The Review: Whats your Raashee?

whats-your-raasheeWatching the movie made me feel proud of my observation. My analysis of the Raashees is more accurate than what Ashutosh Gowarikar has shown. You dont agree? Read  this –> Whats your Raashee, and then compare it with the movie.

Anyway, let us not spend too much time on the argument. Coming back to the movie, I guess you already know the story. Yogesh Bharatbhai Patel (Harman Baweja), an NRI from Chicago is called by his parents so that they can marry him. Yogesh’s family is actually going through a financial crisis. An astrologer tells them that the day Yogesh gets married, he is going to be super rich. That turns out to be true. How? Courtesy Yogesh’s maternal grand iven . But he has a wish. He will hand over every thing to Yogesh only on the day he gets married. So that is why the family wants to marry off Yogesh. While deciding on that, he bumps in to a book “Whats Your Raashee?” where he learns about the various sun signs. So he decides to meet a girl of each raashee so that he can try himself out with them and decide on whom to marry. Thats about it. The whole movie then revolves around Yogesh and his 12 prospective brides (12 beautiful Priyanka Chopras). Nice idea but sad execution.

The movie could have been more intriguing. But sadly though, it fails to strike the chord at the right moments. The biggest flaw of the movie, I would say, is in its editing. Most of the time it feels like we are watching different movie clips, one at a time. Besides not all raashees have been given equal and proper weightage. I guess Ashutosh has some favourites and some not so favourites. So ones that he likes are shown very nicely. The Capricorn female, for example, is not given any footage at all. Libra woman are methodical and practical. But they are charming too, and they smile a lot! The Sagittarius female did not come up well at all. And the Piscean was shown to be too stupid. Having said that, some of the depiction are near perfect. A Gemini is as bubbly as Kajal Thakkar, a Virgo is as caring, simple and stubborn as Pooja Goradia, A cancer is as emotional as the Hansa Parekh and a Scorpio is as exciting, sexy and passionate as Nandini. Ashutosh has also made an attempt to address some issues such as dowry, child marriage, the hate for NRIs. They gel well with the movie.

Performance wise, I guess every one plays their part well. Harman though could have done better. I couldn’t stop myself from imagining Saif Ali Khan in the role. Priyanka is SUPERB! No one else could have done better. She is the life and blood of the otherwise drab movie. Rest of the characters, including Darshan Jariwala as the marriage bureau chief and Yogesh’s uncle and Anjan Shrivastava as Bharatbhai Patel, Yogesh’s fatehr have done notably well.

All and all, the movie is just a one time watch. There are some scenes that are really likeable. And there are some where you feel the movie is stretched far too long. One or two songs are good, but nothing much. “Jao na” especially is hummable.  May be when the VCD is out, I might want to buy it and watch only select scenes. Ashu, you could have done better!