R A N D O M Realizations

Have you ever come across a random realization? Dont expect me to explain you what exactly I’m trying to say. If you understand it, THAT probably might turn out to be a random realization. For example I suddenly realised that I’m thinking as if I have so many things to do and I’m indeed looking very busy on a day like today when I have absolutely no work. Add to that my boss is also not in office. A couple of colleagues have also asked me if I’m very busy. But I’m not. I’m in fact chatting with some friends and trying to think of a topic to rant about. But I realised I tend to think about all the good topics on the days when I have the maximum work. Like I have been thinking about a new story for last few days when I had work. For the matter of fact, I had been working till midnight yesterday. And yet the story was making rounds on my temple and my finger tips. Probably my virility as a writer comes from the fact that I’m challenged by conditions around me. That brings the best out of me and the stories like ‘When they met in Paris’, ‘Draped’, ‘Man in the mirror’ or ‘Beyond Memories’ are just the outcome of it.

Realizations again can be sweet or bitter. Marriage is a good example of it. You never know how patient you are until you have actually got into an argument with your wife and emerged a winner. You wouldn’t also realize, until you are married of course, why it is required to lie to your wife about meeting your ‘male’ friends after office hours. But it becomes imperative after all, when the match is so important and the glass of free beer is just not the one to be missed. You also realise that these realizations were not important to you when you weren’t married and still into your affair/courtship. And you suddenly realise that the wedding belled you   🙂

I realised I could write, when I was in 10th standard. Now there is a sarcasm here (and I hate to explain it). People dont realise they can only scribble and not actually write. Having said that, since the time I started writing, I have also realised that it is turning out to be a very satisfying experience. Many others have started believing it. I had written this post few months back about inspiring 10 other people to write. Well now the count went up to 16, with another friend joining the blogging community. I have realised, good work and perseverance pays   🙂

R A N D O M: V

When nothing else works, random does. 🙂

I’m sure Random will inspire me to write good articles and new stories in the future. I had been blanking the ‘Stories’ section for too long now. Speaking about stories, yesterday a friend compared me to Chetan Bhagat first, and then to Jug Surraiyya (when I told him I’m interested in writing columns. Comparison with Jug was a BIG one though). In fact, in the last few months I have received quite a few compliments (so it seems) that I can be a Chetan Bhagat (I mean a writer like CB). I dont know if it is a compliment. I’m personally not a big fan of his (or his writings). I think his style of writing is very easy one. And I dont want to match it at all. Without being critical of him (since I dont like to criticise people in the creative field), I’m in fact trying to evolve a more complex and intriguing style, myself. Some thing that will keep the reader glued and guessing (Some one said Robert Ludlum, eh?). And apply the same style to my love stories. Ha! That makes some sense. (it is supposed to make a sense).

(Too many bracketed disclaimers)  🙂

Have you bought a house? I have. By no means I want to look down upon you, in case if you haven’t. In fact I would look up to you. At least you are saved of the ‘EMI ka Phera’. When 60% of your hard earned salary goes into paying House, Car, Education load EMIs and another 30% on household expenses and bills, that is when you realise how dreadful is the Phera. It is an absolute, humongous, capacitive, redundant force that stops you from doing almost every thing you want to. You cant just plunge into a business unless you have a contract in hand. Even if you have, you compare the earning with the value of the EMIs. You cant think of an alternate profession. You cant fight with your boss. (what if he fires you? Who’ll then pay the EMIs?). You get nightmares that recovery agents are banging your door. You cant think of any thing but that… You cant this… You cant that… You cant blah… You cant bloop… !!!

Waiiiiiiiit a minute!

Now I know why I’m not able to write good stories for last few weeks. Good that I have found out. The sinking feeling is going to sink now. I’m going to be right on it. Tell me, do you also face such randomness? Just splash some water on it and you’ll feel fresh. 🙂

R A N D O M IV: Gen Next

I guess every generation is a next generation. At least literally it happens so. I was in my parking lot today morning and I over heard a very young boy telling his friend about some update he read on twitter. Twitter eh? The boy must be a high school going kid. And they are already twitting. 🙂 ‘The Gen Next’, I said to myself.

