I’m Back

Hello Guys,

I’m back from my vacation. Its been a good 10 days break for me. I had been to Delhi, Nainital and Jim Corbett national park. The trip was good. I’ll soon share details with those who wish to know 🙂

For now I’m just back and trying to cope with the hectic work schedule again. Let us all hope that I re-discover the nick and dish out some kick ass post.

Entrepreneur v/s Entrepreneur

Indeed I’m an entrepreneur now. Just waiting and toiling to add the word ‘successful’ as a prefix. 🙂

Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from going to job interviews. That has become my hobby now. I went to one such interview for the Head of Presales (lead generation) capacity in a good but a new company. I had already cleared the initial rounds. This one was with the MD of the company, who is also the founding member. We sat for 90 minutes and it turned out to be one hell of a gruelling battle. I couldn’t resist but suggest strategies to him, and he judicially defended his moves while offending me several times.

Finally I asked him the rationale behind the name of his company and he was stumped. He tried to offer an absurd explanation and realised that it was indeed absurd. He couldn’t then help but smile 🙂

He was a good guy. But only an entrepreneur can beat another entrepreneur.

Consultancy Retail

Please spare your 10 cents to read the following hypothetical example before we go into the depth of the concept I’m trying to explain.

Imagine a guy named Jagmohan Das. He is a fruit vendor, say a grapes exporter from Nasik or oranges exporter from Nagpur. He has implemented various advanced techniques to increase his produce. He has successfully managed to do that. His normal business model is grow fruits, segregate them as export quality and domestic, tie up with exporters and domestic fruit vendors, make provisions for logistics and at the end of day earn money by selling his oranges or grapes.

However he has some problems with the business and is not able to generate expected returns. They can be (1) His export quality fruits are being rejected by customers as they exceed the minimum level of use of chemicals. (2) He has an option to bring them to domestic market. But due to the perishable nature of produce, he ends up wasting half of his oranges/grapes. (3) He can sell them locally. However he knows only his exporter and do not have the knowledge of the place. So he cant get a good price.

As a solution, he walks in to a ‘Max Consulting’ kiosk locally (in his own city Nagpur or Nasik) and becomes a member. Here he is counseled by the best people in fruits export business and advised on how to tackle various problems related to fertilizers, logistics, export procedures etc. Max guys help him to reduce his export rejection, and also help him sell his export rejected fruits locally. Jagmohan travels from Nasik/Nagpur to Cochin in order to find a market for his oranges/grapes there. Again, he knows no one there and has a language problem. So he walks into the local ‘Max Consulting’ kiosk. Since he is a member, he is counseled, introduced to the right people and helped to set up his business locally. Jagmohan is happy as all this is done at a minimum annual subscription fee. Plus if chooses to use Max Consulting sales channel, he can share a small piece of his profits.

I call it consultancy retail. Making sales, supply chain and logistics consulting solutions available to every town in the country in order to help SME’s do their business better. We enrol small and medium businesses as members and help them to grow their business better. We earn through the membership fees as well as through the percentage profit if they meet their targets. At the same time, we have logistics guys and other agents tied up with us to help our members. We charge them a minimum fees and again as per their deal size.

Is this a good idea?

I have decided to quit…

… my current job, that is. 🙂

Although I thought I will be able to break my earlier record of the longest stint in an organisation, I couldn’t. I have no regrets though. I’m now an owner of a company 🙂

The incomplete love story

I’m so desperately trying to write “When they met in Paris“, the love story for last 8 days and what I have managed till now are only a few paragraphs. That too they are not an outcome of a continuous string of thoughts. The story is still incomplete as much as the real story. Please bear with me, I will atleast complete the narration though the real love story is an incomplete one.

The Leader in Me

I have this strange feeling since last few days. I’m following the Lok Sabha polls very keenly like any other normal Indian will do. Which means I’m cursing and taunting almost every political leader. May be its wrong, but the problem is I dont know who is good and who is bad. So like others I’m giving the benefit of doubt to all of them, saying all are bad 🙂

But there is one thing which is unlike others. I dont want to say I’ll not be a politician because it is bad. No! To be very frank, I want to be a political leader. The thought is not an impulsive moment.

I have been dabbling with politics like situations till date. I remember when I was in school, I was unanimously voted by all teachers to captain one of the four houses we had. I was only in my ninth grade and still leading a batch of 300 odd students. Although I couldn’t win the school championship, I had individually won 5 trophies (3 in sports and 1 in mimicry and 1 in debate). My teachers said I should become a lawyer. I was only 13 then and I didn’t know what a lawyer does. As I grew up, I was also chosen as the school representative in my junior college. I had once led a walkout because the class wanted a teacher to be replaced but didn’t have guts to speak to the principal. Needless to say, I was also one of the top performers in the college.

My engineering days had more challenges in store for me. I have studied in one of the best privately managed colleges in Maharashtra, which meant it had the best of students competing against each other. I fell behind academically. But I more than made it up with cricket and extra curricular activities. I soon discovered that I was more suited to the literary activities, stage performances and debates to be specific. I soon started writing articles, some of them featured in news papers as well. I was the master of the ceremony and also hosted one of the best fashion shows happened that time around in my city. During my third year engineering team, I joined the elite central editorial team of the magazine committee, a post I carried till I left the college. I had also represented the college in a tech-fest organized by IIT Chennai. I narrowly lost the branch presidential elections by just two votes during my final year, but remained on the central managing committee of the cultural fest of the college.

I went on to do my masters in management from Pune univ and have represented the class for entire duration. During my first job, I revolted against an unruly boss and his antics. It cost me my job, but his mistakes cost him his as well. Since then I have been a dominant figure wherever I went. I now own a company along with my 4 other partners and I still lead them.

Please dont think I’m trying to impress you. I’m just trying to instill confidence in you (and me). So that if I decide contest polls, you probably will know who to vote for. I might probably be successful in pulling some people out of their homes and vote. Believe me, I’ll be a good leader.

Feeling hot hot hot!

I had stepped out of the office for an hour some time back. My body was almost smelted like hot iron. Its just April 1 today and I’m feeling as if I’m in the desserts of Sahara. The mercury is already soaring at 37 degrees and it is scorching hot. Even worse is yet to come.

Gosh! So much for global warming.

April Fool!


Gosh I just made a fool out of you… Yes YOU! You dont believe it? I can prove. Just press F13 on your keyboard.

See! I told ya!