New Year Resolution!

I’m not a fan of making new year resolutions. I don’t think we need to wait for a new year’s day to make a resolution anyway. If you want to decide some thing good, every day is a good day!

Okay I made up the last one. I used to make new year resolutions when I was very young. I made that one up too… I’m still young. What I meant was when I was in college. So we used to make this ‘I-will-do-XX-this-year’ kind of new year resolutions. But I always found that all my new year resolutions turned out to be unrealistic and I ended up not following any of them. With time, I gave up on them. It must be at least 7-8 years since I made a new year resolution.

Yesterday I was reading through lot of twitter updates from my celebrity friends about how their party was and how they will spend the new year. Now when I say celebrity friends, I’m talking about actors (and actresses) and other celebrities from media & cricketing world. Yes I do follow them, not out of curiosity but amazement. It is fun some times to know who likes which football team, whose new album/film is releasing, who interviewed whom and who has slept for only 3 hours since a few nights. (Sadly, they dont mention with whom… oops sorry for that). So there were people resolving to do ‘some thing’ that they did not have or hadn’t achieved. It reminded me that there is some thing I missed all these years, which many others had. And I resolved to be ‘that’. 🙂

I think I was far too ‘less intimidating’ all these years than I would have liked. It is my general and unwanted observation that intimidating personalities usually have it better off in the day to day and professional life than others who are less vocal about their stuff. Imagine 4000 people working behind the scene and one big guy with his picture and interviews sprayed all over the magazines. Of course it is one guy’s talent to get things done, it is abilities to intimidate others by his towering presence. I remember the college days when, despite being a better writer, I could not get my articles into the college magazine for the first two years. I had to then use my authority of being a senior to get things going. Even when I was trying to get the the short stories published, I had a similar experience. Of the 11 publishers I approached, I don’t thing any of them had read my stories. Either they frankly refused or frankly asked for money. While I was just riding on the handful of readers I had, never trying to popularise the stuff.

But thats that! I have decided, rather resolved, to be a bit more intimidating from 1-1-11 onwards. See, what an intimidating date to start following a new year resolution which, for once, does not seem as excruciating as ‘I-will-lose-10kg’ kinds. Remind me of this post after a few months and dare me, if I have fulfilled my resolutions. Geez! That was an intimidating sentence. I’m on my way baby!!!

The Wishing Well

Are you asking where is it? It is RIGHT HERE. Yes, exactly! This post is your wishing well and the comments section is where you got to put your wishes. I know this sounds funny. But it is good to be funny and stupid, is it not? How else will you justify the happy living then?

Anyway. Although this might seem like the eternal chain mails with Angels, Jesus to Sai Baba pictures making your wish come true. I’d still urge you to scribble some thing. It wouldn’t harm you if you decide to put a wish down here. I’m a strong believer of the ‘Law of attraction.’ So I believe writing your wish list and reading through it every day acts like a catalyst to your efforts put in achieving the goals (read wishes). In any case, you’ll be spamming my blog. So dont worry and go ahead… rant some thing.

Help me decide a new year resolution

I have been contemplating on many things lately. One of them is deciding a new year resolutions. I have decided the first one. It is–> Whatever new year resolutions I decide, I will diligently follow them  🙂

Yeah! Thats the problem. I have been a good decision maker. However I’m not a good implementer. Every new year I make resolutions and almost all of them die a slow death within a month or two. But this time I have decided. I’m not going to make heavy resolutions. Why take risk of non performance?

So… I have problems in plenty. People have started calling me fat. I’ve lately become really bad at managing money. Its been almost a year and I’m still searching for a good job. I dont have a house of my own and I’m not able to save enough to buy one. I have entrepreneurship dreams but new ideas have dried up.

Hmmm… so tell me, what should I do this new year?