Phoonk Review: Worth a kick

If Ram Gopal Verma happens to read my blog, I want to give a serious advice. I want to tell you Mr. RGV, “Please stop making movies. You are not good enough to entertain viewers any more.”

After all the fanfare and hoopla surrounding the movie Phoonk, it turns out to be a total dud. I’m clueless as to what RGV wanted his viewers to see. To talk about the story, well there is an engineer who doesn’t believe in god or ghosts. A couple, who are his friends, commit frauds in his business. Getting angry, he insults, pushes and shoves them out of his life. They decide to take revenge by casting black magic spell on his 10 yr old daughter. In the end, with help from doctors and a tantrik, they manage to save her. The End. 🙂

The entire movie fails to raise hair even once. Most of the scary sequence are either based on The Exorcist or Bhoot, RGV’s previous attempt at scaring people. His tall claims at giving out 5 lacs to a guy sitting alone in a movie theater have fallen flat within 3-4 days of opening. I have seen people actually coming out laughing at RGV or their own fate (having lost in excess of Rs.200)

On the positive side, both debut lead actors Sudeep (as the atheist engineer) and Amruta Khanvilkar (as a doting mother) have done very well. Ashwini Kalsekar in the role of the black magician is excellent. Even the girl Ehsaas as the affected child is good. One thing I like more is the way the movie has been shot. Complicated camera angles and the light effect really raise the otherwise dead script and narration. The background score sounds good but looks like its been lifted from Sarkar (same buzzing clarinet).

My take, see it at your own financial and time risk. I’m in no mood to give any stars to the movie. In fact, I will say “Phoonk! … and the movie goes out of the theatres!”