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There and Back Again

After a week long lay off due o some personal problems, I’m back to the blogging world. Although the absence wasn’t for many days, it feels much to be away from the blogging… when the readers dessert you because you have nothing new to write.

But dont worry Mayur, we are coming up with 2 back to back love stories both with and attempt to explore a new genre.

There and back in the league 🙂

One Year After Attacks, Have We Moved On?

In another 4 days, the dreaded terror attack on Mumbai will complete one year. A night when a handful of gunmen from across the border held the city at gunpoint will be remembered again. It was an incident, which changed the life of many people. But has any thing really changed otherwise?

As an after effect we saw both CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and Deputy CM & Home Minister R R Patil being removed from their posts. The ruling Congress party was flayed, the intelligence agencies were questioned, other political parties were criticized, Raj Thackeray was ridiculed. The people of Mumbai gathered together for a solidarity march at the gateway of India. The protests arose, the cause was raised and gradually every thing died a slow painful death. Is it an irony? I don’t think so…

The only terrorist captured alive is still living in the Arthur road jail without much discomfort. The perpetrators and conspirators are freely roaming around in Pakistan. We are (still) waiting for US to help us.  Congress came back to power both at the centre and state assembly. Vilasrao is enjoying his stint as the union minister for heavy industries, R R Patil is back at the helm of home ministry, Raj is back and busy fighting for the Marathi ‘language’ rather than the people, conducting gheraon and angry protests on issues as trivial as debating on ‘Why Hindi is not a national language’. Shiv Sena, now led by a much mellowed Uddhav Thackeray is criticizing the legendary Sachin Tendulkar because he put India ahead of any one else. It looks like they are coming back to the vandalizing best. The men who could have, should have and must be protecting us from the possible attacks, the Police are busy pointing fingers at each other, one year after we were attacked.

Nothing has changed for a normal Mumbaikar like me… and nothing ever will. Terrorism, in my opinion, is a secondary problem for us. We are battling more than that every day, every month… the ever increasing population on roads, trains and buses, the sky rocketing property prices, the water and power crisis, substandard infrastructure and a slowly retreating ghost named recession. Every day journey to the office seems like a solidarity drive.

I think Mumbai is ready for another attack. Any takers?

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Where the hell is Rakhi?

In case if your memory is too short, let me remind you that few months ago, the self proclaimed bollywood bomb shell Rakhi Sawant had organised a Swayamwar and had also engaged herself with the NRI Elesh Parujanwala. Now you get it? Remeber that sick Rakhi? Well the news of her breaking off the engagement is old now. Although there was a mild ‘hoopla’ in the media about it (although our poor gal Rakhi tried her best), it is now history. They did appear in another reality show, ‘Pati Patni aur Woh’ together. But the news is, they are NOT getting married for sure.

Didn’t we know this already? Poor Rakhi. We already knew about her ‘future’ problems with Elesh darling. We care about her. So we had declared the outcome of this ‘relationship’ long back. The question is, ‘Where the hell is Rakhi now?’ Oh, sorry… better question is, ‘What is she up to?’   :mrgreen:

I think the whole ‘Wedding related’ reality shows have gone sore. It is really sad and sick to witness such crap being run on Indian Television. Perfect bride was another stupendous example of the depths to which Indian Television can fall. It all looked stupid, sheepish and scripted. And if you thought we had had enough, there is more to come. The wicked-son-of-a-great-man Rahul Mahajan is coming soon with his version of Swayamvar. WTF! I have heard some soon to be free inmates are going to take part in the show. Guys….

Even if I decide to ignore the television, some one else will switch it on. Duh! Some one please save us from them. Oh, by the way, ‘where the hell is Rakhi?’ :mrgreen:

Movie Review: 2012

2012_wall_paperI’m pretty damn sure of the kind of movies the Americans make. They have just the two types of ends. America saves America or America saves the world. Have you seen any other end? 2012 is very much like that, albeit they have shown the American politicians to be bad. Probably because of the fact that the director Roland Emmerich is a German and producer and writer of the movie Harold Kloser is an Austrian. They are not native Americans.

