World Cup 2010: First Round Analysis

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The soccer world cup has been full of sad surprises. Join me in a group by group update-

Group A: France’s performance has been the mother of all surprises. The start studded team is languishing at the bottom of the table with their chances of progressing resting on a wafer thin line. They lost to Mexico 0-2 and drew blank with Uruguay. While the goal difference of Mexico is 2 and that of Uruguay is 3, France’s goal difference is -2. So for them to have any realistic chance of qualifying, they must beat South Africa by a difference of 4 goals and pray one of Uruguay or Mexico lose by at least 3 goals. If the two teams draw, they will progress and France will automatically be out. The equation looks unlikely and in all probabilities, France is going to be eliminated again. (Remember 2002?)

Group B: Argentina became one of the first teams to sail through to the second round. A solid display against the Nigerians followed by equally impressive goal scoring display against the South Koreans, they are a team looking most likely to lift the cup this time. Greece and South Korea have one win each and Nigeria are out. With Argentina already through, it all depends if Greece can pull off a good result against them. Otherwise South Korea looks all set to move to second round. Continue reading

Who Will Win the FIFA World Cup 2010?

I’m betting heavily on England, Argentina and Spain. Brazil too look strong and Italy can always spring a surprise. France looks out of sorts whereas Germany and Holland are depleted with injuries. The African teams Ghana and Ivory Coast are good but not good enough to with the cup. Same is true with Japan and South Korea. Let us hope some one springs a surprise. Anyway, let us first take a poll here: