Its been raining very well for past couple of weeks in Mumbai. Today is one such rainy day again. I love rains. 🙂

I bumped into an old post of mine, ‘First Drop of rains‘. It made me feel nostalgic. Here, have a good read one more time. 🙂

First drop of the rains.

It rained in Mumbai last night. What a welcome relief it was. It just happened that me and my wife were returning from our office, as usual late. I could sense the weight in the air even from inside of my car. I said to her, “do you think it will rain?” She said, ” If your heart feels so… it will” Well, an expert that she is in answering, it took my heart6 out of the window, waving in the air, weaving into the rain drops, swinging to the tunes of the whistling woods and I almost bumped into the truck in front of me.

Well, life’s realities are some times so stark that I feel like never living in the real world. So there we were, back to our flat after the hard day’s work. And there were so many things to do… put the garbage out, wash vegetables so that my wife could cook them, change clothes, look at where the stock market ended, look at the cricket news, and… oh no! I forgot to bring her medicines again. She would kill me if I told her. So i said, “honey, I’m going out to buy some mineral water. Will be back in 15 mins.”

Thankfully the chemist is just a few blocks away. So I could afford to take a stroll down hill and still make it home in time. As soon as I stepped out, as if he was waiting for me to splash the colours on my face. It rained! It actually started raining!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, and ears ans feelings. Oh how much I love rains. I could hear my Motorola E6i ringing in the back ground, must be my wife I thought. She is worried, I will get wet and fall sick. I’m worried too… does she know the rain has come to meet me? to seduce me and take me with her? I was completely lost in the drops falling continuously on my cheeks, my head, hair dripping from my palms and wetting me inside out. I kept walking, splashing water through the pathway in our streets. I saw children running out of their homes, mothers chasing them. I saw teens playing football in the neighborhood. I saw some unenthusiastic nerds taking shelter wherever they could. I saw me. ..myself in every drop that fell. I was enriched.

I heard the Motorola ringing again for the third time. Despite soaking it was still working well, good technology they make these days. It was my wife again. I said I have taken shelter in the chemist shop. But will be back soon. I did so, purchased the medicine and went back home.

“Its been almost an hour. Where have you been?” My wife asked. “On a date” I said, “with you!” and I walked straight in the bathroom.