Down Down Down

I have deleted the original contents of this post. I wrote about how bad I was feeling yesterday and nothing was working out right for me. However I pondered upon a bit and thought life was not as difficult. And moreover putting those things on the blog doesn’t help me much, except increasing my tension. I prefer not to spread negativity.

Today is a new day and a new beginning. I’m happy and I wow to be that ways. Thanks to my friends Kidakaka and Nee for helping me out.

Learning Table Tennis

I have been very emotionally trying to play table tennis for last few days. Although I have improved a lot, but for most of my colleagues, I’m a sub zero… still. Now my problem is, I just fail to be delicate on the shot and/or the ball. I still don’t know how to handle the spin. I can’t keep my smash on the table. I dont know what it means when the other guys say its your call now. Hmmm… may be I’m a novice. I should better play cricket.

Anyway, the greatest asset I have, as far as table tennis is concerned it the back hand return. Please… don’t roll your eyes too much. I know a lot of people prefer playing forehand. But I can’t do that, some how. And I can’t perfect the back hand either. Just that probably the way I hold my racket and move my hand, it puts a deadly spin on the ball and is very difficult for the opponent to return. Of course this is a rare shot, 😛 I need to collect the ball with my racket that is… which is rare. 🙂

Now I’m searching for some one who can teach me how to play table tennis. Hello… anyone reading?