IPL Convener Lalit Modi says he shifted the much hyped tournament out of India because the game should not suffer at any cost. Where as the real reason is the millions riding over the tournament and all BCCI wanted to do was earn money for itself. BAKWAAS!

Sharad Pawar says he should be made the prime minister of India because it is high time that a ‘Marathi Manoos’ was made a PM. We have had a Sikh PM, South Indian PMs, North Indian PMS and all. By that equation Mr. Pawar, will you also support Lalu Yadav if he thinks a Bihari was never made the head of the country? BAKWAAS!

Sanjay Dutt decided to contest the elections from Lucknow of a Samajwadi party ticket because he thinks he is very close to the city (having spent 3 of his 52 years there) and Samajwadi Party is truly ‘Samaj Wadi’. Mr. Dutt, by this equation you are more closer to Mumbai North-Central… and if Samajwadi party indeed connects well with the masses then what is the big problem in fielding a local Lucknow candidate? BAKWAAS!

US wants India to help Pakistan combat terror. Well, I need to correct you here Mr. Obama. How can you expect us to tell a man eater lion to give up meat? Why dont you try taming him instead? BAKWAAS!

Movie review: Kidnap, take a nap

Don’t watch it. Its as simple as that. Kidnap fails to break your afternoon nap. Frankly speaking I expected too much from the movie and too little from Imran Khan. I was proved wrong on both accounts.

The movie is all about an orphan (Imran) taking his revenge on a billionaire (Sanjay Dutt) for a small (?) mistake he did that ruined his life. Vikrant Raina (Dutt) is a business tycoon (net worth 51.7 billion dollors ) who lives in US. He is very arrogant, self centric and egoist. One reason why he and his wife Mallika (played by Vidya Malvade) do not get along and lead a separate life. However their daughter Sonia (Minissha Lamba) doesn’t approve her mother’s stoic approach to her married life. She fights and rebels, wanting to meet her father. Instead she chooses to wear a bikini and go swimming in the sea, where she is kidnapped by our boy wonder Imran Khan. Hammered, battered and hardened by realities of life, Imran is a guy who is determined to take revenge on Sonia’s father Vikrant. So he calls up her residence and Declares he would not talk to any one but Vikrant Raina. There begins the cat and mouse chase with Vikrant almost every time dancing on the tunes of our hero.

Frankly speaking, the movie could have been much better. There was so much to delve deep inside the childhood trauma-problematic marriage-teenage daughter’s kidnap plot. However Sanjay Gadhvi (the mis-director) only manages to delve deeper inside Minissha’s cleavage. One thing I failed to understand, How on earth she manages to wear all the hot clothes and sing a song when being abducted? Gosh… Mr. Gadhvi, Dhoom was much better.

The film has been literally man-handled. Not only the plot, the casting, editing, even the performances are not up to the mark. Minissha Lamba has managed to get into a good shape after lot of hardships and she exhibits her assets pretty generously. However she was also supposed to act, which apparently she forgot. Sanjay Dutt is good but not too good to carry the film over his shoulders. Imran really surprised me. After the exuberance of the boyish charm in Jaane Tu, he tries his level best to get into the ugly mould. Considering its only his second film, I can excuse him. There is nothing to talk about others. The casting is horribly wrong. I mean Vidya Malvade, a model herself (and good looking too) as mother? Excuse us sir, this is too much.

Over all I would give one and half stars to the movie (purely on Minissha’s figure and Imran’s honest attempt to portray a baddie). But if you ask me, go and watch Mamamia or Flashbacks of a fool. They are better (much better)