Mind Recalls

Have you ever wondered how your mind responds to your signals? I’m not talking about all or the most complex signals. But a simple ones, like the one where you remember what you had learnt earlier. So while I’m saying that, you might be wondering how difficult it was to mug up the history lessons and vomit it again in the papers when you were in your primary and secondary schools. Why history, we also mugged science lessons. We read the entire book, but recalled only a few lines. Ever wondered why? Funny is it not?  🙂

Well the school studies still give me shivers. Learning all the poems and yet not being able to recite them in the oral examinations. Man! Mind used to behave very funny at times. It will remember and throw the most useless to you. And yet not respond to you when you needed to recite poems. Anyway, I have observed that remembering and recalling faces is also funny you know. You never know what picture of a person will flash in front of you when you utter the name. For example if some one says Shah Rukh Khan, I remember him as the idiot par excellence Raj Malhotra from DDLJ. SOme one else might remember the half naked one from Om Shanti Om. And we might have seen both the movies. Ever wondered why a particular image flashes?

Why Shah Rukh? When I remember my mother, I recall her as a lady wearing a chiffon saree tucked at her waist and ready to prepare yet another delicious dish. Of course there are many things I remember about her. But the first mind recall is the one I just mentioned. Without naming any one, when I remember some of my friends, I remember a guy sitting in the canteen with a cream and orange striped tee, another guy riding a Suzuki Samurai and another one in a blue pathani suit. And then I remember a girl descending a flight of stairs wearing a bright magenta salwaar kameez, and another girl leaning against a railing, flashing a smile or sitting in a cafe with her chin rested on her palm, again flashing a smile. Sigh! Good old days. 🙂

I have spent considerable time with all these people. The recalls I have are not the first or the last meetings. But I dont know why the particular pose or expressions have had a lasting impression on my mind. The recalls are funny, is it not?