian guys reading my blog, please start treating yourself with respect. You are no longer a bug fixer. I urge you to spread this word regarding India as a great Development and Innovation hub rather than outsourcing hub.

Happy reading! Cheers!

Stolen Credit pinches the hardest…

Mayur Pathak is not happy today. Mayur generated an opportunity for the company, Mayur did all the hard work, Mayur set up the sales call for his boss, and the boss gave it away to his senior colleague. That is why Mayur Pathak is not happt today 😦

We had a call today with a multi billion dollar subsidiary of France Telecom (Sorry I can’t mention because I’m still the employee of my employer). Although my skill was limited to introduction, I always believed I could talk better than my boss… only till today. The way he managed to pitch our solution to a company who didn’t even know they had a need was simply awe-inspiring. This was the best call he took for some time now. One of the greatest… I almost fell in love with him. But, then he is the boss right? He had to do this unthinkable (this is what I think). At the end of the conversation, he said I’m handing over the charge of this contract to MS. .. … … And Mayur Pathak was unhappy. I mean… what the hell? Why? Because she is a senior colleague. So?

Hmmm! Stolen credit pinches the hardest… I might have mentioned in one of my earlier post that I have a loving boss. Well, he is still loving but I don’t love him any more. Please don’t console me (sob)

Mayur Pathak is not happy!

Learning Table Tennis

I have been very emotionally trying to play table tennis for last few days. Although I have improved a lot, but for most of my colleagues, I’m a sub zero… still. Now my problem is, I just fail to be delicate on the shot and/or the ball. I still don’t know how to handle the spin. I can’t keep my smash on the table. I dont know what it means when the other guys say its your call now. Hmmm… may be I’m a novice. I should better play cricket.

Anyway, the greatest asset I have, as far as table tennis is concerned it the back hand return. Please… don’t roll your eyes too much. I know a lot of people prefer playing forehand. But I can’t do that, some how. And I can’t perfect the back hand either. Just that probably the way I hold my racket and move my hand, it puts a deadly spin on the ball and is very difficult for the opponent to return. Of course this is a rare shot, 😛 I need to collect the ball with my racket that is… which is rare. 🙂

Now I’m searching for some one who can teach me how to play table tennis. Hello… anyone reading?

At 140 KMPH on the express highway.

Cloudy skies, pleasant temperature, wind gushing from both sides, the road dividers hardly visible, exhilarating experience and the only sound you hear is that of the tyres. How do you feel when you are driving a near perfectly engineered small car, the Suzuki Wagon R on the 8 lane express highway at 140 KMPH?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Whoooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!

This is how you feel. It was a mind boggling experience to drive the car on the express highway. I was on my way to the first ever CE meet, on my first ever journey to Pune in my own car on the express highway. Gosh, so many mile stones. And I didn’t keep any of them unturned. En route Pune, we had a brief stop over in Panvel at my friend’s place. Panvel to Pune is roughly 124 kilometers. about 20 kms out of it is through the tunnels and around the hills. Despite that we covered the distance in about 73 minutes. That is at an average speed of about 102kmph! Whoa, I was surprised by the stability and the driving comfort given to me by the wagon R. Incredible. No other car in this segment would have given me the confidence to drive at that speed.

Through out the journey, only 8 cars could manage to go ahead. Two Toyota Corolla, One Chevrolet Forrester (SUV), Two Mercedes (One brand new Kompressor E250 and one old SL300), One Prado Land Cruiser, One Honda Civic and one BMW 325i (my favorite car). Well, what do I say, I’m impressed by my car. Of course you can’t compete with the Mercs and the Prados and the BMWs with a car who has an engine of 1.1 liters.

I’ll post a picture soon. More updates about my journey and about the CE meet coming up.

Some quotes to ponder upon.

Some quotes to ponder upon.

These were displayed on my igoogle today. Never before it happened that liked all the three. Its happened today, so it deserves a mention on my blog.

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.
– Kurt Vonnegut

I didn’t exactly understand, but I liked the quote. 🙂 Probably it is going to require lot of thinking to ponder upon, really.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.
– Thomas A. Edison

Boy, thats the one. In one of my post earlier, I had mentioned about fear of failure. Who better than Edison can tell you that? If he would fear failure, he will never win, innovate, discover, succeed.

Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.
– Thomas Jones

🙂 🙂 🙂 Just too many smiles. How true it is.

WordPress creator on CE


Glad to tell you that we are going to interview Matthew Mullenweg, the creator of wordpress on Crazyengineers. Wish to contribute? Here is the link. Go, log on and post your queries.

