Scary Picture

I saw thie movie ‘Eagle Eye‘ over the weekend. While it was just a movie, it scared me a bit. The movie makes an attempt to show the invasion of technology in our private lives and lets us know how vulnerable we already are. I dont think any thing I have done so far, except what is there in my mind is private. Google Chrome proved me right yesterday.

Fed up of the new ‘slow’ version of Firefox, I decided to try out Chrome. Whn I was done with installation, just before starting up Google threw me a question. It was asking me if they could store my browsing history with them and use it for analysis and study purpose. I instantly clicked ‘Nah!’ Why would Google want to know what I browse? Of course for the Ad Sense, Ad Words, for future improvements of Chrome… as a Google fan you will answer this. But what for? And what is the surity that Google will still not store my browsing history? I think I have already exposed all my passwords and other details about so many things linked online to a web browser (May it be IE, FF, Chrome, Opera…). And it is not just about Google alone.

We were already captured on innumerable CCTV cameras around our world. The bank websites already know all about you, your history, your family, your possesions. Face book knows all about your friends. Linkedin knows all about your business contacts. WordPress knows all about you blog. Visa knows all your credit dealings… and your bank records. And the insurance company knows every thing about your family. What if you were caught nude on a CCTV camera in a changing room and it has come back to haunt you now after 10 years? What if some one hacked your browser and siphoned the money out? What if the entire data was being stored in a big storage space and your life is being monitored day in and day out?

The picture is scary and we cant do any thing about it.  :mrgreen: