The Questions SENA can not answer

I was watching a talk show on a leading news channel few days back. They were discussing the hottest controversial topic and the subsequent back lash… ‘Whether Paki players be allowed to play in the IPL.’ The participants were a spokesperson for Shiv Sena, Niranjan Shah from BCCI and one Pro-Cricket person. I’m diplomatically naming the person as I dont know his name. Basically he was a person supporting the cricketing ties with Pakistan. Anyway, without beating around the bushes much, I’ll come to the point straight away.

Shiv Sena is basically opposing the cricketing ties with Pakistan. You all know why. So they have been targeting every one who is pro-cricket by labling them as pro-Pakistan.  So here are the questions they could not answer and will never be able to answer ever-

  • Why are you mixing Cricket and politics? (Sena’s Answer: We can not tolerate the Pakistani players coming to our motherland, playing with our players and earning huge money while their brothers (countrymen) are indulging in the terrorism.)
  • Let us not mix politics and sports. What have the cricketers got to do with the terrorism? (Sena’s Answer: They are all the same. First their government should stop spreading terrorism and then talk about sports. Why should we pay lacs of rupees to them and fund their terrorist activities?)
  • There is a concert for peace going on in India (named Aman ki Asha) many artiste from across the border have performed and many more will be doing so in the near future. We have Pakistani artiste who found permanent livelihood here in Mumbai and Bollywood (Adnan Sami, Atif Aslam, The fateh Ali Khans are the latest ones). Have you thought of fighting them and preventing them from performing in India as well? (Sena’s Answer: We are not against any artiste, sportsmen or a person in particular. But after what they have done against us, I think it is our moral duty to prevent them from entering the Indian territory. This is a cause for national interest and concern. And every Indian who is even little bit patriotic will surely second our view. Pakistani players should not be allowed. Thats it!)
  • Banning Pakistani cricketers from IPL is a cause of national concern and interest for you? How surprising is that? Dont you think you should leave the politics and the real national concerns such as terrorism and security to the current government? (Sena’s Answer: Yes this is a cause for national interest and concern. And every Indian who is even little bit patriotic will surely second our view. Pakistani players should not be allowed. You all will agree and we will fight till our last breath to stop the cricketers from playing in India)
  • Why do you think you can decide and make policies on behalf of the Indian people? Let the government do its job. And if you are so concerned about the problem of terrorism and the threat from the neighbouring nation, why dont you send your people to the borders and help the military cope with the real problem? It will at least be better than burning effigies, digging pitches and banning cricketers. (Sena’s answer: As I said, this is a cause of national concern for us. Whether you agree or not. We will not allow the Pakistani cricketers to enter our motherland. As for allowing the government to make policies, the current government is useless and scared of the Pakistanis. We will show them the real thing when we come to the power.)

Let me write a disclaimer here. The above questions answers are not the exact ones. The language and the content may be different. But the essence and the meaning was the same. Rest, you all are free to make assumptions, write scathing remarks and throw eggs at me. Bring them on!    🙂

No Pak Players in IPL III? Big Deal!

For all the Pakistani players who are cribbing for missing out on the IPL band wagon, here is my advice and words of wisdom.

  • Lot of good quality players from other countries were also not selected. Example, Doug Bollinger, Brad Haddin, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Upul Tharanga etc. They didn’t crib. Whats wrong with you guys?
  • Players say they are the world champions and snubbing them this way is an insult for them. I say big deal! I think Australia has rubbed a bigger insult on you by beating you again for a third straight white wash victory in just concluded test series. 12 test matches lost in a row. Congratulations!
  • Players say that Indian Junta will miss you in the IPL. I say, ummm… well… may be. But it is not ONLY you who’ll be missed.
  • Players say this is all being politically motivated. I say why not? Every thing in Pakistan is idiotically motivated. Your own people fight amongst each other and kill each other for a reason even the god wouldn’t know. By not selecting you, we are protecting you from similar idiotic factions in India. They might hurt you, you know.
  • I dont understand why the players are literally dying to play in IPL. You were a part of the first edition and it was really fun watching you guys here. But things have changed, thanks to your political leadership and terrorist activities. Kindly understand and accept it.

I feel sad about these guys. But what to do? They are pointing fingers at my countrymen. I had to react 🙂

Srilankan Cricketers attacked in Lahore

Pakistan’s quest to fight against terrorism and allegations by the world plunged further when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Sri Lankan cricket team today morning. The players were on their way to Gadaffi stadium in Lahore, proceeding for playing the second and final test match. The Dawn channel has shared footage of two gunmen opening fire, which is now being aired across the channels. Four or Five policemen are believed to be dead and seven players feared to be injured. However the names of the players are not yet disclosed.

Luckily for us, India had called off their tour of Pakistan in December in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. India has since been blaming Pakistan-based terrorists for the attacks. Sri Lanka was the only team who agreed to replace India play in Pakistan. The tour was split in two visits- playing the three-match one-day series in January followed by the two Tests which are underway now.

This incident goes down as a big jolt to the Pakistan Cricket and erstwhile concerns of security in the terror lorn country. The debates involving growing influence of Taliban in the country will now take a new meaning. All I can do now is to wish for the security of Srilankan cricketers and the wishful innocent Pakistanis. Inshahallah!