Testing the Sedans!

PS: This will be a long post.

My interest in cars is not hidden from people who know me. In the past I have written about the new Jetta from Volkswagon and the Fiat Linea. So when me and my wife got in to a discussion about upgrading our existing car, I decided that I’ll evaluate all prospective vehicles before finalising on one. I’m done with it now and I have put a comparison chart below based on the parameters on which I evaluated each one. I hope this helps to other prospective buyers like me.

The rating is between 1 to 10, with 10 being highest. Higher the points, better is the car amongst the competitors. 

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Volkswagon Jetta

Wow! This is a car that is to look forward to. Coming straight from the German stable, this is an outstandingly successful VW world car. It is going to be launched in India by end of 2008. I’m really looking forward to it. No, with a price tag of about 14 lacs ex. showroom Mumbai for the base version, I can’t really buy it now. But well I want to see how does it compete with the likes of Corolla and Civic

Are VW guys reading this? I would like to test drive and put a user review of this car. Please accept and fulfill my desire.