The jetpack is here

I posted this on CrazyEngineers. But I thought it might be a good read for my blog readers too.

After a long wait and few trial runs last year, the Jetpack has finally arrived on the scene. It was tested for the US army yesterday and successful it was!

Check the video here YouTube – Jet-Pack man!!!

The jetpack is actually a machine that can allow you (yes you as an individual) to fly in the air. It takes off vertically and is said to let you fly horizontally at approximately 50miles per hour (good 80kmph! whoa) The first glimpse of Jetpack was shown in the movie Spiderman II.

With the initial excitement dying down, I don’t know if this is really safe. It is designed to carry about 3 gallons of fuel and will run for approximately an hour in that. If they are planning to use it as the army infantry, I’m not sure thats a good idea. The question is, do we really need such gadgets? I mean of course I would love to fly, but not until its absolutely safe.

Your take!