I wonder what I used to do when I was in 9th or 10th standard. How did I update my friends? One thing for sure, it was a hell of an effort in the eyes of the school going kids today. I mean, who would want to have long telephone conversations with all the friends? You just update on twitter and voila! It is done. Hmmm, I guess I’m old enough to say the generation next has arrived. But I’m still an old traditional guy. I miss those long telephone conversations, carrying the black Sony cordless phone to the terrace so that my mother doesn’t object. I think I didn’t know what internet was as a school going kid. That was how we twitted 10-12 years back.

The internet arrived and we changed. Yahoo messenger and chat rooms became the in thing when I joined college. I remember how almost all conversations started as ‘Hi… asl?’ At least 2 visits to the internet cafes became a must. In fact I had almost tricked my dad to make an investment in starting an internet kiosk. But sadly then and thankfully now, it didnt work out. It took lot of convincing to finally get him to buy a computer at home. Then when my sister got into engineering 6 years later, the computer and the internet at home became a necessity for her. And my father didn’t wink.

Last year into our studies, we were introduced to Orkut and Gmail. The chat room fantasy had died down and the new phenomenon of scrap booking started. We started with long telephone calls on land line, my sister started with the same, but on mobile phones. And she was hooked on to Orkut for all of her engineering days. The gen next is now all over Facebook, twitter and I’m sure you will have some thing else very soon. In fact, lot f people already have their personal web space (blogs). Time will come when they will have a whole lot of stuff for themselves as well.

They say that the time keeps bettering itself. So the time will keep changing where the gen next spends their time. The physical mailers, the land line phones, the mobiles, the advent of high speed internet… what next?

R A N D O M: Part III

I was just wondering in the morning today. The genie in the bottle must be really cramped for space. Is it not? The way we are cramped for space here in Mumbai? But they (The genies) are shown to have enjoyed a really good living in there. They seem to have a lavish living room and such good homes. Alright wait! I guess I know the secret. If you reduce yourself to a miniature size, you might do wonders with the available space you got. So why not I reduce myself to one fourth the size of what I am. Then I can transform my apartment into a duplex, or even better- a palatial bungalow!

Oh well! I think its either the Liril 2000 or the shower cabinet in my bathroom. Either of them is having a damaging effect on my brain. After all reducing myself will not reduce the size of the world. Is it? Ha ha, this looks like a joke straight from the ‘Khichadi’ or ‘Sarabhai’ serials. 😛

Coming back to the space problem in Mumbai. There is a home available for every one here. Yet every one feels cramped. Although every one wants to stay as close to the root hub, not all can afford it. So why not actually have a rule to construct affordable housing in almost every area? For every 10 premium buildings, we should have one low cost housing colony. It should constitute high rise towers and be designed in such a way that maximum space is utilised for living.

I guess some thing is wrong with the Garnier shampoo as well. What the hell am I talking? Do we really have so much space in Mumbai left to be constructed? And what about the traffic problem? Okay let me suggest. I say levy an additional tax for driving cars during peak hours on busy roads. At the same time, fine people who do not use car pool despite being possible. Encourage use of buses and trains.

Gosh! Even the Gillette shave gel is troublesome.


If you have noticed some thing about the last post R A N D O M, you will know the new thing coming up. Apart from the post being weird, it was posted under a new category, labeled ‘Humour’. *Please laugh*

I know I’m no stand up comedian. So what? Most men aren’t. But the good fact is, most stand up comedians are men. So thats some thing to cheer about. *Please laugh*  People say the life of a comic piece is its material. Hmmm, now I know why most women fail to tickle the funny bone. Because the ‘material’ they have is not so suitable for comedy *Please dont laugh*

I hope I can bring a smile to some faces. So enjoy!