Golden Oldies

The readership on my blog has recently increased. By that I mean in last 7-8 months, I have had many repeat visitors and the number goes every day. Selfishly assuming that I have been writing good articles from the day 1   🙂   I’m adding few of the old entries that the recent readers might have missed. Enjoy them and sorry for the selfish marketing  🙂

Need My Opinion? Be prepared

A colleague in my office today came up with a new hair do (some cuts, some color and some ‘some things’). Now if you are working in a company where male to female ratio is not worth telling, guys tend to notice almost every thing the available girls do. So obviously the Shahrukh Khans amongst us were quick to point out she looked like one of his glossy poppy actresses. Bah!

Thankfully my bay is less corrupt. So we knew we will be ‘asked’ for an opinion. The female did just that and it was her first mistake. I forgave her saying, “Oh really? sorry I didn’t notice.” But she wasn’t satisfied with that. So she made another mistake, pressed me for an opinion. This was my response.

“See please don’t take it to heart. But if you really want my opinion, that hair style is looking bad. Please understand that you are not white; you are not even fair. So coloring your hair golden brown will not work. It matches with your skin color. And you really looked good with those curly long hair. Your face is small. You shouldn’t have straightened and shortened your hair. But that’s all right.” 🙂

You obviously dont want to know her response 😀