Part Three awaited?

The story, Tejas and Namita has received variety of feedbacks. I’m happy to now that many people have read and appreciated the story. Lot of them told me that I have touched a new subject and that it is looking good. Thanks a lot!  🙂

Part I generated the anxiety and received good comments. Part II has actually run dry on responses. Not that people didn’t respond, they shied away from commenting on the blog. I have received at least 10 opinions and comments in different forms on the same. Some face to face, some on chat and a couple on an email. All of them are expecting a part three. But let me tell you, I have not yet decided on it.

What bothers me here is “Is the matter of virginity and asking the person about his/her sexually active/inactive status is such a taboo that no one wants to discuss it?” Was Tejas wrong in asking this question to Namita?

I’m surprised.

Weird Question

A friend had asked me a question some time back (actually long time back). “If you were given a chance to break your virginity on your choice, who would you like to mate with?”

Would you like to answer?

PS: I believe we break our virginity by chance and not by choice.