POW: In The Hiding

Location: Whispering Woods Resort, Lonavana. Time: Around Noon. Although the month is October, the weather was fantastic.

POW: Turn

POW: Enlighten Me!

Location: Kelva Beach Resort. Time: Early morning, may be around 8am.

POW: Spring Bloom

After a long break and a couple of gpows’, I’m finally putting up one from my own collection.

Location: A garden in Bhopal. Time: Around noon.

PS: I have submitted this picture at JPG magazine’s photo challenge. You may visit here and vote my photo.

POW: Sunset from my Balcony

Location: The back side of my apartment in Thane. Time: Evening

POW: Mumma’s Boy

A baby elephant with his mother

Location: Jim Corbett National Park. Time: 8am