GPSK: If Only

Anniversary week special guest post by Sapna Katti

I want to go back to the time
when “getting high” meant “on a swing”
when drinking meant “apple juice”
when “Dad” was the only hero
when “love” was “Mom’s hug”
When Dads shoulder was the highest place on earth
when your “worst enemies “were “your siblings”
when the only thing that could hurt were “skinned knees”
when the only thing “broken” were your toys
and “Goodbyes” meant only till tomorrow. Continue reading

GPSS: Three Kinds of People

Anniversary week Special Guest Post by Saandeep S

It seems a philosophical though but read on you may find it interesting as well.
As per me there are three kinds of people in the world.

  1. Dreamers
  2. Implementers
  3. Both Continue reading

GPVD: Who Cares Less?

Anniversary week special post by Vijaya Durga

“Durga .. it’s macquarie park,”,”ah! alright” . That’s what Neelima said when I was lost in thoughts on a train.
As we both kept on walking towards Optus at 8:40am , I suddenly realised “where is the brown paper bag which I was carrying all the while?”. Just few hours ago, I had prepared a veggie dish for monthly BBQ at office and had in hurry dropped my money purse in it. It all began then.

I asked Neelima to go to office, while I headed back to the train station to inform the station guard about the loss.
The man at counter was a nice friendly person, who took trouble to track and inform the stations further ahead and to search and said he would let me know in another 30 mins “What next?”I thought, yess!! block all the bank accounts -was what i thought. I searched for my mobile from the always messy bag and I realised I had not charged my mobile since past 2 days, it was lying dead ūüė¶ Continue reading

Anniversary Special: “The Junior”

Anniversary day special story

Any wait is always troublesome. And if it is for the arrival of the new born… it becomes¬†excruciating!

They all had become extremely impatient since the start of the April month. It was after all the ninth month of her pregnancy. Her sister would jump with a ‘Chaley Kya?’ conclusion at every ‘aah’ and ‘ooh’ cry she let out. But the time was not there yet. They had been monitoring her pregnancy week by week. They had read in several websites and books about the likely hood of the delivery after 36 weeks of pregnancy. They all hoped she was one of the few cases. But junior had different ideas… and so did god! Continue reading

Addendum Post

Last year when I invited my readers to write guest posts, I only got 3 of them to oblige. It was acceptable since I had sent only about 6-7 invitations. So naturally this year I was expecting not more than 5-6 posts, given the fact that the readership had increased. To my surprise, I have almost double the posts ready in my inbox. I also have a couple of guest pictures with instructions that they should be posted during the anniversary week.

Thanks guys for an overwhelming response. Earlier I had decided to put 2 posts a day. But I guess I will have to have extended celebrations in order to give sufficient time for each post. Thanks guys and keep sending your entries. ūüôā

GPSD: Some Thing from the School Days!

Anniversary week special guest post by Shilpa Deshpande

This is something that happened when I was in the 8th grade. I prided myself on being a very strong, fearless and forthright. I also liked to think of myself as a no-nonsense person.

Mine was a co-ed school and most my classmates were at the age where the opposite sex was a subject of supreme interest. Everyone had flings or were rumored to have flings with someone or the other in school. The normal ones were supposed ‘chakkars’ between peers. 8th graders with 8th graders. The really A-list ones were where girls from my class had boyfriends from higher classes. One such ‘chakkar’ was between this really pretty girl in my class(lets call her M) and this good looking, albeit on the rough side, 11th class boy(P). Continue reading

GPPW: I do

Anniversary week special love story (guest post) by Pallavi Walia

I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? I do! Do I? …..Maya was typing away these words. After a point she realized the exercise was futile and just pulled her head down and hid it behind her hands.

‚ÄúI love you hands Maya, they are the softest I have ever touched and kissed them lightly.‚ÄĚ These words from Karthik were buzzing in her head when someone tapped on her shoulder. It was her colleague Neha who¬†laughed looking at the computer screen and said, “Is this a new innovative method to¬†sort out confusion in the head; punch in rather pluck petals”. Ignoring the question, an exasperated Maya just kicked aimlessly in the air and cried out why it is so difficult for me to utter the word Yes? Continue reading