Some Thing That Hurts

I caught the glimpses of the Oscar winning movie ‘The Hurt Locker‘ some time back. Though I haven’t seen the complete movie, the glimpses were enough to unsettle my thoughts. The movie is about the plight of a bomb diffusion squad stationed in Iraq, deployed to help the American forces to combat the possible time bombs and suicide or human bombers. The movie is not only about how they diffuse they diffuse the bombs, but also about the plight of the team who is required to fight in challenging conditions for reasons not known to many.

It also made me remember an interview of a soldier Indian Express had published long time ago. He was deployed with the Border Security forces and was required to fight the Bodo ultras. I guess the character of Tarun Chauhan in the movie Tango Charlie was based on him. Today the news papers are full of stories on the Maoist insurgence and how they ran their armed business under our very own nose and without much ado. They have recently slain 73 policemen in one of the deadliest attacks on armed forces by the Maoists in India. A curious journalist interviewed Mr. Vishwa Ranjan, DIG of Chhattisgarh and asked him if we could use air strikes to negate them. To which he said, ‘Air strikes? we are fighting our own men who seem distracted.’ You know how it feels? Continue reading