Why do I blog?

blogJust had an interesting conversation with my friend on the above topic. I’m just trying to reproduce it here as much as I can.

Friend: Mayur, Tell me why do you write a blog?

Me: Well… I write a blog because I like writing and expressing my views.

F: So why not write a diary?

M: It is very tedious write. Typing is easier… we are more used to it you know.

F: Then why not write it in a word document?

M: I can do that. But then I like expressing views in a public domain. Moreover I’m not limiting myself to only expressing views. I also write movie reviews, love stories, general reviews etc. People read it, comment on it and help me improve myself.

F: So you write it because people read it? You mean to say you write it for them?

M: You are not completely wrong in saying that. Yes, the readers do encourage me. But they don’t necessarily inspire me to write more. I will continue to write even if I lose my readership.

F: So you don’t write it for popularity, do you?

M: See, popularity for me here is getting discount on purchase of salt or any other necessity item. I’m going to buy it irrespective of the discount. However getting a discount makes me happy none the less. Popularity for me is similar to this instance.

F: Hmmm… but then still there are other ways to express yourself. Why blog?

M: Blog is like my personal notice board. I can put on it whatever I feel like. And there’s a small visitor book in there where my readers can log their appreciation, curse or complaints. I want to make my views public with an effort not to offend any one. At the same time I want to get appreciation for the good work I’m doing and correct myself for the bad one I’m being pointed for. Makes sense?

It Did! My friend was happy… so was I    🙂

20000 and counting…

I know the post count still is a good 1000 short of the magic figure. But looking at the number of hits registered in last few weeks, I think it might turn out to be a record feat. My blog is averaging about 65-70 hits every day.Though I some times wonder why the number of comments so low.

Thank you readers!

Thank you Readers

This is my first post for more than a week now. I have not been posting anything substantial for last 15 days. Yet readers continue to throng my page. Thank you readers for boosting my confidence to write again and again. I’m conveniently assuming that you guys love my articles    🙂

Its been 7 months since I started this blog on wordpress. It has already registered more than 11,148 unique hits till date… an average of 54 hits per day. I never thought I could generate traffic of that volumes in a short span of time. My blog was also selected to be featured on CNN and BBC during the terror attacks on Mumbai. I think that was too much of an honor for a mediocre writer like me.

Thank you guys, really. Its been an amazing journey till date and will continue forever.