Anyway, I guess so you already know the story. 2012 is all about the judgement day, how it has come to us, how it gets discovered, how we all get engulfed in the fury of nature and how a handful manage to survive to start the new era. Would you like to know a bit detail? Alright… So we have a Dr. Adrian Hemsley (Chiwetel Ejofor), an American scientist who, on his India trip, discovers that the earth’s core has been behaving really strange. An Indian astrophysicist played by Jimmy Mistry is the one who actually discovers the fact that the doomsday is near. They predict that the world is going to end on 23-12-2012. The white house is moved, so are the heads of state at the G8 summit. They all come together and decide to build a ship in China, a large vessel that will take all the impacts of the unruly nature on the doomsday and will survive in the new era. The ship will only be able to accommodate a few thousands. So they decide to let the few genetically superior (by their own admission) people who can then evolve and produce a new world.

But Americans, as you know, are very shrewd and weird. They sell the tickets on the ship to wealthy billionaires in order to fund the expedition and leave every one else tottering, even their own country men. Hmmm… finally only a handful of them manage to get on the ship and they survive the doomsday. The ship actually reminded me of the old-time mythological stories. It says when the ‘yug’ or the era ends, god sends the big ship on earth. It accommodates all species and humans who are good willed and pure. So that they can start the new era. I guess Roland Emmerich wanted to show that to us. So thats the movie about.

Oh yes, I forgot Jackson Curtis, played by John Cusack. He doesn’t have any significance, though he enjoys the highest screen presence. Jackson Curtis manages to save his family and some how takes them to China, where the ship is located.

All in all it is a good movie with great special effects and wonderful picturisation. Roland also scores a winner here in the story narration. A must watch if you are an action freak. Just dont get scared of the destruction shown.

I Have a Dream

This a children’s day special post.

Yes I know I am late in putting up this post here by a day. But the cause for underprivileged children doesn’t die in a single day. So here it is. By the way I’m not trying to tell you the how and what of the cause. This is only a piece of communication I had with 3 children who were/are/can be deprived of a fair chance. I asked a few questions to them and I’m putting their answers here. You are intelligent to note my point.


1) Hey, what do you do (for living)?

Arun: Kay Saheb maskari kartay ka? Meaning , what sir, are you joking? (Arun worked as an office boy at my old employer’s office. He is 19 years old)

Manjeet: Aapko to malum hai na bhaiyya. Meaning, you know it already, brother. (Manjeet is the daughter of our house help. Often she does chores at the homes of people like us. She is 15 years old)

Chutki: I play, I eat and I go to school. (Chutki is the daughter of our maid cum cook. She is 7 years old).

2) So do you go to school to study/ Have gone to school to study?

Arun: Yes. I appeared 10th. But left after that. I dont know if I passed. (When I asked why?) We are poor people sir. We dont have big college in our village. My father couldn’t afford to send me to big city for studies. So I decided to work myself and study. But it is not possible, because I have lot of work here. So I have now left it all.

Manjeet: Yes. I studied till 5th. But left. (When I asked why?) What do I study for? My mother says, my sister is a metric (10th) pass. Even she works as a house help. She says at my age I’m earning, which is good. She says I should learn things that will pay.

Chutki: Yes. I go to school. I learn ‘A’, ‘AA’ ‘Eii’ (Marathi vowels and alphabets), also A, B, C, D… I play also.

3) Do your parents help you in matter of studies/ Do they teach you/ Encourage you?

Arun: No. Even they are not educated. My father wanted to educate me. But he had no big money. You need donations to go to a big college. We cant afford that.

Manjeet: No. And why should she? She is helping me to earn money. I can use it to fulfil my dreams.

Chutki: No.

4) What is your dream? What do you want to achieve in life?

Arun: I wanted to be a pilot. But you see, I’m not educated enough. I dont know if I have any chance.

Manjeet: I wanted to become a fashion designer. But I know the course fees and other expenses are very high. So I have decided to be a beautician. I also go to a parlour where I learn all these things. Once I save enough money (by doing chores), I will open my own.

Chutki: I want to be Kareena Kapoor. (Understandably so. When asked why?) She is very beautiful and she is famous. Then I will also act in movies.


I’m sure all of you go to multiplexes and watch movies, dine out, buy expensive clothing every month. I’m sure your expenses are in thousands. It only takes about 75 rupees per month to educate a child. We are a great country. The greatness in size now has to become greatness of minds. Think about it.