Volkswagen, You are BAD!

I had a complaint Volkswagen’s showroom in Thane. I had a bad experience and I ably wrote to the company to voice my concern. But it seems my voice has fallen on deaf ears. It has been 20 days since the event and I’m still waiting for a reply from Volkswagen India.

It happened a day before Diwali. We have been thinking about changing our car and were on a look out for some time. I was interested in exploring more about the new Vento launched by VW. Despite my wife’s complaints about the name, we still walked in to the Volkswagen Thane showroom. Continue reading

Testing the Sedans!

PS: This will be a long post.

My interest in cars is not hidden from people who know me. In the past I have written about the new Jetta from Volkswagon and the Fiat Linea. So when me and my wife got in to a discussion about upgrading our existing car, I decided that I’ll evaluate all prospective vehicles before finalising on one. I’m done with it now and I have put a comparison chart below based on the parameters on which I evaluated each one. I hope this helps to other prospective buyers like me.

The rating is between 1 to 10, with 10 being highest. Higher the points, better is the car amongst the competitors. 

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