Don’t waste time. This is the one and only opportunity. Last date is NOW. Hurry. Click Here

One call @ night’s center

Role: You are a manager in a smallish but very unique and a positive company. You handle a team of 5 executives. You have a very cooperative and loving boss. 🙂 And you have a beautiful and extremely caring wife. 😉

Situation: One of them manages to fix a conference (sales) call for you. The call is in the pacific time at 12 noon. You are based in India, so its at the stroke of midnight.

Story: Since you have to prepare for the call, you decide to stay back in the office. But your wife is too worried, you haven’t had lunch. You haven’t had snacks. Coffee machine in your office is not working. So you, as a dedicated husband, go home for dinner. On the way it rains. You take time to reach, and more time to come back. You don’t get time to prepare for the call. Some how you manage to reach at the stroke of midnight. You are not able to log in to the call. You are late. The customer gets irritated. You take a deep breath and remember god. And give a flawless presentation over the phone. You answer all the queries. You manage to convince the customer. He agrees for off shoring his work. You are ecstatic. You dial your boss on his mobile, forgetting that he is in Singapore. Its 3:30am there. Surprisingly, he picks up. He listens patiently and… He is ecstatic too.

Climax: You managed to close a deal worth (hold your breath) $3 million just on a phone call. You are happy. The company lives happily forever.

Hey… 🙂 All I wrote is not a story from a movie or an idea to Chetan Bhagat to write a new book. This is what happened with me yesterday. I just narrated you a part of my Biography 2050.

Any comments?

I fear

I read a mail few moments back which talked about fears, many of them. It put me into a fearful position. 😛

Does Mayur Pathak fear any one? or any thing? I don’t know. I’m yet to discover. But then if you don’t have any work in office, on one such days you can always roll your head hear and there, think stupidly and write such post. So read below few things people fear and my arguments with myself whether I should fear too or not. 🙂

  • I fear god: But why should I? I don’t disrespect him, I don’t malign him. I’m not against his existence. I don’t debate with people about it. And I’m religious too. = I don’t fear god.
  • I fear darkness: Do I? No I like it at night. It helps me sleep. Moreover I like horror movies.
  • I fear my boss: 😀 I feel like bursting into a laughter. There were times I used to hate my boss and wanted to dump him in a dungeon. I rather fear my boss’s stupidity.
  • I fear death: Umm… again, why should I? Every one has to die, so will I. There is no reason to sheepishly say ‘I fear death’
  • I fear failure: I could have said yes if some one asked this to me during my early days of engineering. But I always believe there is always a third way, your way. And believe me, if you fear failure, genuinely do so and never do anything in life. You will never fail.
  • I fear ghosts: Bah! Show me a ghost first.
  • I fear people, crowd: My suggestion, go and stay in the mountains. Help reduce the city crowd.
  • I fear having a fear: Now thats a height. You don’t even know what to fear about. Great going!
  • I fear love: Then I fear you.

Some updates on new types of fear posted by my sister.

  • I fear commitment: *Mayur can’t stop smiling* I feared it too buddy. But the more I feared, the more committed I became. So stop fearing.
  • I fear change: Ah! Why do you change your clothes every day? If you hadn’t changed from the way you were born, imagine the fate today. Change is good!
  • I fear my girlfriend’s temper: Me too :mrgreen: Well, stupid fells show her your temper. Don’t fear, be brave. Fight!

Enough of fears. May be if I hear some more, I’ll update with y ‘expert’ comments.

Happy reading. Cheers!

Do you need advice?

Lot of people come to me for advice. They think I’m a ‘gyani baba’‘ meaning a knowledgeable person. It really amuses me. I’m a guy with most ordinary record and absolutely mediocre intelligence. Dont believe? let me tell you who am I…

  • Through out my school life, I was an average student. I barely managed to feature in the ranks (only twice in numerous exams I appeared)
  • Tried hard but couldn’t get through in the Regional Engineering colleges. Although I was blessed to be a part of RKNEC civil branch.
  • Managed to some how clear my engineering in 4 years.
  • Failed in umpteen number of interviews before managing to crack CET and get through in MITSOM to complete my post graduation in marketing communications.
  • Topped the college in only one of the possible 4 semesters.
  • Changed 4 jobs in 3 years to move from junior to middle management.
  • Started a business, booked profit and left it in midway.
  • I’m earning more money than all my friends but lesser than all my colleague managers.

    And I’m still not clear what I should be doing.

    Despite all these facts and figures, I still think I can be a gyan guru.

    Do you think you should come to me for advice? You are most welcome!