Baba re Baba…

… Ramdeo Baba!   😀

That chant is so familiar to me. I remember my days when I was studying in Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College in Nagpur. Anyway, this post is not about my college or the chant. This post is about Baba Ramdev and his foray in the active politics. Yes, you heard it right. Baba Ramdev is floating a political party named ‘Bharat Swabhiman’. Dont believe? Check this.

Now this is a great news indeed. Baba Ramdev has already won millions of hearts in India and abroad with his ‘Yog Shiksha’ and medicines. He is a preacher of ayurved and yog. But I wonder how it is going to help him ‘cleanse’ the political set up in India. I’m sure he also knows that running a democracy is NOT JUST about cleansing the corrupt politicians, though I welcome the move.

I also wonder why he didn’t opt to join the RSS and eventually the BJP. RSS has been openly supporting Baba Ramdev. They also stood by him during the controversies he was involved in. They also have the common mission, to cleanse the system and bring back the black money to India. Then why not join hands? I’m sure Baba thought about it. But he knows best about his decision and I’m sure that is an informed decision. (Though I myself dont know what ‘informed decisions’ mean).

So here is my suggestion to Baba Ramdev. “Baba, if you look at the corruption, in my opinion only 10% is amongst the ministers. Rest of the corruption is on the lower level… the traffic cops, the clerks in the government offices, the managers in telcos and all of us. It is we who make them corrupt. Improve the lower strata and you will have a cleaner system.”

Jai ho! Baba re Baba… Ramdeobaba!

A tale of my city

I belong to a mid sized but wonderful city of Nagpur, located in the heart of India. Although known more for its oranges and tropical weather conditions, Nagpur is much more than ‘some city’ in India. Its been more than 5 years now when I left Nagpur in search of better prospects professionally. But my heart still lies where it was born.

My latest visit on the occasion of Rakhi was full of emotions and surprises. My stay was going to be 5 days long. One of the warm afternoons, I decided to take a bike ride across the city. You may not believe it, but despite being a large city, you can go from one end to the other in less than 45 minutes! Thanks to all the wonderfully built wide roads and splendid infrastructure easily giving Mumbai and Pune a run for their money. No wonder Nagpur has attracted huge investments recently, especially after the MIHAN cargo hub project was launched. It gives me all the more proud feeling 🙂

My ride started from Itwari via Mahal (because its near to my place). Amidst all the hustle bustle in the main market area, it was very nostalgic going through the familiar by lanes, drowning in the memory pond. I remember walking through these lanes, going for festival shopping with my mother. I always used to accompany her and help her carry all the hand bags laden with grocery or vegetables. In return she would feed me Paani Poori (yummy!) and delicious Dahi Kachori. I decided to go to the same stall and savor the taste I grew up on. While the inflation pressure has gripped the nation, I was surprised to see the ‘bhaiyya’ still sold the Paani Pooris at R. 3 per 5 servings. And the taste was even better! 🙂

Making my way through the corners of Gandhi Sagar (a lake) I went to Sadar via the imperial Nagpur railway station building. For those from Nagpur who have not visited our city for long, Kasturchand park at night is still as beautiful as ever. Making my way through the VCA ground and the lush green roads of Civil Lines, my next stop was at Telankhedi lake. Of course I was alone (yeah… my wife went to her ‘maikaa’ for Rakhi :mrgreen: ) so I decided not to halt. I went to the Samosewala and had one Samosa and one Kachori each. Again, no Jaswant in Andheri or Gurukripa in Sion can match the taste. Believe me!

Ah! I don’t know how much I can continue writing. I love Nagpur. Probably I will end here and come up with a part II where I will cover about me and my college RKNEC. If you are reading this and you are from Nagpur, do share your experience. If you are not, do visit our city and ask/tell me.

Do you need advice?

Lot of people come to me for advice. They think I’m a ‘gyani baba’‘ meaning a knowledgeable person. It really amuses me. I’m a guy with most ordinary record and absolutely mediocre intelligence. Dont believe? let me tell you who am I…

  • Through out my school life, I was an average student. I barely managed to feature in the ranks (only twice in numerous exams I appeared)
  • Tried hard but couldn’t get through in the Regional Engineering colleges. Although I was blessed to be a part of RKNEC civil branch.
  • Managed to some how clear my engineering in 4 years.
  • Failed in umpteen number of interviews before managing to crack CET and get through in MITSOM to complete my post graduation in marketing communications.
  • Topped the college in only one of the possible 4 semesters.
  • Changed 4 jobs in 3 years to move from junior to middle management.
  • Started a business, booked profit and left it in midway.
  • I’m earning more money than all my friends but lesser than all my colleague managers.

    And I’m still not clear what I should be doing.

    Despite all these facts and figures, I still think I can be a gyan guru.

    Do you think you should come to me for advice? You are most welcome!