Keh ke le li!


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Anurag Kashyap is a good man. And till I saw Gangs of Wasseypur I thought he was a brilliant director too. But after watching GoW, I’m compelled to believe that he too has fallen in the trap of sleaze. I’m sorry, strong words but I cant help it.

I simply loved the way Black Friday was made. I am a fan of narrative style of film making. And that, I must say, is the best part of Gangs of Wasseypur. But that apart, AK has gone over board in portraying, what now the whole of India believes dirty side of Jharkhand (erstwhile Bihar). I’m not sure if this is what he wanted to show.

We are Indians. Where our heart truly lies is in creativity shown in its vibrant best mood. The reality is we don’t go to movies to watch what is happening in the neighborhood. Some times we like movies that touch the real picture in the country (Black Friday, Bandit Queen, Paan Singh Tomar) and we get impressed with the heroics of some of us. We are a country where Ram kills Ravan, Krishna kills Kansa and Arjun lords over the Kauravas. Though I agree that there are more demons fighting with each other than gods in this Kaliyug, I dont want to see them in the crudest possible manner.

This is indeed my personal opinion about a movie I felt was a bit too much to digest. I now hate Anurag for making me watch it, because I loved him till GoW. But I have had enough of it now. I want to believe that AK didnt direct any movie after Gulaal and didnt produce any movie after Shaitaan.

We love you AK, but we hate Gangs of Wasseypur!

Nokia takes us for a drive


I was a fan of Nokia drive. Though I never had a Nokia phone that had the ‘drive’ functionality (because I am not a fan of Nokia phones. I haven’t used a Nokia for a long time), I had heard good things about it and had used it some times on some one else’s phone. This Sunday we decided to put it to use. It failed miserably and I have decided never to use a Nokia phone again (forget drive).

It was a rainy Sunday and my family declared they wanted to go on a long drive. Every one goes to lonavala. So we decided we will got o a new place called Arnala. We had heard there is a beach resort and the road to Arnala is very scenic. I knew which direction to take. So we set off at around 10am. Quarter of a way ahead, we thought instead of asking people,we will us Nokia drive on my wife’s Lumia. And like an obedient husband I followed the lady and the phone, some times ignoring the directions given even by locals. 🙂

At around 1pm after 2nad half hours of driving through scenic roads and a half hour unscheduled wada pav – samosa break, we had traveled only about 30kms. We had reached a point where there was no road ahead (only boulders that damaged one of the reams of my vehicle). The phone was saying “You have reached your destination”, my wife was saying sorry my Nokia disappointed, the other three members of the car were livid about the whole thing and I was staring at an open plot full of muddy water. 🙂

It took me 10 minutes and some ultimate driving skills to take a U turn on that piece of land. It was a husband’s time to share I told you so glances. After all I was always against buying a Nokia. It had ruined the day. We returned with frustration as now we didnt have much time left for a picnic. Thankfully the weather was kind. We had some local food, lots of bhutta, bought a score of Mangoes and finally set off for a return journey. This time the drive functionality said sorry I cant connect to the network as if it was too embarrassed to show us the directions again.

Thanks Nokia!

Sunny Side Up!

Review: Nissa Sunny!

I have been thinking about writing this one for a long time. Only paucity of time preventing me to do so. So here it is… short but very important review of the caaar that promises a lot to the Indian market. But will it deliver? Lets find out.


Exterior: Let me candidly admit that Sunny is not the best looking car around. It looks like a married female in her early 30s (sorry women, no offense meant). I hope you get what I wanted to say. While every other car is going for a look makeover, Nissan should have given Sunny tighter lines and more sporty look. Best thing about the look though is the paint job. Sunny comes in as many as 9 different colors and the paint quality is very good.


Interiors: Sunny, as it is marketed, is all about the comfort it gives inside more than the looks outside. Every thing inside the car gives you a perfect Japanese feeling. The interiors are done up in Griege (grey+beige) and give the car a different feel, if not too luxurious. Audio systems, ABS, climate control and air bags come as standard and the higher version also has a push button start. Steering & gearbox are nicely placed and seats (+ steering) are adjustable. If the front seats impressed you the rear seats will drive you mad. There is so much space around that all three passengers can sit cross legged or one can make his small child stand between the front and rear seats. Sitting is very comfortable, ideal for long drives.

Driving: Sunny is powered by both Petrol and Diesel engines, identical in capacity but different in power delivery. Petrol version is more peppier, generates 99 Bhp and is quick too, thanks to ultra light composition of the car. Diesel is again a typical Japanese feature. It doesn’t generate the power, but is very good at low speeds and I’m being told that the car this big returns an awesome mileage of 20kmpl on diesel. Though Sunny engine is silky smooth and is very comfortable to drive, the suspension is a little tacky. The car shivers on uneven roads (which are plenty in India). It is too kind on bumpers, allowing them to make the presence felt.

Competition: Best thing about Sunny is that it is at least a lac cheaper than all its closest rivals. It also has more space and almost the same features as others. These things are good enough for the car to sell, though in looks it is no where nearer to Verna or New Fiesta. Suspension is on a weaker side. But given the mileage and other features, it more than makes for it. After all you dont get every thing in one car, do you? So much I wish if I had a car with the looks of Verna, space of Sunny, suspension and ruggedness of Fiesta, comforts of City, diesel engine of Vento and services of a Maruti Suzuki. 🙂

Overall: A very strong competitor. Cheaper and more spacious than its rivals. Will it be a winner? Only time will tell.