Should Kasab be Hanged?

Frankly speaking, I dont want to answer this questions. Every time I hear that name, I remember the dreadful night when he killed so many innocent people in Mumbai. But every time I think of killing him instantaneously, I feel I should not do so.

Imparting a capital punishment is very easy. It only eases the passing of the culprit. Hanging Ajmal Kasab will make him a martyr. His name will be taken with respect by his brothers and mentors. They sent him to die as a ‘Shaheed’ any way.

I don’t think he should be hanged. What do you think?

26/11, Kasab, Congress, Terrorism…

All of the words in the title of this post are separate titles. Any one can write very long posts on each of them, Yours truly included. But I’m not going to do that. For once I’m hoping for peace on the eve of second anniversary of 26/11

Frankly speaking I have read and heard a lot about it. And there is nothing left to talk about it. 26/11 is still not forgotten, we all are still not fully secure, Kasab is still not hanged and on the contrary, enjoying royal treatment, Terrorism is still rampant and Congress is still in power in both state and center.

What do I say? God save mankind!

Death for Kasab… so what?

Ajmal Aamer Kasab, the infamous terrorist, the only one of the 12 attackers captured alive has finally been sentenced to death. Lot of people celebrated, lot of them also distributed sweets and burnt crackers. The head line in today’s TOI read death for the one who gave death. Its good that justice has been imparted to those who suffered ‘only in 18 months’ of time. However the entire episode gives me a very sombre feeling. Continue reading

Ajmal Kasab…

… Should have been shot at Girgaon Chowpatty itself. More than 50 lacs of public money has been lost on account of managing that ill brain washed dumb head.