Alright I’m Tagged

Saandeep tagged me on a post on his blog. There were about 10 questions I needed to answer. Normally I wouldn’t have responded to tagged posts. But the questions were good and I thought I’ll surely answer this one. I hope you will enjoy the questions. So here I go-

1. What one material thing are you hoping/ scoping to inherit?

Ans: Me? I think it should be my ancestral property in my home town. I’m going to get it any way. I’m the only son you see.

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Folks and Reality

I remember how I grew up listening to stories from Mahabharata, Ramayana, stories of India’s independance struggle, stories of Chhatrappati Shivaji Maharaj and other many such great men. I have never known any one to exist… at least not the mythological characters, most of whom we call gods. But they were great stories of great men and I grew up learning different facets of life and personality from the characters of these great men and women.

Now that my son grows every day, I am back to the learning phase. I’ve already started revising what my grand father and mother told me as a child. The stories of gods, kings, great men of folks and the ideologies of well being. When the time has come to revise it, I wonder what if I could see them and know who they really were. I wonder what made ‘Arjun’ what he was. Or why did they call ‘Krishna’ the god when even he looked and behaved like an ordinary man.

The quest to find the answer led to a string of interwining thoughts crowding my mind. I think the men in these stories became what we remember them as only because they never gave up on what is right. Each of them had a purpose filled life. And they went till the end to fulfil their purpose. What differentiates them from us is that they never gave up. They just never did.

The world has changed a lot since the times of these great men… different times. What has not changed is the balance between the good and bad. We still have the evil that gave rise to great heroes in those times. We had martyrs of the freedom struggle who gave their lives for India’s independance. And we have the modern day heroes who are still fighting for making a terror free state.

When my son grows up, I’m going to teach him. I’m going to tell him the great stories of great men both from our age and the yester age. I’m going to tell him to go till the end in his quest, come what may. Because there is still some good left in this world. And it is worth fighting for!

What kind of boss will YOU be?

In last 6 years of my life, I have always disliked all my bosses, no matter what. With an exception of one, all of them were great guys. But none of these could get to a ‘good boss’ level. In my last employment, even I had a team reporting to me. At one point I lead a team of 9 executive! While most of them are still in touch and no one ever complained to me, I dont know what they felt about me as a boss.

Every boss is different and probably equally idiotic. So that leads to a question. What kind of boss do you think you will be? I’d like to know please. If you already are a boss, tell me how you are. If you want to be a boss, tell me how you would like to be. I’m going to base an upcoming story on this one.

So I’m all ears. Tell me?

Summer of ’99

I wrote this post for the first anniversary of Pallavi’s blog. You can read the original file here.

We were all born in the hottest city, and we were all coolest boys

Exams were just about over, it was time for us to turn the heat around

No one of us was mumma’s boys, so there was lot of singing and sound

We knew the best days were coming, it was summer of ninty nine…

The meetings on the grounds, the rides on the bikes

The evenings were with Samosa and chai, and nights with cream and ice

The world cup in England, the India Pakistan ties,

The mauling of Shoaib Akhtar and the victory parties under skies

We all were care free birds, no one cared about money and time

We knew the best days were coming, it was summer of ninty nine…

That girl who sat in the corner, I knew she was mine

We spoke on the phone, from morning till nine

And then when I asked her out, man! I was almost dead

Rehearsed my proposal million times, in the shower and on the bed

I offered my hand for a dance, we waltzed on ‘Yellow’ by coldplay

Her soft hands changed the meaning of touch, I began to sway

Oh how much I was in love, I didn’t know if it was a good sign

All I knew was the best days and it was a summer of ninty nine…

And then we went for admissions, the Engineering just happened

Some got admissions in the city, some took it away

the promises to stay together were now put to the bay

As they all departed one by one, the gap further widened

They all slept alone, with sombre moods and hearts saddened.

But we met before we departed, Jammed on a terrace with beer and wine

We knew these were the best days, it was summer of ninty nine…

Today all are busy with their lives, no one cares a dime

All sweat it out for decent living, from morning till nine

But surely some times an old pal calls, and offers a glass of wine

Then we remember the old days, afterall, it was the summer of ninty nine…

World Cup 2010: First Round Analysis

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The soccer world cup has been full of sad surprises. Join me in a group by group update-

Group A: France’s performance has been the mother of all surprises. The start studded team is languishing at the bottom of the table with their chances of progressing resting on a wafer thin line. They lost to Mexico 0-2 and drew blank with Uruguay. While the goal difference of Mexico is 2 and that of Uruguay is 3, France’s goal difference is -2. So for them to have any realistic chance of qualifying, they must beat South Africa by a difference of 4 goals and pray one of Uruguay or Mexico lose by at least 3 goals. If the two teams draw, they will progress and France will automatically be out. The equation looks unlikely and in all probabilities, France is going to be eliminated again. (Remember 2002?)

Group B: Argentina became one of the first teams to sail through to the second round. A solid display against the Nigerians followed by equally impressive goal scoring display against the South Koreans, they are a team looking most likely to lift the cup this time. Greece and South Korea have one win each and Nigeria are out. With Argentina already through, it all depends if Greece can pull off a good result against them. Otherwise South Korea looks all set to move to second round. Continue reading

From Acentric to Eccentric

This rant is inspired from the Star Parivar Awards. No I’m not a fan of either the star parivar or their shows. But their shows have just inspired me to write a post. Only good thing to have happened, is it?  🙂

I remember the first time these awards were initiated thanks to highly popular television serials from the Balaji Telefilms house hold. Ekta Kapoor had taken the Indian small screen by storm. Every other person in India (read females) were talking about the Viranis and the Agrawals and the Basus and what not. All Ekta Kapoor and her team did was to show what an average Indian family wanted to see and live like. Large houses, big united happy families, scandals, suspense and traditions. Popularity of ‘Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ Continue reading