Nokia takes us for a drive


I was a fan of Nokia drive. Though I never had a Nokia phone that had the ‘drive’ functionality (because I am not a fan of Nokia phones. I haven’t used a Nokia for a long time), I had heard good things about it and had used it some times on some one else’s phone. This Sunday we decided to put it to use. It failed miserably and I have decided never to use a Nokia phone again (forget drive).

It was a rainy Sunday and my family declared they wanted to go on a long drive. Every one goes to lonavala. So we decided we will got o a new place called Arnala. We had heard there is a beach resort and the road to Arnala is very scenic. I knew which direction to take. So we set off at around 10am. Quarter of a way ahead, we thought instead of asking people,we will us Nokia drive on my wife’s Lumia. And like an obedient husband I followed the lady and the phone, some times ignoring the directions given even by locals. 🙂

At around 1pm after 2nad half hours of driving through scenic roads and a half hour unscheduled wada pav – samosa break, we had traveled only about 30kms. We had reached a point where there was no road ahead (only boulders that damaged one of the reams of my vehicle). The phone was saying “You have reached your destination”, my wife was saying sorry my Nokia disappointed, the other three members of the car were livid about the whole thing and I was staring at an open plot full of muddy water. 🙂

It took me 10 minutes and some ultimate driving skills to take a U turn on that piece of land. It was a husband’s time to share I told you so glances. After all I was always against buying a Nokia. It had ruined the day. We returned with frustration as now we didnt have much time left for a picnic. Thankfully the weather was kind. We had some local food, lots of bhutta, bought a score of Mangoes and finally set off for a return journey. This time the drive functionality said sorry I cant connect to the network as if it was too embarrassed to show us the directions again.

Thanks Nokia!

Why do YOU need a Blackberry phone?

I don’t understand the fascination behind the blackberry phones, or for that matter smart phones. My wife had been behind me to buy one since more than a year now. Earlier I had a Motorola, which sufficed all my requirements. It had all the features a blackberry had, in fact even more. When I retired that phone, I bought a Samsung Corby. Even that is a good phone.

Few weeks back, my wife said she wanted to buy a blackberry. She already has a Nokia phone costlier than some of the blackberry models. I told her that her profile did not demand responding to emails on the move. Moreover the office was not offering her the services. So she had no use of the blackberry device. To which she replied that every one had a blackberry in the office. I asked her how many of the had actually configured emails and were using the costly ‘on the move’ services, she didn’t know. Probably even the guys using the phones didn’t know it.

That is not all. Some of my colleagues use smart phones, not all from blackberry, just to boast it. Most of them don’t use the blackberry services. Very few of them have subscribed for GPRS. Then why the hell do they need a blackberry?

Man! I dont understand this idiotic fascination. The new Vodafone ad promoting the blackberry phones to non business users is absolutely spot on. The business guys are shown surprised at looking the youngsters and the non important people using the smart phone. Spot On!