Mobile Number Portability

I wrote this post long ago on VoiCE blog. Re-posting here with some changes

India has been buzzing with the talks of mobile number portability. After much deliberation and a delay of almost a year, which is not unnatural here, the service has finally gone live. The new Telecom minister launched it as a pilot in Haryana in December before the pan India launch on January 20 2011. So what does it hold for us? Let us try and find out. Continue reading

Ponder Thunder

Have you ever wondered on any of these things?

  • We are a country divided by race, ethnicity, religions and united by the cricket team of India.
  • Some of the most popular television advertisements are always made by the brand that is number two or three in India. Example Vodafone, Motorola, Surf, Boost, Pepsi.
  • Also, we remember all of these ads but hardly any of these products. Even have actually not influenced our decision to buy.
  • Best place to rant is your diary, your blog and your mobile phone… and best place to vent your frustration out is a football field or the kitchen.
  • Your mobile phone will essentially vibrate every time you are in the middle of an interview or with your boss discussing on some thing important. Interestingly, it will be in your lower or back pocket… making the matter worse.
  • What maketh a man these days is fat pay package, sexy mobile and great contacts… no longer his manhood.
  • Why does, “Hey… good news!” always means someone’s getting married or becoming a parent? Aren’t other news good?
  • (Latest) The extension rings and your boss calls exactly the moment you return from the coffee machine with a hot cup. He eats your time directly proportional to the amount heat lost by the coffee.

iphone in India: Hit or a miss?

I would say 50:50. I’m trying to analyze Apple’s strategy and iphone being a household name in India. No criticism, no praise, no publicity, this is just a plain curious analysis.

00:00 on 22nd August, iphone let its first baby cry out albeit very lamely. It was, I think one of the quietest launches for Apple any where in the world. They reported in Economic times that the launch of the iphone at a Vodafone outlet in Connaught place, Delhi’s plush business locality, the journalist heavily outnumbered the buyers (source: Knowledge@Wharton) Sigh! Had I been Nokia, I would have made out a sarcastic ‘ what a pity’ expression.

What is the reason for such a poor response to one of the most talked about innovation? Price, I see is one of the reasons for such a meager response. While the best phones are available only at as high as 24k, paying 31k (about US $720) for the base iphone model seems ridiculous. That too when the same model in available at $199 in US. Does it not sound like discrimination? The model should have been cheaper in India. More than 50% correction and I bet if iphone is not a household name.

Apple, who is known for marketing its products very well seems to have lost a plot here. They have always managed to create the fanfare behind every thing they do. In fact, mac has made its way to the status symbols list almost every where. So what happened here? Did they give up even before they started? I think there is a catch here. May be Apple didn’t want to launch iphone in countries in India. Unlike US, where they have a large customer base for Mac, India is pretty much novice to what Apple products are. So probably Apple didn’t expect huge response and hence never wanted to create the same hoopla aka US. They have been quietly sitting and enjoying Airtel and Vodafone struggle to attract customers.

Another catch, while they launched iphone with a single operator elsewhere, they chose to go with India’s leading GSM operators Airtel and Vodafone at a time. Now iphone’s sale will have no impact on either Airtel or Vodafone simply because it is not going to amplify their customer base. They are just happy to earn that extra money on commission of selling iphone through their stores. They might succeed poaching some from the rival CDMA operator and second largest in India, Reliance communications. But how much is that going to be? Not enough.

Absence of 3G is also not helping the sale again. iphone is using the EDGE technology available in India which is not enough to really unravel the true essence of the phone. So till the time there is no 3G, iphone deems like any other phone, albeit very costly.

Absence of basic features as I’m told is also working against the iphone. I have heard transfer of data through blue tooth is not possible, plus the phone is not compatible with any system but a Mac. There are enough headaches of using a touch screen already (ask me, I’m using one) and forwarding SMS is a big pain in the ass.

Besides the rivals are not keeping quite at all. Nokia N96, Philips Xenium, LG1000, Samsung Omnia have all chipped in. And all of these are priced at least 5k lesser than iphone.

All I can say to Apple at the moment is “Best of Luck. You need it”  :mrgreen: