Thank You Phyan

Yesterday the whole of Mumbai was under the terror of Phyan, the dreaded cyclone. It was believed that the Phyan cyclone will hit the costs and create havoc. However nothing of that ever happened. In fact I have a strong belief that whatever the Met department says, it never happens. Anyway.

I’m indeed thankful to Phyan for the beautiful weather. It drizzled whole day yesterday. It meant that October heat has now dissipated and the greens are back again. A warm sunlight has been gracing the city since morning. The temperature is around 25 degrees. A steady breeze is blowing. All in all, it is a fantastic weather today.

Thank you Phyan! Thanks to You…


Its been raining very well for past couple of weeks in Mumbai. Today is one such rainy day again. I love rains. 🙂

I bumped into an old post of mine, ‘First Drop of rains‘. It made me feel nostalgic. Here, have a good read one more time. 🙂