Where the hell is Rakhi?

In case if your memory is too short, let me remind you that few months ago, the self proclaimed bollywood bomb shell Rakhi Sawant had organised a Swayamwar and had also engaged herself with the NRI Elesh Parujanwala. Now you get it? Remeber that sick Rakhi? Well the news of her breaking off the engagement is old now. Although there was a mild ‘hoopla’ in the media about it (although our poor gal Rakhi tried her best), it is now history. They did appear in another reality show, ‘Pati Patni aur Woh’ together. But the news is, they are NOT getting married for sure.

Didn’t we know this already? Poor Rakhi. We already knew about her ‘future’ problems with Elesh darling. We care about her. So we had declared the outcome of this ‘relationship’ long back. The question is, ‘Where the hell is Rakhi now?’ Oh, sorry… better question is, ‘What is she up to?’   :mrgreen:

I think the whole ‘Wedding related’ reality shows have gone sore. It is really sad and sick to witness such crap being run on Indian Television. Perfect bride was another stupendous example of the depths to which Indian Television can fall. It all looked stupid, sheepish and scripted. And if you thought we had had enough, there is more to come. The wicked-son-of-a-great-man Rahul Mahajan is coming soon with his version of Swayamvar. WTF! I have heard some soon to be free inmates are going to take part in the show. Guys….

Even if I decide to ignore the television, some one else will switch it on. Duh! Some one please save us from them. Oh, by the way, ‘where the hell is Rakhi?’ :mrgreen: