The Wishing Well

Are you asking where is it? It is RIGHT HERE. Yes, exactly! This post is your wishing well and the comments section is where you got to put your wishes. I know this sounds funny. But it is good to be funny and stupid, is it not? How else will you justify the happy living then?

Anyway. Although this might seem like the eternal chain mails with Angels, Jesus to Sai Baba pictures making your wish come true. I’d still urge you to scribble some thing. It wouldn’t harm you if you decide to put a wish down here. I’m a strong believer of the ‘Law of attraction.’ So I believe writing your wish list and reading through it every day acts like a catalyst to your efforts put in achieving the goals (read wishes). In any case, you’ll be spamming my blog. So dont worry and go ahead… rant some thing.


I would like to…

Alright, I’m not a fan of this book, The Secret, but I must admit that I read it and I see no harm in trying things it says. After all it is for good of all ours. So one of the things it says when you want to achieve in life, big or small, you should always yearn for it and put it on the wish list and a wish board. Good… so here is my wish list.

I would like…

  • World’s big companies to allow me to be a part of their management, one at a time. I believe in process improvement and I’m confident I can help them run their business better than what they are doing right now… I know I’m inexperienced, but I just want them to give me a chance.
  • To own a BMW 3 series Sedan (formerly 325i). I know its not the top end models in the BMW stable, but I believe its the best engineers car till date I have seen, read or heard of.
  • To be a business leader and owner of the most reputed business consultancy in the world, if not the largest. I hate stupidity and people who hinder growth by being stupid. I want to show the world how to think for the better.
  • To write and direct 3 films. I have stories in my mind. If there are few producers interested in genuine work, I can lend my intelligence. Yeah, lot of thought needs to go behind the entertainment industry too, which is not being done right now.
  • India to respond better to the challenge the world throw at it. Be it the cricket team or the Nuke deal, we mostly fail in the final stages. I would like to take India to the old “golden sparrow” days. The most powerful nation in the world.
  • To work in and for the stock market once, I need to know how to control stocks. So that I can ensure the economy never goes into recession. There are always 3 ways of doing things, one is the public way, other is a wrong way and third is the optimistic aggressive way.
  • To meet the terrorist outfits, under world dons. I want to know what is the motive behind their angst. I believe killing the militants or beefing up the security will not help. Killing the cause is more important. May be I can make a film on it.

I guess that is all. Buying a house, earning big bucks, big salary jobs… I feel these are generic wishes. I will get them even if they don’t feature on the wish list.