You must be kidding. I’m good at hiding things and more importantly, lying about them. See, didn’t I say that? 😉

Alright I was tagged by Pallavi to make some confessions on my own. I was also tagged by Shilpa few days ago on a similar post but on Gender stereotypes. Finally the time has come to oblige. Before I begin, let me tell you that I’ll be confessing only on 5 facts.   🙂

  1. I’m wary of female bosses. Although I have never had a female boss till date, I some how am not comfortable with it. I pray I dont get a female boss. No gender biases here and the females reading this know that. I just have a feeling that females are not rational decision makers.
  2. I’m a bit reticent and under confident when it comes to opening up conversations or talking to strangers. I’m not a very confident guy when it comes to speaking my mind out in public or private.
  3. I have a habit of hiding emotions. Most of the times I tell people that I can not display emotions. But the fact is that I hide them.
  4. Till I was in my teens, I always used ladies deodorants. Because I liked their fragrance more than the Men’s  😛
  5. No matter how much I try. I still JUST CANT GO ON A DIET!!! So stop making comments about that growing belly and that I have started looking fat. I love my food and like to enjoy it to the fullest.

Thats it boys and girls. No more from me! Who do I tag? Well, Gaurav, Harshad, Saandeep and Smita. Go on guys… make those confessions 😉

Alright I’m Tagged

Saandeep tagged me on a post on his blog. There were about 10 questions I needed to answer. Normally I wouldn’t have responded to tagged posts. But the questions were good and I thought I’ll surely answer this one. I hope you will enjoy the questions. So here I go-

1. What one material thing are you hoping/ scoping to inherit?

Ans: Me? I think it should be my ancestral property in my home town. I’m going to get it any way. I’m the only son you see.

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