Mi (ani) Marathi

mi_marathiOn my last day at Hurix, some people had a startling revelation that I’m a Marathi. In fact I was surprised to know that many people thought I was a Gujrathi. One of them was quick to point out that none of my habits (including speech and command over Hindi) resembled a Mumbaikar Marathi. Well, I dug deep into it and here is how it was concluded.

Lot of Marathi Mumbaikars are absolutely loyal to the Thackeray family (may it be Balasaheb-Uddhav or Raj). However despite being a staunch supporter of BJP, I have always opposed their ideologies. So they immediately thought I was not from Maharashtra.

Being a Thackeray loyalist, a Mumbaikar has to compulsorily call every North Indian as ‘Bhaiyya’. I refused to do so, and when I did… it was out of brotherliness. So people thought even I was a North Indian Brahmin.

My Hindi is better than many of my North Indian friends, another reason for them to think I was one of them.

All my Marathi friends talked about salary hike, bonus, LTA claims and cursed the Marwaris and Gujjus for capturing the business circle whereas I always spoke about new business, the up and down going stocks, entrepreneurship. So they thought I was not one of them.

Duh! What the …Β  ! Mi Marathi ahe. Mala Marathi honyacha abhimaan ahe. Mazi bhasha, mag ti Marathi aso, Hindi aso ka English aso… ti uttam prakare durusta ahe. Prashna ha ahe ki samanya Marathi mansala kasa durusta karta yeil.

Whats in the name?

A friend of mine wrote in her blog post about some politician (or some biggie) proposing to change the name of Delhi to Dilli. I dont know why it is required because phonetically it sounds similar. Yet Calcutta has been renamed as Kolkata, Bombay was renamed Mumbai, Bangalore was renamed Bengaluru, Madras was renamed Chennai and so on.

Nice! You (if you are the one who proposed or effected) have the purpose to call Indian cities with Indian names. Then why is India still India? Why not Bharat or Hindustaan?

Whats in the name after all πŸ™‚

What is my contribution to India’s vision?

This post from Kaustubh’s blog has inspired me to write this post. He has taken a latent dig at ‘YOU’ meaning any one who reads that post. For once I’m not going to mind his straight forwardness (Lucky you Kau πŸ™‚ ). It made me introspect my own contribution to India’s growth vision. Now I’m not going to brag about it with a long post. Just a few bullet points here.

  • I want to see an office less India. I personally believe that big office buildings are not imperative. At least for IT companies, all their employees can actually work from their living rooms or bed rooms by connecting the internet to their LCD television sets. With some small technology innovations, it is possible. I’m going to give it my best shot.
  • Biggest problem with Small Indian businesses is their inability to adapt to fast changing trends in technology. That is why probably we dont see too many big companies emerging out of the startups. The problem lies with the adaptation of accurate processes, especially in sales and marketing. (The other day an executive tried to sell jewelery to me on phone). I’m going to try and set up a company in partnership with a B school that will extensively work on helping new companies to go to the market better.
  • Lot of children in India are homeless and lack basic education facilities. I’d like to declare now that when I start making profits from my ventures, I will dedicate a portion from my individual earnings for the betterment of orphans. It really hurts to see the kids beg on the streets when some of them can certainly shape India’s future.
  • I decided long back not to break traffic rules and not to bribe any government official. I have also started asking receipts where ever I purchase, especially petrol pumps. I know lot of you guys dont do it. Believe me, this is one of the best things you can do to India.
  • I always call myself an Indian. I will continue doing so and will not bias any religion or community on the basis of their caste, color, state, religion or gender. I will try to prevent people from doing so as well. Being united is a BIG let up for us.

My wife says when you want to do good and big things in immediate or distant future, you should always make a list and pin it at your desk. It reminds you of the unfinished business. So here I have done it. There are some other things as well. I’ll keep adding them. I’m not going to ask what you are doing or will do. But if you wish to share, I’m all ears and eyes πŸ™‚

House Warmed

I had taken a break from blogging and work for a few days recently. It was mainly to accommodate our House Warming function. I have recently bought a house in Thane… and I’m extremely happy with what I have got. Its a very nice apartment open on 3 sides, overlooking the Yeur hills at the back, facing the club house on the other side. Every one who came to be a part of the function was all awe-struck . They were happy for me and my wife for what we have acquired. In fact all the credit goes to her. She was the one who encouraged me to go for it… and she literally handpicked the house as well. πŸ™‚

Anyway, the function was on 19th June and went very well. We entertained almost 40 guests who chose to be a part of the function. Lot of them are not based in Mumbai. However they decided to be a part of the function and overwhelmed us. Many of them were extremely happy to know that we bought a house before we reached our thirties, which was a trend in their days. There were some who envied us as well. But most of them were all nice. It always feels nice to have good relatives around you. Though you dont mind the occasional bad ones along with them as well.

Hmmm… so the house is finally warmed and I have a new address to tell to. Here I’m leaving you with a witty sentence to end this post.

“A big apartment in Thane- 45 lacs, Car- 4 lacs, money spent on house warming ceremony- 50 thousand… watching the shrewd relatives feeling dumb struck- priceless!”


A colleague at Hurix made me remember my good old school days. He said I can be a good commentator. I remember being a commentator for the inter division cricket matches (of course the ones where I wasn’t playing) during my school days. You dont believe it? I can be a good commentator. In fact, if its a football match, any one can be a commentator. Here is how, imagine a match is being played between Manchester United and Chelsea. This is how the commentary goes.

Its a good pitch here… Czech… long ball to Essien… now Ballack… Back to Essien… Joe Cole… good ball towards Anelka… stopped by Vidic… O’Shea… Giggs… Park… Back to Giggs… RYAN GIGGS (excited tone)… to Rooney… to Ronaldo… Ronaldooooooooooooooooooooooooo… oh my god! What a strike, absolutely no chance to Czech.

See… I told you its easy πŸ™‚


People, that is going to be my status message for the next few days. I’ll be away from the internet as well as emails. So no good blogging for next 4 days. That is courtesy the house warming ceremony of my newly acquired apartment.

I’ll be back soon πŸ™‚

Ask questions to Wolfram Alpha creator

Guys, here is a golden opportunity for you to ask questions to Dr. Stephen Wolfram, the creators of Wolfram Alpha! For those who dont know, Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that draws on multiple sources to answer user queries directly.

Dr. Wolfram has agreed to have a short conversation with Crazyengineers. Interested to have your queries answered? just click–> here!

Please use Footpath

Mumbai_footpathGuys… if you are the guys and girls and ladies & gentlemen who do not use theΒ  footpath, please start doing so for the traffic’s sake.

I stay on the central line of Mumbai, meaning I use the LBS Marg daily to commute home. I find it absolutely irritating most of the times to drive my vehicle using only half of the possible width of the road suitable for driving.
You know why? because the pedestrians choose to walk on the road instead of the footpaths.

I know its not your fault after all. The footpaths are already occupied by the street shops, beggars, the site offices of the construction workers, road side tea stalls and some times full fledged restaurants. Then where will you guys walk on? Middle of the road of course. And then where will we guys drive? in the air?

Is the Municipal corporations of India listening? please for god’s sake, do some thing about the footpaths!

Think over it

“What good goes away from you always finds its way to come back to you… if not in the form that you most expected.”

I have had a bad day today. I couldn’t think of a better way to express my displeasure. May you all get a better boss!